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Carlos Montoya

11 Mar, 2022 11:32 PM

Help! A few weeks back, my desktop app stopped syncing. My mobile app is still loading to Dropbox, however, when I launch my desktop app, Moneydance starts off like a new installation. All accounts and settings are gone. Please help.

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by Ethan on 13 Mar, 2022 10:44 PM

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    To clarify, is the issue that your desktop file is not syncing, or is it that you can't find your data file at all? Those are two different things.

    It sort of sounds more like the second, so let's start there. When you launch the program, are you taken to the Welcome Screen? If so, can you open your data file where it is listed on the right side?

    If not, we may just have to remind the program where your data is saved. If you don't remember where this is, it's likely still in the default file location, described at:

    If it's not there, you must have moved it to a different location at some point. If you're not sure where, search your computer for all files that end with the .moneydance file extension. When you find your data file, use the open other option from the Moneydance welcome screen or the menu bar (File -> Open -> Open Other) to select your yourfilename.moneydance data set.

    If none of that helps, please explain your situation in a bit more detail, and also provide the version of Moneydance you are running, and your operating system.

    Infinite Kind Support

  2. 2 Posted by Carlos Montoya ... on 16 Mar, 2022 05:21 PM

    Carlos Montoya Jr's Avatar

    Hello and thank you for your response. I believe I found an older file and using that. For some reason, Moneydance stopped pointing to this file but this is not my main problem now.

    I currently use the desktop AND the mobile app. My mobile app is syncing with my Dropbox account; however, my desktop app is not syncing with Dropbox. I’ve tried to reboot and keep selecting the Dropbox connection but it won’t sync. Help.

    Thank you. Have a great day!

  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by Maddy on 16 Mar, 2022 05:29 PM

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    Hi Carlos,

    To sync to the same sync file as your mobile device, you should follow the steps below:

    Please do not change anything from the mobile.

    You should simply launch Moneydance on your computer and click on File->Syncing->Don't sync and restart Moneydance.

    Then, launch Moneydance again, and this time you want to navigate to File/Moneydance -> New -> Open Synced File.
    At this point, select the same sync method as it was originally setup on your computer (Dropbox Connection or Dropbox Folder).
    We would recommend using Dropbox Folder especially because you are syncing with the mobile app.( It's faster!)

    Please note:

    With "Dropbox Connection" Moneydance uses the Dropbox API to talk to the Dropbox service directly. So, you don't need to have Dropbox actually installed on your computer, but you do need to be online when Moneydance is running in order for changes to be synced.

    With "Dropbox Folder" Moneydance will just read and write files to your Dropbox folder on your computer, which means that you need to have Dropbox installed and running on your computer, but you don't need to be online in order for Moneydance to read and write the changes.

    You will see a list of data files with the name of your base account, select the same as the one on your mobile device and you will see a prompt for the passphrase (it should match the one you have created on your computer when you set up sync initially), wait for the sync process to finalize and that will be it.

    Please keep us posted on your progress, Thank you!

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  4. 4 Posted by Carlos Montoya ... on 17 Mar, 2022 09:47 PM

    Carlos Montoya Jr's Avatar

    Hi there. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you.

    I followed the instruction (everything flowed the way your described); however, it does not seem to be syncing. Once your instructions are complete, how long should the sync take? My mobile app is still syncing with Dropbox but the Moneydance app on my computer does not. When I click on the Sync Settings, the option does not allow me to change it to change sync method (was was going to try to go through the instructions again.

    Is there anything other than entering the “key” from Dropbox that needs to be done to start the sync?

    Is there anything more I need to do in Dropbox to authorize Moneydance? I thought this was done during the “Open Synced File” option.

    The other option may be to start over? I’m currently running version 2022 (2006)…is this the correct version?

    Thanks for trying to help me with this.


  5. Support Staff 5 Posted by Maddy on 18 Mar, 2022 11:26 AM

    Maddy's Avatar

    I've attached a file called "" that should resolve this problem for you.

    To use the .py file, first save it to your computer and then follow these steps:

    1. In Moneydance, select Window --> Show Moneybot Console
    2. In the window that appears, select 'Open Script' then select the .py file
    3. Click the 'Run' button to run the script file. (you can find it next to Edit Script)
    4. Wait a few moments until you see a message on screen, confirming the script has run successfully.
    5. Close and restart Moneydance.

    Once completed, navigate back to File --> Syncing, and you should now be able to change sync method.

    Please let me know if you have any problems running the script, or if you continue to encounter issues .

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  6. 6 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 03:13 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Good morning. Thank you but I don’t see any file attached.I followed your instructions; however, I do not have the .py file to load…I feel like we’re almost there. :)

  7. 7 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 18 Mar, 2022 03:15 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    Download the Toolbox extension. Then enter advanced mode. There will be a button to convert secondary to primary.... (the same as the script, but easier).

  8. Support Staff 8 Posted by Maddy on 18 Mar, 2022 03:16 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Please find it attached.

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  9. 9 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 03:19 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Thanks you. I looked for the Toolbox extension; however, its not listed. I’ll try with the file you sent. Thank you.

  10. 10 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 18 Mar, 2022 03:29 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    It’s on the extensions menu. Manage extensions.

  11. 11 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 03:33 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Is the .py file supposed to be saved in a particular folder? When I try to “run” the script, I receive this message ““jffi12314293212509059530.dylib” cannot be opened becausethe developer cannot be verified.”

    This seems like my computer is not allowing me to run this file?

  12. 12 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 03:34 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Yes, I looked in Manage Extension menu and “Toolbox” is not is not listed.

  13. Support Staff 13 Posted by Maddy on 18 Mar, 2022 03:36 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Which version and build of Moneydance are you using?
    To check, open Moneydance and select Help --> About Moneydance (or Moneydance --> About Moneydance on a Mac)

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  14. 14 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 03:39 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Version 2001 (2006)

  15. Support Staff 15 Posted by Maddy on 18 Mar, 2022 03:49 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Generally when you navigate to Extensions->Manage Extensions you should find the Toolbox at the very end, in the list of available extensions.

    On a different note, since you are entitled to a free upgrade you could download and install Moneydance 2022.3 (4068)

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  16. 16 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 18 Mar, 2022 03:52 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    You should upgrade then toolbox will be available.

    FYI - The ‘jffi12314293212509059530.dylib’ message is harmless and you should click ignore/delete twice and the script should run.

  17. 17 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 03:55 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    ok, thank you. I’ll try both actions.

  18. 18 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 04:06 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Ok…thanks for all your help.

    I downloaded and installed the upgrade. I am now on the 2022.3 (4068) version. I now see the “Toolbox” extension and installed it. I also ran the script on the Moneybot console. My files still do not appear to be syncing with Dropbox. Any ideas what to do next?

    Thanks again.

  19. Support Staff 19 Posted by Maddy on 18 Mar, 2022 04:11 PM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Did you restart Moneydance after running the script?

    Also, did you select Moneydance -> New -> Open Synced File?
    Which sync method did you use?
    Did you enter a matching Passphrase to your phone's?

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  20. 20 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 04:12 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Well, I think I did but can try again (…so many steps) :)

  21. 21 Posted by Carlos Montoya on 18 Mar, 2022 04:37 PM

    Carlos Montoya's Avatar

    Ok….I re ran all your instructions on the desktop and it was not syncing but when I updated the “encryption password” on the phone app, it worked. The issues not (and I’ll deal with it) is that the entries that I’ve maintained on my phone have all synced from the desktop app and I’ve lost all the entires I had been making on my phone. I may have chosen the wrong file…not sure. Anyway, both desktop and phone are now syncing. I’ll figure out how to get my checkbook in balance now.

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate the direction and now I know a bit more how to fix this in the future.


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