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04 Oct, 2021 12:52 PM

I am having an issue setting up any accounts with MoneyDance+. I can get through the part of the process for connecting my accounts (choose bank, sign in, get confirmation message about account being linked) but when I go back to MoneyDance I am not able to do anything else on the Online Banking Signup page. The "Next >>" button does nothing when clicked. The only options on that screen are "Connect Your Accounts", "Cancel", "Back" and "Next >>". That screen does say "You're fully connected!". Am I missing something? How do I complete linking and using the account in MoneyDance? This happens with any MD+ accounts I have tried to set up. Thank you for any assistance.

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  1. 61 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Oct, 2021 04:36 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    @JB - you are connecting to something... These are the lines: it took 0.0 seconds to eliminate 0 duplicates from 0 downloaded transactions
    it took 0.126 seconds to eliminate 2 duplicates from 2 downloaded transactions
    This implies there was nothing new - but I have no idea which accounts you were trying..

    You are also still downloading from via OFX Direct Connection:

    Do any of these overlap with md+?

    Perhaps reset the sync date on the md+ accounts?

  2. 62 Posted by JB on 20 Oct, 2021 06:39 PM

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    CITI and Chase are credit card accounts that still download with regular MD. I've been trying to use MD+ for my Schwab banking and brokerage accounts only. Will that work, or should I be using MD+ for all accounts?

  3. 63 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Oct, 2021 06:53 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    It’s fine to mix as long as an account only has one path to md+ or ofx.

  4. 64 Posted by bschottmi on 20 Oct, 2021 07:46 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    JB -- MD+ does NOT support investment accounts yet so if that is what you
    are executing from Schwab, you have to wait.
    Watch the threads and see when they are supported, then you can subscribe to
    Schwab and have them downloaded.
    I sure hope they get this working by the end of October since I have a LOT
    of Schwab transactions and cannot reconcile my monthly statement until this
    feature works. But as of now, they do not have a date when PAID will
    support investment accounts.


  5. 65 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Oct, 2021 07:47 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    Is it still doing this?

    ‘Then tried downloading again and it takes me to the Schwab log on page.’?

    If so, have you edited the account in tools/accounts and cleared the web links/urls? It should NOT bring up a banking login page in a browser when you download …

  6. 66 Posted by JB on 20 Oct, 2021 08:07 PM

    JB's Avatar

    Stuart, I have deleted the web url's and no lomger get the Schwab log in page.

    Bill, so the problem is with MD+/Schwab, and not with my setup. Good to know. I'll watch the threads.

  7. 67 Posted by bschottmi on 22 Nov, 2021 11:19 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    It's now been SIX WEEKS since bank accounts started working using MD+. What can be so hard about investment accounts? MD was able to load the transactions before, so what is the issue with getting this capability, that so many MD users need, working?
    Why no status updates for nearly ONE MONTH???
    I really REALLY need to get my Schwab investment account transactions loaded!!
    Please - can you post some response about getting investment accounts working thru Plaid???

  8. 68 Posted by davet65 on 23 Nov, 2021 02:05 AM

    davet65's Avatar

    I share bschottmi's frustration with lack of investment transactions download, but am a bit more sympathetic to the difficulty of those versus banking transactions. I often had to tweak investment downloads to "fit" MD registers. However, I do believe there should be REGULAR updates of the status, and there should, by now, be a realistic implementation date to share with us.

  9. 69 Posted by bschottmi on 02 Dec, 2021 03:50 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    Can we hope for a Christmas Present? MD+ working for investment accounts?
    I cannot balance my October or November Schwab statements until those transactions download.
    Any status or word to break this multi-week silence would be greatly appreciated!

    I keep watching the change log for signs that
    investment account are being worke d on and will downlaod the first Beta release that have them.

  10. 70 Posted by dtd on 02 Dec, 2021 04:34 PM

    dtd's Avatar

    just a user - I echo your concern about the silence.

    "But my words like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed in the wells of silence."
    - Simon and Garfunkel

  11. Support Staff 71 Posted by Sean Reilly on 05 Dec, 2021 10:35 PM

    Sean Reilly's Avatar

    I'm sorry for the lack of updates on this recently. It is in progress and I do hope to have it by the end of the year, but I really can't guarantee it. I'm sorry, I really do wish I could give more information.


    Sean Reilly
    Developer, The Infinite Kind

  12. 72 Posted by bschottmi on 05 Dec, 2021 11:28 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    Thanks for the update. At least it breaks the silence.

  13. 73 Posted by bschottmi on 28 Dec, 2021 08:16 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    I was hoping for a beta release to test, but no new releases since Dec 5.
    Maybe it'll be an early January gift!
    Thanks for all your work, Sean. Let me know if you want a beta tester for Schwab investment transactions.

  14. 74 Posted by IXO on 29 Dec, 2021 07:12 PM

    IXO's Avatar

    This comment was split into a new private discussion: MoneyDance+ Problem/Question

    Not only investment accounts but mortgages too, please. Moneydance+ connects to my bank but the mortgage account I have with them does not download anything.

  15. 75 Posted by bschottmi on 10 Jan, 2022 05:53 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    No new Beta releases since Dec 5.
    Sean -- How is progress coming with MD+ and investment accounts?
    I have not been able to upload transactions and balance my Schwab statements for the past 3 months. As soon as you have a beta available, I will reinstate my MD+ subscription and give it a try.

  16. 76 Posted by vbtrader62 on 18 Jan, 2022 04:02 PM

    vbtrader62's Avatar

    Any updates/timelines from MD team on availability of investment accounts in MD+ would be very welcome here.
    There is a bunch of people paying 100% price for MD+ subscription for the privilege to test it and have access to 50% of the features.

  17. 77 Posted by orangemadeline on 23 Jan, 2022 09:20 PM

    orangemadeline's Avatar

    I can not get my banking information to download after the initial load. two days ago. It continues to inform me that I am connected but nothing is downloading. Very frustration.

  18. 78 Posted by bschottmi on 03 Feb, 2022 03:28 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    Sean - can we get an update? This is becoming a MAJOR issue for me, not being able to download investment transactions for 4 months now.
    I am puzzled by why this is so much harder than banking transactions which have been working since October. Last updated said "hope by the of 2021". Well, it's Feb 2022 now. Some communication about status of this major issue would be greatly appreciated!!

  19. 79 Posted by bschottmi on 08 Mar, 2022 04:12 PM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    FYI Preview build MD 2022.3 4067 is now available and reportedly handles MD+ and investment accounts. You can find this at

  20. 80 Posted by derekkent23 on 08 Mar, 2022 04:36 PM

    derekkent23's Avatar

    I am not support staff, just a user.

    Best not to upgrade to 2022.3 (4067) as Sean the Moneydance developer has acknowledged Moneydance+ still have major issues as well as this build breaking other non-Moneydance+ features.

    Have Fun, Stay Safe.

  21. 81 Posted by dtd on 08 Mar, 2022 08:59 PM

    dtd's Avatar

    bschottmi - other than simply getting connected properly, I'd wait for the next update (due soon) to download anything. Also, given this is really a preview/beta vs. a preview/bug fixes - I recommend testing on a copy of your data vs. your actual data.

    For example, I'm running my real data with Moneydance 4063, and testing with the current preview.

  22. Support Staff 82 Posted by Maddy on 15 Mar, 2022 04:33 PM

    Maddy's Avatar


    Moneydance 2022.3 (4068) was released earlier today. This is now available to download from this page.
    Upgrading to this version should allow you to connect to Investment accounts using Moneydance +.

    Please keep us posted on your progress, Thank you!

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  23. 83 Posted by avp2 on 15 Mar, 2022 04:41 PM

    avp2's Avatar

    This comment was split into a new private discussion: RATIO's extension - scaling problem

    Screen shots attached. Note: a corner size grabber does show in 4068 ration settings - it just doe not do horizontal adjusts.

  24. 84 Posted by bschottmi on 17 Mar, 2022 01:59 AM

    bschottmi's Avatar

    Good News! I used build 4068 on a new, blank MD file and was able to download transactions from Schwab into an empty investment account. So this build DOES WORK.

  25. 85 Posted by dtd on 17 Mar, 2022 03:23 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    bschottmi - yes, it does, with a few caveats.

  26. Maddy closed this discussion on 17 Mar, 2022 09:53 AM.

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