Can't download USAA transactions

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Ben Clauss

28 Jan, 2021 01:40 AM

I'm unable to connect to USAA credit card accounts and download transactions. This has always worked fine prior to today. My last successful download was on 1/7/21. I've tried upgrading to the latest version of moneydance, both regular and beta (3034), I've tried resetting the connections nothing has worked so far.

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  1. 301 Posted by hleofxquotes on 22 Feb, 2021 10:33 PM

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    I don't have USAA account so take this with grain of salt.

    USAA has essentially screwed over all account holders that do not use Quicken. To say I am severely disappointed in USAA is putting it mildly!

    Prior to recent changes, I don't think USAA have claimed to support non-Quicken application such as Moneydance either. So their position might not necessarily have shifted/changed.

    Having some knowledge in this area (OFX connection, protocol ..), I can only speak to the technical aspect of it. The technical information needed for MD to fix this is absolutely there. If my boss were to ask me for an estimate to have it done, I would tell him:

    • 1 day if "our pant were on fire"
    • 3 days if I can take my times

    Not my intention to throw shade on anyone. MD is running its own business and they should do what they think make sense for them. I just think some of the recent comments about USAA being a sole bad guy is perhaps mis-guided.

  2. 302 Posted by dtd on 23 Feb, 2021 01:15 AM

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    I note the 3037 preview release was put out today. It does NOT have the USAA fix in it, though a couple of the change notes indicate some work may have been done toward that.

    I also note a couple of reports of problems in the forum as often happens in brand new releases.

    I'd recommend that if you don't need it (read the preview notes to see if you do) that you sit tight on 3034 and wait for 3041 or 3042 or whatever release has the USAA fix.

    Just a (cautious) user.

  3. 303 Posted by wainscott on 23 Feb, 2021 05:24 AM

    wainscott's Avatar

    @dtd -- where can I find information like this? I don't see anything on the main website nor this system about preview releases, change logs for them, etc. I'd love to be able to keep an eye on this info to see when this USAA bug is fixed so I know when to try to get an updated version.

    OK -- just found it via a link in some other post.

  4. 304 Posted by dtd on 23 Feb, 2021 05:38 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    I'm concerned people will upgrade to the latest preview version thinking "USAA must be fixed now!" and the newest preview has some issues. So be glad you don't see it directly.

  5. 305 Posted by wmc on 23 Feb, 2021 02:18 PM

    wmc's Avatar

    I'm a little mystified. Are we USAA users just being left to wait? Not really clear on that business model thing for MD. There are other money managers out there (I think we're still a free market to some extent).

    Someone at InfiniteKind needs to weigh in.


  6. Support Staff 306 Posted by Maddy on 23 Feb, 2021 04:55 PM

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    Unfortunately we still haven't resolved the issues with the USAA connection.
    We have the new connection information, but the changes USAA have made require an additional step to register the connection. We're having trouble getting this additional step to work - we've reached out to USAA for assistance, but we have not yet heard back.

    If you're able to, we'd ask that you get in touch with USAA customer service team (not the technical support team). We are hoping that if enough customers let the bank know they're having trouble connecting from within Moneydance, USAA will get back to us and we can work together to get the connection functioning again.

    You can also view and add to the following thread on the USAA community forum, where our customers have let the bank know the connection is broken and asked them to help get this resolved -

    We are hopeful that with help from USAA we'll be able to resolve the problems. However, we are also working on a couple of other ways to fix this issue -
    Our lead developer is working on a short-term fix that will work in the same way as Quicken - it asks the user to login with their web-based ID/password and then extracts the app-based password from the web page to use for subsequent connections.
    We're also looking to add FDX support. This is a newer connection protocol that a lot of banks are moving towards.

    This discussion has been flagged so we will let you know as soon as we have an update. Please accept my apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  7. 307 Posted by joe on 23 Feb, 2021 05:52 PM

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    Thank you Maddy. I added to the USAA thread. I didn't even know they had a community forum. Let's blow it up!

  8. 308 Posted by mgphl52 on 23 Feb, 2021 06:25 PM

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    @Maddy - This sounds like an issue between MD & USAA regarding the new ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN. I was able to create these items for my access via a link from USAA. I then used a 'curl' script (link is posted in this thread several pages back) to verify access to all of my accounts. Because of this, I don't understand MD cannot use my new access data to download OFX data.

  9. 309 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 23 Feb, 2021 06:59 PM

    Stuart Beesley - JUST A FELLOW USER's Avatar

    There are two user created work arounds to enable downloads.

    1. The hleofxquotes offline tool to connect and download ofx files for import
    2. My scripts that fix the moneydance profile and enable USAA downloads again from within Moneydance.

    If you want to try my scripts then you must be willing to:
    - backup your dataset - follow instructions to log on to usaa and get your new connection details - on a test dataset (just to be sure) run moneybot / python scripts - assuming it works, do the scripts again in your live dataset

    The scripts are pretty safe, the worst that can happen is that you have a broken bank profile, but you already have that anyway. The backups are your safeguards. Several users have run them successfully. Note these scripts are not from support; they are from me, just a user. So, I have to say, you run at your own risk... like all scripts.

    If you want to try, head over to here:

    If you do run, please let us know the results.

    (Not support, just a fellow user)

  10. 310 Posted by hleofxquotes on 23 Feb, 2021 07:00 PM

    hleofxquotes's Avatar

    We have the new connection information, but the changes USAA have made require an additional step to register the connection. We're having trouble getting this additional step to work - we've reached out to USAA for assistance, but we have not yet heard back.

    I can't believe this is the hold up. This is the one-time step that I am sure no one will complain if MD simply say: "go create a new userName/pin/clientUid. You must have these for USAA connection to work". Seem this is a general strategy: no real progress but keep deflecting the blame to the other guy.

    (EDIT START) - further down on Maddy message

    However, we are also working on a couple of other ways to fix this issue - Our lead developer is working on a short-term fix that will work in the same way as Quicken - it asks the user to login with their web-based ID/password and then extracts the app-based password from the web page to use for subsequent connections.

    So there is a plan. But my point is still the same. This should have been a priority instead of the all other changes being pushed out in the recent beta releases.
    (EDIT END)

    Instead, energy and effort are being put to release a new beta that falls flat on its face right out of the box due to work to make MD looks prettier on Mac. If only the same energy, urgency, visibility (see the beta Slack channel) to fix up the current beta issues have been applied to a USAA solution.

  11. 311 Posted by dtd on 23 Feb, 2021 11:41 PM

    dtd's Avatar


    Since you have not been able to get USAA to work with you on a long term plan (versus reverse engineering Quicken login), users contacting USAA is a good idea, but instead of "contact Moneydance" as a generic statement, an email at minimum would be good for users to add to their comment as I doubt USAA will be bothered by generic comments.

    An email provides a direction, a contact point, that does not have to be looked up by someone at USAA.

    Good to hear you have the short term reverse engineering plan on the table given USAA's reticence to work with you. Schwab and Fidelity seemed more willing to work with you.

  12. 312 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 24 Feb, 2021 06:43 AM

    Stuart Beesley - JUST A FELLOW USER's Avatar

    I have created a new post for my USAA fix scripts:

  13. 313 Posted by moneydance on 24 Feb, 2021 10:01 PM

    moneydance's Avatar

    After multiple complaints to both Customer Service and Tech Support at USAA, as well as posting in their forums, I received a call today from Jennifer with the Member Advocacy group of the Office of the CEO. She listened to my complaints about how USAA had no communication, either with its members or with any financial software service other then Quicken regarding these Direct Connect changes. She said that she has been calling members back solely due to these complaints since the first of February, and that she had spoken with hundreds of angry USAA members about this issue. She told me that USAA has reached out to multiple vendors of financial software, including Moneydance, to eventually get the connectivity back. She did say that USAA is requiring contractual agreements related to security (i.e. use of 2FA) and that vendors who do not want to commit to the heightened security will not be able to connect directly to USAA for financial data downloads. It sounds like we need to get some communication from Moneydance to see if they are pursuing this and whether they plan to be compliant with USAA's new security measures.

    If any Moneydance reps are on here, please respond.

    EDITED: I just saw Maddy's post earlier in this thread. I will post back to USAA's forum.

  14. 314 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 25 Feb, 2021 03:23 PM

    Stuart Beesley - JUST A FELLOW USER's Avatar

    All, an update, many users are now having great success fixing their Moneydance bank logon profile with my fix scripts, and then being able to download OFX from USSA.. We have even just discovered that once you have fixed the profile, and proven it works, that you can then use the standard Moneydance Setup Online Banking menu to add/link all your USAA accounts (rather than just the 1 checking and 1 CC that the scripts initially can fix)..

    (not support, just a fellow user)

  15. 315 Posted by ExCobraPilot on 25 Feb, 2021 08:39 PM

    ExCobraPilot's Avatar

    Too bad my version is too old to try running these scripts, but I'm not willing to spend more money on Moneydance until I know that the USAA download issue is fixed.

  16. 316 Posted by moneydance on 25 Feb, 2021 09:24 PM

    moneydance's Avatar

    Maddy - I've been having USAA support call me every two days to update me on the status of this situation (essentially, holding them accountable). On my last conversation with them they said that Moneydance needs to fix the software, to which I replied, "how can they fix it if you're not telling them what to fix?" I also asked if they could tell me when they last talked with you (i.e. Moneydance) - they couldn't or wouldn't. Can you give me the name and direct number for the person they should contact so I can pass that along when they call me again in two days? Feel free to send it privately to [email blocked]

  17. 317 Posted by dwg on 25 Feb, 2021 09:54 PM

    dwg's Avatar

    I would say you could provide them with the name of the owner of the company and the primary developer and in the case of Moneydance that means Sean Reilly and his email is

    sreilly (at) infinitekind (dot) com

  18. 318 Posted by hleofxquotes on 25 Feb, 2021 11:10 PM

    hleofxquotes's Avatar

    "how can they fix it if you're not telling them what to fix?"

    Sure, MD does not know what needed to get the problem fixed.. Hope MD/IK are saying the above with a straight face.
    Keep drinking that Cool Aid.

  19. 319 Posted by MikeB on 25 Feb, 2021 11:40 PM

    MikeB's Avatar

    Rather than go through the hassle of hoping USAA changes their mind and IK can figure things out (while jumping through hoops of downloads and scripts), I went through the hassle of changing my banking to a different credit union (one that worked seamlessly with MondeyDance). I won't reward USAA for their irrational decisions over the past month.

  20. 320 Posted by moneydance on 26 Feb, 2021 03:43 PM

    moneydance's Avatar

    hleofxquotes -
    "Keep drinking that Cool Aid."

    Your pretentious and condescending comment implies that you believe I hold you in high regard. I do not; I don't know you, nor do I care who you think you are - and, in regards to this particular issue, I don't care who you actually are unless you are one of the Moneydance developers.

    I saw that you wrote a script as a work-around fix. That's great - rather than just complaining you created a solution in the way that you can. That's what I'm attempting to do as well - help solve the problem in a way that I can rather than just complain.

    I do not expect a company that handles my financial data to just slap together a fix without collaborating with the financial institution they are getting my data from. Like you, I am not privy to the full chain of communication that has transpired between USAA and MD/IK and therefore I'm not going to make assumptions with respect to what MD/IK does or doesn't know is needed to fix the problem. Unlike you and your script, MD/IK necessarily has to be concerned about the liability that will follow if they don't get it right. I'm frustrated by the slow pace, but I am willing to be patient if the resolution is solid.

  21. 321 Posted by swarm32 on 26 Feb, 2021 04:33 PM

    swarm32's Avatar

    Just figured I'd add in my 2c : I'm willing to be patient for a solid software release, and more disappointed that USAA is not responding in the prompt and courteous manner that I've come to expect from them in the past decade. In the meantime, I've added my voice to the discontent in their forums as well. Fingers crossed a productive answer gets reached.

  22. 322 Posted by hleofxquotes on 26 Feb, 2021 04:51 PM

    hleofxquotes's Avatar

    I do not expect a company that handles my financial data to just slap together a fix without collaborating with the financial institution they are getting my data from.

    Let's back track. Prior to the recent server change, do you believe that IK has contacted USAA and has collaborated with them or have gotten their blessing?

    Currently the MD connection database has roughly 1400's entries. Do you believe IK has "collaborated with every single of of those FI"?

    $ grep url fi2004.dict | wc -l

    I want to IK to succeed but let's do that without behaving like the big bad Quicken. The current narrative of this is solely USAA fault and MD can't fix it unless USAA provides the necessary information is simply not true.

    Where I sit, MD can make USAA users whole again (back to where they were before the USAA server change), but so far has chosen not to do so.

  23. 323 Posted by dwg on 26 Feb, 2021 09:03 PM

    dwg's Avatar

    Let me make some observations as a interested bystander, but not one that has any interest in USAA or Direct Connect.

    A lot of work has been put into finding out what USAA has done any ways around it including how Quicken has dealt with it. Qudos to those involved.

    There is a problem I can see from the perspective of commercial software. The workaround I think would be considered to be too involved to be considered an everyday fix.

    It is a reasonable expectation that a person would require a username and password to gain access to their data, this is accepted.

    However expecting that a user would pull out part of a URL to be entered into the software is I would think asking too much, fine as an interim workaround not good and I expect not viable as a long term solution.

    Now if the internal browser was further along its development path that well may be usable to allow to user to get the normal credentials needed plus capture the required part of the URL ut I do not believe it is to that stage as yet.

    So i am thinking the problem is how to get the final piece of data that is needed for the connection in a reasonable way for the everyday user. It does not matter that the workaround is not that difficult the perception is that it is too involved to be the method.

    My 2 cents worth.

  24. 324 Posted by dtd on 27 Feb, 2021 01:15 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    To the best of my knowledge, it is indeed the client_id issue that is the crux point.

    Grabbing the url piece works - and thus there is an interim fix if users choose to pursue it. But that client_id belongs to Quicken. And so we grab it, use it, and thus become a Quicken surrogate. And that does work.

    Moneydance is pursuing USAA working with them - (and I assume, getting their own client_id that they can just put in the software). But USAA isn't being very communicative. Moneydance is now asking for help (tell USAA to contact us), but not providing those same users with information (emails, phone numbers, teleportation codes) to enable USAA to just buzz in - and say ok, here we are.

    The two companies need to communicate - Schwab created a developer portal, Fidelity contacted Moneydance directly, but with USAA it's been pretty much no go (as far as I know).

    What Moneydance is trying to do is solve the long term problem - this issue of change is going to continue, and MD is trying to be in the long term game where they are contacted before these changes occur. Moneydance is joining the FDX concept, where a lot of the change action is occurring.

    Meanwhile, users have developed solutions. And Moneydance, (frustrated that the best they can do at the moment is reverse engineer Quicken as users have) is trying to figure out how to be in the game as a "small player" by asking for assistance. I just wish they'd give us ammunition when asking for us to contact USAA on their behalf.

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