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20 Feb, 2018 04:23 PM

I have an investment in which the total number of owned shares is not reporting correctly on any of the reports. It just appears to be this one security as I can tell. I look at the register and the correct number of shares are listed however the information reporting the total number of shares is incorrect. There must be an orphan entry somewhere that is being accounted for in the total but is no where on the register. How do i find and resolve.

Attached screen shots of the securities register and the report showing that the transaction log has entries for 56 shares but the totals show 78.,

  1. 1 Posted by -Kevin N. on 20 Feb, 2018 06:02 PM

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    Hi Michael,

    Your screenshots did not post.

    -Kevin N. (not a member of MD support)

  2. 2 Posted by hawk98kansas on 20 Feb, 2018 07:25 PM

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    nothing is posting

  3. 3 Posted by hawk98kansas on 20 Feb, 2018 07:27 PM

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  4. 4 Posted by -Kevin N. on 20 Feb, 2018 09:41 PM

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    Hi hawk98kansas,

    I'll take a stab at this. I might not be correct but what I think is going on here is that the 2, 2:1 stock splits are at play.

    The 18 shares purchased on 12/13/2013 split 2:1 creating 18 additional shares.
    The 4 shares purchased on 05/06/2015 were split 2:1 on 06/15/2015 creating 4 additional shares.

    18 shares + 4 shares = 22 shares.

    56 shares in the log + 22 shares (the result of the 2, 2:1 stock splits) = 78 shares.

    -Kevin N. (not a member of MD support)

  5. 5 Posted by hawk98kansas on 21 Feb, 2018 01:34 PM

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    I guess the answer would make sense if my brokerage account statement agreed with the answer. It does not. My brokerage only has 56 shares. Would think that the brokerage account to show the correct number of shares after a 2-1 split. The brokerage account is one of the top 5 brokerage firms. I guess I will have to go back to all the old statements to track to make sure the transactions align.

  6. 6 Posted by -Kevin N. on 21 Feb, 2018 04:55 PM

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    Hi hawk98kansas,

    Post back with you're findings. OK? I'm curious to know what happened.

    -Kevin N. (not a member of MD support)

  7. 7 Posted by hawk98kansas on 21 Feb, 2018 06:39 PM

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    Investigated the transaction history. Answer is still missing.

    Purchased the stock in the following order

    9 Shares on 12/10/13
    2 shares on 5/1/2015 (2 for 1 stock split was announced)

    Next statement shows the stock increases and per share adjustments

    Total at that time was 22 shares

    9 shares purchased on 8/17/2015

    4 shares purchased on 10/7/2016

    21 shares purchase on 10/11/2016

    This totals 56 shares with the stock split accounted for. Does not
    explain why the Portfolio report shows 78 shares. Register is correct

    -Kevin N. wrote:

  8. 8 Posted by -Kevin N. on 21 Feb, 2018 07:18 PM

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    Hi hawk98kansas,

    Is it possible that you created more than one instance of PPG Industries Inc. which may be causing this anomaly?
    Menu bar > Tools > Securities > PPG Industries Inc.

    I know, I'm grasping.

    -Kevin N. (not a member of MD support)

  9. 9 Posted by hawk98kansas on 21 Feb, 2018 09:43 PM

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    I only download from my brokerage account. While I have several
    accounts this security is only owned in one account. Look in the
    securities section on there is only one entry for this security so do
    not think it is multiple securities. It has to do wih how the stock
    split is being recognized and reported on by the report system.

    -Kevin N. wrote:

  10. 10 Posted by -Kevin N. on 21 Feb, 2018 10:26 PM

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    Hi hawk98kansas,

    It has to do wih how the stock split is being recognized and reported on by the report system.

    I would tend to agree.

    Now it's just a matter of MD support chiming in. They are likely going to need to know your version and build number of Moneydance & your OS for starters.

    -Kevin N. (not a member of MD support)

  11. 11 Posted by dwg on 22 Feb, 2018 08:00 AM

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    I'm s fellow user.

    How did your broker handle the Stock Split in the downloaded data?

    I'm wondering if there is a stock split in Moneydance plus some shares downloaded at zero cost to account for the split in the broker data.

  12. 12 Posted by hawk98kansas on 22 Feb, 2018 01:29 PM

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    Moneydance version is 2017.6 (1656)

    MAC OS Version is 10.13.3

    believe both are current

    -Kevin N. wrote:

  13. 13 Posted by hawk98kansas on 22 Feb, 2018 01:32 PM

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    I have provided the register in a screen shot. There are no additional
    shares. It that was the case the number of share would be less not
    more. I had only owned 11 shares before the split and purchased an
    additional 34 after the split. The total would had been 45 without the
    split. The split only affected 11 shares.

    The transaction register is correct it is the report that is not.

    dwg wrote:

  14. 14 Posted by dwg on 22 Feb, 2018 09:11 PM

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    This is what the register tells me happened:

    Date          Activity           Shares       Running Total
    Dec 13 2013   Buy                18           18 
    May  6 2015   Buy                 4           22
    Jun 15 2015   Split              22           44
    Aug 20 2015   Buy                 9           53
    Oct  7 2016   Buy                 4           57
    Oct 11 2016   Buy                21           78

    But you said that you bought 9 shares on Dec 13 and 2 shares on May 16

    This is where the problem is. Your broker has "adjusted" the number of shares purchased but kept the total price the same in his download.

    This is not what Moneydance does it leaves the transactions in the register untouched and applies the stock split at a later stage e.g, in reporting, in totals etc. It does this because the stock split does not change the original transaction, the split reflects a later event.

    Effectively what is happening is the stock split is being done twice.

    If you want to have Moneydance reflect the broker statements remove the Jun 15 stock split If you want to do it the moneydance way change the first two transaction to what they originally would have been.

    You also have stock split for Dec 13 2013, this would seem to be for shares owned before this date of which you seem to own none. Having this split would therefore appear to be useless and should probably be removed if indeed you did not own stock any earlier

  15. 15 Posted by hawk98kansas on 23 Feb, 2018 04:58 AM

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    actually, the broker did not keep the price the same after the split.
    The price of the stock was adjusted after the split.

    Guess I do not see where in the register you see a June 15 transaction
    for the split unless this is something being done behind the scenes. I
    did go back and change the register to reflect each transaction for the
    first two purchases to align with the number of shares purchased and
    cost per share. Making this change did correct the issue to correctly
    reflect the total number of shares owned on the transaction register and
    the portfolio report. However, while the security register shows that
    only 45 shares have been purchased, the total shares owned is 56.
    Portfolio report is correct as well. Broker statement shows the first
    two transactions as being 18 and 4 with the purchase prices being
    adjusted accordingly.

    Guess the end result is the same, however the security register will
    only show the original purchased shares... Not sure how one would know
    there was a split otherwise...

    Still a little confused as to where in the security register the split
    is shown or is it just a behind the scenes action?

    dwg wrote:

  16. 16 Posted by dwg on 23 Feb, 2018 06:07 AM

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    Sorry I should have said that the broker kept the total price the same, the cost per share would have been halved.

    As it is not a transaction it is not shown in the register it is shown as a split on the security details page as it is on your second screen shot.

    It is possible to make a zero value entry in the register to note the event, perhaps in a action like a cover transaction which requires no category and can have a zero value, Moneydance does not have any action type specifically for this, Quicken has one called "Entry" that could be used in such circumstances.

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