Download from Capital One 360 broken

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21 Nov, 2018 05:26 PM

Since yesterday I can't download transactions from Capital One 360 anymore.

How can I fix the issue?

Error Description:
ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

  1. 1 Posted by Udo on 21 Nov, 2018 05:30 PM

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    See attached image

  2. 2 Posted by jb on 21 Nov, 2018 06:07 PM

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    I'm having the same issue - capital one indicates its a moneydance problem.

  3. 3 Posted by kk pablo on 21 Nov, 2018 06:11 PM

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    I am also having same issue.

  4. 4 Posted by bem236 on 21 Nov, 2018 08:49 PM

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    I'm having the same issue too. I am on the phone with Capital One 360 right now. They said they did a major software/security update on Saturday, Nov. 18th. I am on hold trying to find out if they removed support for OFX / Direct Connect. I'll update when I find out something!

  5. 5 Posted by bem236 on 21 Nov, 2018 08:53 PM

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    They said the tech people said their servers were working (which did not answer my question of whether or not they have removed support for OFX). She told me to generate a new access code, which I did, and it still didn't work. Because I'm not getting an access denied message, I'm getting the server timeout like you guys.

  6. 6 Posted by steve on 22 Nov, 2018 12:14 AM

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    Same problem here. I did a packet capture while Moneydance was trying to connect to Capital One. Moneydance does a DNS lookup for "", which resolves to But when Moneydance attempts to connect to that IP address on TCP port 443, it gets no reply. Capital One has apparently changed the name of their OFX server.

    I've uploaded the capture in the hope that it'll help the Moneydance developers.

  7. 7 Posted by fredegge on 22 Nov, 2018 03:06 AM

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    Same problem for me!! Tried everything as well and now found here that it seems to be broken. Hopefully iK can fix it soon! Thanks!

  8. 8 Posted by chad on 22 Nov, 2018 05:20 AM

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    I have this problem also. Please fix, thanks!

  9. Support Staff 9 Posted by Jenny on 22 Nov, 2018 09:19 AM

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    Hi all,

    Sorry to hear about the problems you've encountered.

    Unfortunately Capital One 360 have removed their support for Direct Connect downloads. Sorry I don't have better news.
    I will remove the connection listing from Moneydance today.

    Without Direct Connect, you are still able to import your data into the program. The best way to get your transactions into Moneydance is to use a web browser to download files from your bank's web site.
    You can download into QFX, OFX, OFC or QIF files (aka Quicken or MS Money files), any of which will import cleanly into Moneydance. You can find the steps for manually importing your data in this article.
    You can also open your banks website directly from Moneydance by selecting Online --> Open Account Website, which makes the download process easier.

    Infinite Kind Support

  10. 10 Posted by Jeremy Berteele on 22 Nov, 2018 01:03 PM

    Jeremy Berteele's Avatar

    Hey Jenny,
    Thanks for the update. I was told yesterday by Capital One that Capital
    One 360 very much still supports direct connect, are you sure there is not
    something else going on here? The indicated a possible issue from the fin
    software side. Before seeing the connection removed all together, I would
    like to confirm which is the correct Info here.


  11. Support Staff 11 Posted by Jenny on 22 Nov, 2018 02:17 PM

    Jenny's Avatar

    Sorry to hear of the conflicting information. Some other customers have been advised by Capital One 360 that they’re no longer supporting Direct Connect downloads. They continue to use other connection methods that Moneydance does not support - Web Connect and Express Web Connect.
    I'd be happy to reinstate the connection but at this time, it doesn't appear there are any working Direct Connect credentials for us to use. If you are able to send confirmation from the bank that this service is still active, I will investigate this further.

    Infinite Kind Support

  12. 12 Posted by com on 22 Nov, 2018 04:46 PM

    com's Avatar

    A few months back Quicken switched its authentication for Capital One 360 from user/code to use OAuth2 token and refresh token for direct connect. I suspect that if OFX is still working on Capital One 360 then it requires OAuth2 authentication from Moneydance.

  13. 13 Posted by andyschmid on 22 Nov, 2018 05:00 PM

    andyschmid's Avatar

    This is quite aggravating. One by one all of my financial institutions are switching from the open protocol OFX to proprietary "Web Connect". Is the only solution to retain automatic syncing of accounts to give in and buy Quicken?

  14. 14 Posted by com on 22 Nov, 2018 05:11 PM

    com's Avatar

    I tried that, what a terrible mistake. It is a horrible, buggy, unreliable and inaccurate product. The one thing financial software should do correctly is download transactions and accurately and reliably reflect the activity. Quicken doesn't.

    I did double-check the connection in Quicken and it states Express Web Connect+. So maybe OFX is deprecated on Capital One 360. For many other reasons I moved my accounts from Capital One 360 and this is just another reason. Too bad, Capital One bought ING Direct, one of the best online banks, and then destroyed it.

    I think Moneydance should look into other ways of connecting to the banks. A lot of banks only support Web Connect and feel that is good enough because the aggregators and Quicken can connect. Moneydance needs to join the crowd and develop a solution that can do the same.

  15. 15 Posted by andyschmid on 22 Nov, 2018 05:15 PM

    andyschmid's Avatar

    Moneydance needs to join the crowd and develop a solution that can do the same.

    I agree, this would be nice! I'd even buy an upgrade license if they wanted to charge for the update. TAKE MY MONEY!!

    Seriously, this is the trend.. banks are ditching direct connect for web connect. I truly hope the team at Moneydance is listening and paying attention.

    I'd switch banks to one that still supports direct connect, but unfortunately I believe that will only buy a bit of time.

  16. 16 Posted by Jeremy Berteele on 22 Nov, 2018 07:17 PM

    Jeremy Berteele's Avatar

    Thanks Jenny - that is helpful - will let you know if I can confirm on
    direct connect. Any plans for MD to support Web Connect or Express Web

  17. 17 Posted by dwg on 22 Nov, 2018 07:42 PM

    dwg's Avatar

    I'm a fellow user.

    Web Connect and Express Web Connect are proprietary Quicken products. For a vendor to use it they would have to pay Quicken, it is not a great business model to be paying your competition money and to be dependent on them.

  18. 18 Posted by avonderluft on 22 Nov, 2018 08:19 PM

    avonderluft's Avatar

    com said "For many other reasons I moved my accounts from Capital One 360 and this is just another reason." Me too. Their recent UI "upgrade" was/is a disaster.

  19. 19 Posted by com on 22 Nov, 2018 11:26 PM

    com's Avatar

    Right, the UI changes were the final nail in the coffin for me as well. Capital One was unsuccessful with their online banking before they purchased ING Direct and Sharebuilder. They offered the same products but they were terrible so they purchased the online accounts. Then gradually they destroyed the bank until finally rolling out an interface that is designed for the iPhone and forcing everybody to use it. So many really bad choices.

    The lack of direct connect via OFX for Capital One 360 likely means I will just finish the job and close the accounts completely. But this problem is bigger than Capital One as many banks I talked to do not plan to support OFX direct connect for security reasons and so Moneydance has a problem that will likely get worse if a solution isn't developed that allows us to connect to these institutions.

  20. 20 Posted by dwg on 23 Nov, 2018 12:32 AM

    dwg's Avatar

    I'm a fellow user.

    Any bank arguing that Direct connect is a security concern if a bank is only going to implement it as far as only allowing for downloading of transactions is I believe just looking for an excuse. I can see no reason why for this usage it would be any less secure than Web Connect, unless they consider that checking the user credentials with a Quicken server is a security feature, I don't, it is just a product lockin in my view and certainly passing any information to Quicken I consider a security failure.

    I do not believe you can look to the finance industry to come up with a solution, certainly not the consortium that developed OFX which includes Intuit. Companies like Moneydance (TIK) do not have the position or power to do it, The only solution I suspect is to force the financial institution to provide the data in a standard way, some countries are looking to do this via the Open Banking Initiative, with Government legislation to enforce it.

    Without something like this and without Direct Connect those in the US will need to do what those in other countries do; manually download and import transactions files or enter by hand.

  21. 21 Posted by andyschmid on 23 Nov, 2018 02:52 AM

    andyschmid's Avatar

    Without something like this and without Direct Connect those in the US will need to do what those in other countries do; manually download and import transactions files or enter by hand.

    The only other option would be a downloader that is programmed for each banking site to automatically log in and grab the OFX file via the website. This however would be a nightmare to create and maintain for the hundreds of different banking sites out there. If only there was some standard syncing protocol banks could all implement.. /s

  22. Support Staff 22 Posted by Jenny on 23 Nov, 2018 11:35 AM

    Jenny's Avatar

    Hi all,

    We've detailed why we only support Direct Connect in our blog and also in this article.
    By only using Direct Connect, we can guarantee that your username, password and financial data only ever exists with your bank or on your own personal computer, and at no point are your details stored on another server.

    Moneydance 2019 will include an embedded browser that makes logging in and downloading transactions much easier than opening a web browser each time. We're also working on an extra feature (coming soon after release) which will automate the process. The upgrade to Moneydance 2019 will be a free upgrade for anyone who purchased Moneydance 2017. I can't provide a release date for this version just yet, but we plan to have the beta version ready very soon.

    Infinite Kind Support

  23. 23 Posted by Tom on 23 Nov, 2018 01:55 PM

    Tom's Avatar

    Well, this is a really discouraging change in Capital One - but not surprising - they were having issues with the web site certificates for the longest time (and not responsive to email), now I see the OFX issue and note that I can't even seem to download via CSV, and if there's a way to contact them via email - I can't find it.

    I was a NetBank customer who got assigned to ING, and then moved into Capital One 360 when ING divested it's US consumer banking.

    With the low interest rates (~1%?), I'm just going to take my money elsewhere. Barclay's, Amex, Marcus, and Discover all pay twice the rate -- I hate switching banks, but Capital One just isn't giving me much of a choice here.

    I look forward to the 2019 release, but is ditching OFX a trend overall? I hear a lot about new banking security regulations driving one-time-passwords for banks - but see more "text me back" stuff instead of real (google auth, yubi, etc) mechanisms.

  24. 24 Posted by wuhl756 on 23 Nov, 2018 06:03 PM

    wuhl756's Avatar

    I agree with Tom that the choice of bank should be driven by rates and fees, not solely by whether transactions are downloadable. I chose Capital One 360 because of a debit card that does not charge a foreign transaction fee for ATM withdrawals overseas and a competitive rate on savings (recently increased to 2.00%). Downloading and importing the QFX file will be annoying (as it is for several other accounts I track such as TIAA-CREF and Principal Retirement), but that won't trigger a change in banks for me.

  25. 25 Posted by Jeremy Berteele on 23 Nov, 2018 10:48 PM

    Jeremy Berteele's Avatar

    Confirmed by capital one - “Got it - You'll need to connect using 'Express Web Connect' from here on out.^AS”

    Sent from my iPhone

  26. 26 Posted by chobe2 on 24 Nov, 2018 12:48 PM

    chobe2's Avatar

    I also have accounts at Capital One 360 and am considering moving my accounts because of this downloading problem. avonderluft and com said that they have already done this. Would either of you mind telling me which banks you went with; if of course, you're having a good experience with them? Is there a list of good banks that support OFX / Direct Connect?

  27. 27 Posted by chobe2 on 24 Nov, 2018 02:08 PM

    chobe2's Avatar

    OK...this is very frustrating. I just got off the phone with one of the highest managers at Capital One 360 and he assured me that no changes have been made to their support for OFX / Direct Connect. Jenny, I think this needs more investigation before the connection listing is removed. Can you please verify whether or not their direct connect is still active or not?

  28. 28 Posted by com on 24 Nov, 2018 11:27 PM

    com's Avatar

    chobe2, for me Capital One 360 used to have a good web site, fast OFX response to transactions, decent rates on savings (at one point), good CD terms and rates, and instant connection to Sharebuilder, which I used for additional savings with both cash (good rates) and other products. Capital One 360 failed to stay competitive with banking products and let Sharebuilder languish until they finally dumped it entirely. Due to the low rates on savings I had already moved most of my FDIC stuff to Marcus (no OFX) since I only use 1 transaction per month on savings accounts and Vanguard (yes OFX but delayed) money market for higher rates to replace Sharebuilder.

    After the UI changes ruined the site and they dumped Sharebuilder my priorities were a good bank for checking accounts, fast transaction processing, OFX download, instant access to a brokerage, and higher savings rates via a money market fund. So my choice was Charles Schwab Bank for checking and brokerage. The savings rates are junk so I still rely on other banks for FDIC savings.

    Schwab strengths:
    1. OFX download and fast transactions
    2. Very good support
    3. Higher rate on checking than CO (not by much)
    4. Schwab brokerage with low fees and reasonable money market funds
    5. American Express credit card with the same 1.5% cash back that Capital One offered
    6. No ATM fees worldwide

    The web page is not as nice as the old Capital One 360 page but it works better than the new one.

  29. 29 Posted by chobe2 on 25 Nov, 2018 02:13 PM

    chobe2's Avatar

    com...Thank you so much for your great reply. I will look into Charles Schwab Bank. My goal is to find a bank that offers both a savings with decent rates and a checking with good OFX download that I can transfer money to and from the checking account quickly. Transferring from external banks takes too long. I did some research yesterday and it appears that Discover Bank might fit the bill. Did you consider them?

    I'm still not convinced that Capital One has stopped their OFX support. Yesterday, one of the managers at Capital One 360 assured me that no changes have been made. I'm worried that MD has jumped the gun by deleting them from their list of OFX banks. I hope Jenny will followup on this before I start moving accounts.

  30. 30 Posted by rbl2_2003 on 26 Nov, 2018 12:04 PM

    rbl2_2003's Avatar

    I've been using Moneydance since 2008 and am reluctant to change and it appears perhaps InfiniteKind support is as well. Moneydance needs to have more than one method to download transactions. If, as others are saying, banks are stopping OFX support, then either InfiniteKind support adapts and starts utilizing the "Personal Finance Access Code" and the other methods banks are allowing for transactions to be downloaded or users will switch to another personal finance app (i.e., etc.).

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