Transaction Filter Report not in date order

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Kerry Porter

07 May, 2017 09:18 PM

When I do a "Transaction Filter" report, the transactions are not listed in date order and I cannot find any options to adjust this. Is there a way to sort the transactions in reports into chronological date order?
I am setting up MD, incorporating transactions since June last year and it is VERY frustrating not being able to easily see whether deposits in any category were sufficient to cover the bill payments as they fell due.
(Note: I am aware that I can select the header fields to sort in the actual account fields, but you can't sort this way when viewing reports).

  1. 1 Posted by Ian O on 09 May, 2017 02:57 PM

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    Hi Kerry,

    Can you try editing the report so that it Sub-Totals by a time period? This should hopefully fulfil your needs. You can do this by selecting the report, then click 'Edit' at the top right of the report. This will allow you to change the report settings in the middle of the resulting window you should see a dropdown menu that will allow you to select 'Subtotal by Day', 'Subtotal by Week' etc. Selecting a time period will hopefully show your transactions in a more meaningful way for you.

    Please let me know if this does not suit your needs and we can investigate further.

    Ian O
    Infinite Kind Support

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  3. Kerry Porter re-opened this discussion on 24 Mar, 2020 09:37 AM

  4. 2 Posted by Kerry Porter on 24 Mar, 2020 09:37 AM

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    Hi Ian,

    I never worried about responding to your original email, because when I do
    transaction filters I subtotal by category and you can't subtotal by
    category and month at the same time, so I figured there was no solution to
    my problem.

    However, I now have a new, much worse, problem. Ever since I updated the
    program to the latest version, it is not downloading transactions properly.
    Some of the downloaded transactions attach to an older transaction that is
    the same. I've attached a screenshot below to show you.

    All of the transactions with a solid blue dot have just been downloaded
    today, but have attached to previous transactions.

    For example, you can see on the right side of the screen for the
    highlighted transaction, the 'Current Transaction' is CGU on 16/12/2019 and
    the 'Transaction as Downloaded' is 10/2/20, which is correct. If I confirm
    the 'Current Trans', the transaction for 10/2/20 disappears, so I have to
    confirm the 'Trans as Downl...' and then manually edit it or manually
    select 'Similar Payees' if the correct one is there.

    What also happens to the original transaction though, is that the blue dot
    disappears totally, instead of going back to the blue circle (indicating a
    downloaded, reconciled transaction, which it wasbefore I did the new
    download). It appears to be happening to all regular repeat transactions,
    as you can see from all the blue dots in this one screenshot.

    This is extremely frustrating and time consuming. Please advise if there is
    a way to fix this problem, because if it is going to continue I will need
    to find a new finance program.

    [image: image.png]

    Kind Regards,

    *Kerry Porter*

  5. Support Staff 3 Posted by Maddy on 26 Mar, 2020 01:38 AM

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    Hi Kerry,

    We are sorry to hear about the problem you have encountered.

    Which version and build of Moneydance are you using?
    To check, open Moneydance and select Help --> About Moneydance (or Moneydance --> About Moneydance on a Mac) where the version and build number will be displayed.

    Can you let me know which operating system you're running on your computer/s?

    When you download from the bank, do you use Direct Connect automatic downloads, or do you download files from the banks website? If you download from the banks site, which file format do you use?

    Thank you

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  6. 4 Posted by Kerry Porter on 26 Mar, 2020 05:41 AM

    Kerry Porter's Avatar

    Hi Maddy,

    My Moneydance version is 2019.3 (1880).

    The HP laptop I have Moneydance on runs Windows 10.

    I'm in Australia, so I don't have the option to Direct Connect. I download
    the files from my bank website, in QIF format.


    *Kerry Porter*
    0408 284 047

  7. Support Staff 5 Posted by Maddy on 26 Mar, 2020 09:30 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Thank you for the additional information, Kerry!

    If you click on the button that toggles between split and combined mode, at the top-right corner of the register, next to New Transaction,you will switch to split mode, then all unconfirmed transactions will be shown in a second register which appears below the regular register.
    This can sometimes be collapsed, so that all it shows is a bar with a label that says "N unconfirmed transactions". If you see that bar, drag it up vertically and you'll see the unconfirmed transactions in that list.

    The automatic assignment of categories relates to the 'confirmation process'. This is detailed in this article from the Knowledge Base.

    When transactions have been downloaded from the bank, they'll be 'unconfirmed' which is signified by a **blue dot **in the account register.

    To begin the confirmation process, select the first transaction in the register with a 'blue dot'. A panel will appear on the right of your screen which shows the 'Current Transaction' details. You should amend the category within this panel, then select 'Confirm'.

    You'll see the solid blue dot change to a blue circle. Moneydance will then move to the next unconfirmed transaction in the register.

    As you go through this process it will become quicker and easier. Moneydance will begin to recognise the information you have previously confirmed, and start to suggest the correct categories within 'Similar Payees' in the panel on the right.

    The next time you download from the bank many of the correct categories will automatically be assigned, and this will improve and you confirm more transactions.

    If this doesn't help, would you be able to send us a copy of your Moneydance error logs, the logs should include information on what might be causing an issue.

    They are saved on your computer as an errlog.txt file. You need to navigate to: Local Disk(C:)>Users>Your Name>.moneydance
    The .moneydance folder includes:

    • your archive forlder
    • your documents
    • fmodules
    • python
    • safe
    • tmp
    • confg.dict (including your settings)
    • errlog
    • key

    Finally you can copy them into your next reply.

    Thank you

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  8. 6 Posted by Kerry Porter on 28 Mar, 2020 07:06 AM

    Kerry Porter's Avatar

    Hi Maddy,

    I have been using MD for some time and I fully understand the confirmation
    process, blue dots, blue circles, similar payees, etc.

    As explained in my previous email, the problem is that downloaded
    transactions for regular, repeating debits and credits do not show as new,
    unconfirmed transactions with a blue dot, they are auto-attaching to a
    previous, already confirmed transaction, which changes the blue circle for
    the original transaction back to a blue dot.

    For example, I have a fortnightly insurance payment to CGU. When I did my
    last download (as per the screenshot in my previos email), the debit for
    10/2/20 auto-attached to the previously confirmed CGU debit for 16/12/19,
    instead of being a new, unconfirmed transaction on 10/2/20. The 16/12/19
    transaction also reverted from the blue circle to a blue dot. I have to
    confirm the 'Transaction as Downloaded' to retain both transactions, but
    then the blue dot on the 16/12/19 transaction does not revert to a blue
    circle, which it was before the download, it disappears altogether. The
    transaction now looks like it was manually input and not downloaded. The
    blue dot/circle disappearing is not a big issue, it is just annoying for
    me, as the information on the screen is not consistent and accurate.

    This never occurred before I upgraded to the latest software version.

    I have now used my limit of 100 transactions and need to purchase a
    licence. However, I am not prepared to pay for the program unless this
    glitch with downloaded transactions can be rectified. I will have to
    purchase a different personal finance program and start all over again.

    I have attached the error log from my computer, as you requested. Please
    review this and let me know as soon as possible whether this problem can be
    fixed. I have been very happy with Moneydance for over 2 years, but I
    cannot continue with these glitches.

    Kind Regards,
    *Kerry Porter*

  9. Support Staff 7 Posted by Maddy on 29 Mar, 2020 08:45 AM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Hi Kerry,

    To be able to investigate this issue further, please can you try importing your qif. file while keeping your Console Window open? (Help->Console Window).

    Could you send us the contents of your error console?  Here's how to get the logs:

    1)  In Moneydance, click on the Help menu and select the Console Window option.  This will open the console messages window.
    2) While the Console Window is open, attempt to import your qif.file.  Any error messages should be recorded to the Console.
    3) Select all of the text in the Console and use the "Copy to Clipboard" button at the bottom to copy the text.
    4) Paste the text from the message window into a text file (preferably saved with a .txt extension) and attach that file to your response here.

    Alternatively, could you upload a sample of your qif. file to the link below:

    So, our lead developers will look into this for you.

    Thank you

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  10. 8 Posted by Kerry Porter on 31 Mar, 2020 11:51 AM

    Kerry Porter's Avatar

    Hi Maddy,

    I did as you requested and imported a qif file while the Console window was
    open and I have attached a txt file with all the information from the
    Console Messages box.

    I also uploaded the qif file that I imported to the link in your email.

    I really need to be able to continue using Moneydance, for now at least,
    while this problem is being investigated, because my finances are now 2
    months behind and I desperately need to update them. If I purchase a
    licence now, so I can continue using Moneydance (my 100 transaction trial
    limit is full), can I then get a full refund under your 90 day money back
    policy if this problem can't be resolved and I have to find a new finance

    Kind Regards,

    *Kerry Porter*

  11. Support Staff 9 Posted by Maddy on 31 Mar, 2020 08:33 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Hi Kerry,
    Thank you for providing the additional information.

    Firstly, be reassured that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee, so you'll have plenty of time to test the program and you can ask a refund if you are dissatisfied.

    Before escalating your query to our development team, could you try running to the latest free preview version.

    Moneydance 2019.4 (1904) is available to download from this page

    For a full list of improvements in the preview version, please refer to this page.

    Hopefully this version will help resolving the issue, if not let me know and I'll pass it on to the development team immediately.

    Finally, it you decide to purchase a license you can use it to register this version too.

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  12. 10 Posted by Kerry Porter on 10 Apr, 2020 01:51 PM

    Kerry Porter's Avatar

    Hi Maddy,

    I believe I have worked out where the glitch is.

    As requested, I downloaded the latest version that you sent me, but the
    problem continued. I then backed up my account file folders, fully
    uninstalled Moneydance and then installed the latest version again, which
    appeared to work.

    However, I then edited the preferences to "Automatically Merge Downloaded
    Transactions", and the problem returned. Even though I set "Only match
    downloaded transactions when they are at most 3 days apart", the program
    was again matching transactions to previously reconciled transactions that
    were over a month old.

    I have reverted to not automatically merging transactions, and the program
    is working fine, albeit taking a bit longer, as I have to manually match
    all transactions.

    It therefore appears that there is something wrong with the automatic merge
    function in the program. It would be great if this could be investigated.

    Kind Regards,

    *Kerry Porter*

  13. Support Staff 11 Posted by Maddy on 10 Apr, 2020 09:29 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for reporting back!

    While I escalate your query to the development team, would you be able to
    use the OFX or QFX file format, if either are available.

    OFX and QFX files contain unique transaction identifiers. So, if you were to accidentally download the same transaction to Moneydance more than once, the ID would be recognised. Moneydance would then ignore the duplicate transactions and not download them again.

    Unfortunately QIF files don't contain these same ID's.

    Thank you

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

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