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Mike Bray

07 Apr, 2020 12:31 PM

The most up to date version of Quote Loader is 3024. It has been verified by TIK and is available in the 'Available' tag of Manage Extensions. It is aimed at the latest MD released build (1880). I will not be making any changes to earlier builds of QL. I will maintain build 3024 as long as the latest build of MD is 1880.

TIK is changing MD and has made a number of changes available in 'Pre Beta' builds. The latest being 1904. In these builds TIK is changing the version of Java from 11 to 13. In the near future this will most likely moved to Java version 14.

The effect is that Quote Loader will be changed to use the new features of Java 13 and 14 and therefore the new versions of QL will not run on earlier builds of MD. I will name these builds as 3300 or later. If you wish to maintain your version of MD at build 1880 or earlier then please do not update Quote Loader to a build greater than 3099.

I will make 'Pre Beta' versions of QL available on my repository https://bitbucket.org/mikerb/moneydance-2019/downloads/

  1. 1 Posted by Amar on 08 Apr, 2020 06:20 PM

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    Are you aware of any connection issues to Yahoo or FT?
    I'm not getting any price updates.
    I'm running MD build 1880.

  2. 2 Posted by derekkent23 on 08 Apr, 2020 06:54 PM

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    I am not support staff, just a user.
    Hi Amar

    After installing Quote Loader did you restart Moneydance?
    I tested your 5 securities and they all returned data, see screen shot.

    Hope this helps.

  3. 3 Posted by Amar Khalifeh on 08 Apr, 2020 07:15 PM

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    Thank you, Derek.
    I restarted MD and it worked.
    Have a nice day.

  4. 4 Posted by derekkent23 on 08 Apr, 2020 07:29 PM

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    I am not support staff, just a user.
    Hi Amar

    Glad I was able to help.

    Have Fun.

  5. 5 Posted by Fred on 08 May, 2020 07:55 PM

    Fred's Avatar

    Mike or Derek,

    I am a new MD user and downloaded your program as per the recommendations of MD support. It is working well, but I trade a lot of stock options and neither your program nor native MD recognizes correct ticker symbols or updates prices. It appears that what is downloaded from the broker are CUSIPs.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get downloads and updates to work for stock options?

    I have manually edited the CUSIP in "Tools/Securities" to make them intelligible, but still I can't figure out how to update prices?


  6. 6 Posted by Mike Bray on 08 May, 2020 09:12 PM

    Mike Bray 's Avatar

    Hi Fred
    QL works with any security that is listed on Yahoo or FT.  You need to
    investigate those 2 sources to see if your security is supported.  If
    you find it the page will give you the 'Ticker' symbol to use.


  7. 7 Posted by rjgiskard on 11 May, 2020 04:49 PM

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    Hi Mike,

    I've been manually updating my ETF prices and I'm quite excited to try out your extension.

    I have the ISIN's in the ticker field for the 20ish ETFs in my investment account and I set the London Stock Exchange (I'm in the UK) as the stock exchange. All but one load perfectly.

    For the one that's failing, it's quite strange. I know its ISIN is correct - it's IE00B00FV011 - and this shows as it's ISIN on its page at ft.com. But it fails to find it using that ISIN.

    I enabled debugging and saw these lines pop up in the console:

    Quote Load>INFO:17:23:11-pool-13-thread-1(GetQuoteTask,call) Processing IE00B00FV011 URI:https://markets.ft.com/data/equities/tearsheet/summary?s=IE00B00FV011
    Quote Load>INFO:17:23:12-pool-13-thread-1(GetQuoteTask,analyseResponse) IOException Cannot parse response for symbol=IE00B00FV011Cannot find div.mod-tearsheet-overview__header

    When I try browsing that URI, ft takes me to a 'There were no results found for IE00B00FV011 among equities.' page.

    Interestingly, the URI has 'equities' in the path, but this is an ETF. If I change 'equities' to 'etfs', I get hits for the ISIN. I wonder if there's a path that can be used that doesn't specify the security type? Or if it could be adjusted to cycle through security types if it's required?

    Strangely, all my securities are etfs, and all the others get hits even though the URI in the logs show they use 'equities', too...

    Finally, Quote Loader is able to find it if I just change the ticker to SLXX. So that's a workaround. But I thought I'd post this here in case it's something that can be fixed. It might be relevant to other matching issues.

  8. 8 Posted by derekkent23 on 11 May, 2020 06:23 PM

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    I am not support staff, just a user.
    Hi rjgiskard

    In the PDF covering Quote Loader, see post 29 at

    There is a link on page 6 to a FT web page. Entering IE00B00FV011 produces 3 separate results.

    To home in on the desired securing I think you need to used one of the tickers this provides.

    Possibly try changing the ticker to SLXX:LSE:GBP

    I would suggest you don’t set the Exch Mod to LSE for this or your other ticker that are using ISIN codes.

    It doesn’t matter with Quote Loader build 3024, but thing could change in a later build.

    Glad you find Quote Loader useful.

    Hope this helps

  9. 9 Posted by rjgiskard on 11 May, 2020 07:22 PM

    rjgiskard's Avatar

    Hi Derekkent23,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm not quite sure I follow you. If I use the https://markets.ft.com/data/equities link from page six of the pdf and enter IE00B00FV011, I immediately get feedback that no matches are found. Only if I click 'go', change the security type to 'etf' or 'all types', and click search, do I get the three matches. See attached screenshots.

    FT is not finding this ISIN when doing an equity search, which is the search Quote Loader appears to do. Though FT does find all my other ETFs by ISIN when doing an equity search. This is as I described in my post. So I think you must've changed the security type after clicking 'go' if you got three results for IE00B00FV011 from that link.

    Yes, I did find that Quote Loader finds the security if I change the ticker to SLXX. But I expect it should be able to find it by ISIN, hence the feedback., which I hope Mike will find useful.


    Edit: unfortunately the images didn't come through in the right order. Image 2 should be first, followed by three, and finally one.

    nb - this is what QL is trying in the logs:


    which fails to return anything if I plug it in a browser. If I change that URI to to this:


    and plug it in a browser, it works.

  10. 10 Posted by derekkent23 on 11 May, 2020 08:30 PM

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    I am not support staff, just a user.
    Hi rjgiskard

    The image below the FT link in the PDF suggest using the “Search Security” box not the “Enter name or symbol” box. The suggested method takes you straight to the securities.

    If IE00B00FV011 is entered into this box the three securities covered by the ISIN code are displayed given their individual ticker symbols. Clicking on these page you to the associated security page.

    It’s my understanding that in some cases the ISIN code does not fully define the security. Click on each of the three securities and the security name is the same, but the traded price is different.

    In these cases, you need to use the individual ticker symbols. In this case Quote Loader can’t build a FT address from the ISIN code, it need the individual ticker symbol to give


    Bottom line this is how Quote Loader works with FT.

    Hope this helps

  11. 11 Posted by rjgiskard on 11 May, 2020 09:14 PM

    rjgiskard's Avatar

    The ‘search security‘ box is doing a search unfiltered by security type, but QF is doing an equity search, which seems to find many (most?) etfs by ISIN, but clearly not all.

    I think we’re in agreement that FT *is* able to find that security by ISIN when it’s searching across all security types or etfs. Eg, the unfiltered ‘security box’ and this link: https://markets.ft.com/data/etfs/tearsheet/summary?s=IE00B00FV011
    I think we’re going around in circles here. I’ll leave it for Mike to decide whether my feedback might be helpful.

    Edit: ah, I think I understand what you’re saying - you think up the issue is that it’s returning three hits by ISIN, while I thought the issue’s that it’s doing an equity search that’s returning zero hits. I thought QL would incorporate the exchange in the lookup (I did set it to LSE), so I wouldn’t have thought QL should get three hits, but one.

  12. 12 Posted by rjgiskard on 12 May, 2020 08:59 AM

    rjgiskard's Avatar

    I've done a bit of testing with one of the EFTs that is loading to compare.

    If you take IE00BG0J9Y53 as an example:

    * Searching it at https://markets.ft.com/data/equities using the 'search securities' box returns multiple hits, as IE00B00FV011 does

    * But plugging it into the URI used by QL (i.e., https://markets.ft.com/data/equities/tearsheet/summary?s=IE00BG0J9Y53) takes you straight to a security listing, unlike IE00B00FV011, which returns 'There were no results found for IE00B00FV011 among equities'

    * Unexpectedly, this does not appear to be the listing I want. The listing returned is for CEMP:AEX:GBP, while I want the listing for CEUG:LSE:GBP. I can tell it's using the former, because the FT page says it was last updated 7 May, while the latter says it was last updated 12 May, and QL says the price is from 7 May.

    * Even more strangely, the CEMP:AEX:GBP page doesn't show the ISIN and lists the symbol as CEUG.

    My mind is blown. I'm a complete noob with this so don't understand the interactions at play here. I thought ISINs would be preferred, given they're unique to the security internationally, but it appears to be a bit messy. I'm going to try the local ticker symbols instead to see if I get more accuracy on matches.

  13. 13 Posted by derekkent23 on 12 May, 2020 09:38 AM

    derekkent23's Avatar

    I am not support staff, just a user.
    Hi rjgiskard

    ISIN codes need to be treated with care. A small number encompass the same security traded on different exchanges, as you have found. In there cases you need to use the correct local ticker to get the security price you are looking for rather than use the ISIN CODE.

    They way Quite Loader is structured it needs to build a web address were the only variable is the ticker symbol plus exchange code, if required e.g.

    or more commonly


    The structure of SLXX:LSE:GBP does not fit the normal pattern and thus needs to be added in full under TOOLS - SECURITIES

    In most cases, but certainly not all, the base of a ticker symbol is common to both FT and Yahoo. No need to differentiate by exchange. Where this is not the case and exchange differentiation are required the Exch Mod was added. See page 6 of the PDF

    The purpose was to enable switching sources without the need to change the ticker symbol under TOOL – SECURITIES.

    As you will see on reading page 6 FT and Yahoo use different exchange codes to complicate the issue. The way ISIN codes are handled is also different.

    In build Quote Loader build 3024 when you select the Exch Mode LSE with FT as the source the ticker is not modified, no exchange code added. When you select Yahoo as the source “.L” is added.

    Thus, for LLOY for FT selecting no Exch Mod or selecting LSE gives the same result i.e. LLOY. But when using Yahoo, you need to select LSE to give LLOY.L for a price to be returned.

    Use the test feature as described PDF bottom page 6 to see the full ticker symbol used.

    There are cases where FT will only recognise a ticker if an exchange code is added. For example, Banco Santander SA, ticker BNC. However, this is not recognised by FT unless it sees the exchange code added, that is BNC:LSE. Its currently under consideration to change the Exch Mod for FT to “:LSE” instead of blank. Hence my recommendation in a previous post not to set an Exch Mod when using ISIN codes with FT in case this change is made. Adding LSE will maintain the ability to switch sources in rare cases without the need to change the base ticker symbol. It not easy to cover all possibilities as there are too many, diminishing returns. In these cases entering the correct ticker under TOOLS – SECURITIES, one time setup, is better than fiddling with the Quote Loader code.

    Have Fun

  14. 14 Posted by Mike Bray on 12 May, 2020 11:48 AM

    Mike Bray 's Avatar

    Hi rjgiskard

    QL uses the displayed 'Ticker'.  If you enter  IE00B00FV011 into FT.com
    you get three securities.  SLXX:LSE:GBP, SLXXI:LSE:GBP and
    SLXX/GB:SWX:GBP.  So to get QL to work with these put the appropiate
    ticker into the Moneydance Ticker field for the security and in QL do
    not select an exchange. That should work though the '/' in the third one
    might cause an issue.

  15. 15 Posted by derekkent23 on 12 May, 2020 12:01 PM

    derekkent23's Avatar

    Hi Mike

    SLXX/GB:SWX:GBP does work.

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