Built-in browser difficulties.

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01 Feb, 2019 05:08 AM

trying to use the built-in browser but having some challenges. Love the concept, a little dodgy yet, but maybe relegate it to beta for the time being, and leave 2019 a clean product?
'My problems so far with the built-in:
1) some banks wont load
2) some banks wont respond after installing username & assword,and then clicking login.
3) No navigation buttons.
4) One bank site, every link I click after login results in a blank page with "Not Found" on it.

  1. 1 Posted by dwg on 01 Feb, 2019 05:20 AM

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    I'm fellow user.

    Some general comments.

    Make sure your financial institution pointer is using https. http does not work.

    The release of this feature as a Beta to the wider user base was discussed during testing. The developer wanted as wide an audience possible to facilitate feed back on the operation of the feature. The Beta group could only offer a very limited number of institutions in a small number of locations.

  2. Support Staff 2 Posted by Sean Reilly on 01 Feb, 2019 10:30 AM

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    Thanks for trying this out. Yes, we expected some trouble with this which is why we felt that releasing MD2019 in general would be good since this is labeled as a beta feature. With access to more banks and feedback from customers my plan is to quickly resolve the browser issues so that it works with many more banks quickly.

    In your screenshot it appears that Moneydance tried to read a qfx file which came from your bank, so that's a good starting point. In addition to browser improvements I'll add a function which lets you get a copy of any received files so that we can see what's wrong with the file itself. I'm guessing this might be a case of the site returning a URL or file that ends with .qfx but is actually just another html page. This is very useful, and I'll try to get another build out to you to try (if you're ok with that) in the next couple of days.


    Sean Reilly
    Developer, The Infinite Kind

  3. 3 Posted by David W on 01 Feb, 2019 12:43 PM

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    Could you test the browser with nwolb.com -- the NatWest online banking site? I can't get it to work at all, just a blank screen. Works with Amex, Usbank. Thanks!

  4. 4 Posted by David W on 01 Feb, 2019 12:53 PM

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    https://citizensbankonline.com/ also just returns blank screen.

  5. 5 Posted by TonyRI on 01 Feb, 2019 01:06 PM

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    I get the following error dialogue from Synchrony Bank (Amazon Account):

    Beginning of upgrade your browser dialog
    Upgrade your browser
    You are using an old or unsupported browser. For a better experience, upgrade your browser here.


    end of upgrade your browser dialog
    Beginning of upgrade your browser dialog
    Upgrade your browser
    This browser is no longer supported. Please upgrade your browser or use the Edge "Open with Internet Explorer" feature.


    end of upgrade your browser dialog
    Background image for login


  6. 6 Posted by timothy.g.gray on 01 Feb, 2019 01:20 PM

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    Upgraded to MD2019 on MacOS 10.13.6. Attempted direct download within MD for Chase/Amazon account. Get message "Please upgrade your browser. We're stop supporting this version of your browser soon. Upgrade now to protect your accounts and enjoy a better experience." Then MD2019 stops responding and I have to force quite. This happens for any account, not just Chase/Amazon.

  7. 7 Posted by Dan P on 01 Feb, 2019 02:51 PM

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    I guess I'm lucky. The web bot works fine on my bank and 3 credit cards. Makes it a lot easier for my bank which doesn't support direct connect.
    While I realize the difficulties beta testing in a live release, I'm glad MD is doing it! Keep up the good work!

  8. 8 Posted by timothy.g.gray on 01 Feb, 2019 05:33 PM

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    Good to know Dan. What OS are you using and what Internet Browser?


  9. 9 Posted by Dan P on 01 Feb, 2019 06:19 PM

    Dan P's Avatar

    Tim Gray - I'm using Windows 10. I assume the internal browser is Internet Explorer. (not Edge)

  10. 10 Posted by amrc0308 on 01 Feb, 2019 06:48 PM

    amrc0308's Avatar

    Sean I would be willing to try a nightly build when you apply your foxes

  11. 11 Posted by TonyRI on 01 Feb, 2019 08:02 PM

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    PS Using Windows 10 Home (Version 1809 latest build 17763.292 installed 12/20/2018)

  12. 12 Posted by dwg on 01 Feb, 2019 08:13 PM

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    I'm a fellow user.

    The internal browser is an add on component to Java.

  13. 13 Posted by TonyRI on 01 Feb, 2019 09:38 PM

    TonyRI's Avatar

    Java doesn't play nice with MS Edge. When I run MSIE and check the Java version (after updating) I get 'You have the recommended Java installed (Version 8 Update 201).'. Prior to updating Java, it gave the dialogue box that it hasn't been used in over 6 mos. After the update, I retried the Moneydance connection using the 'download' button on the Synchrony Bank (Amazon Store Card) account and it gave the same message described above.

  14. 14 Posted by dwg on 01 Feb, 2019 09:56 PM

    dwg's Avatar


    Moneydance comes with its own version of Java built in, so what version you may have installed at the Windows level has no relevance because monedance does not use it.

    Moneydance 2019 comes with Java 11, Moneydance 2017 has Java 8

    In both version if you use the Open website menu item it opens the website in your system level browser, if you click on the download button while in the account register in MD 2019 it opens the internal browse with that site.

  15. Support Staff 15 Posted by Sean Reilly on 01 Feb, 2019 10:24 PM

    Sean Reilly's Avatar

    To clarify, the built-in browser is based on webkit. WebKit is the browser engine upon which Safari is based and that Chrome used to be based.

    The browser component works with every web site I've tried when I run it on its own. I've replaced the http/s implementation behind it in order to integrate with Moneydance and grab files as they are downloaded. So really it's just my http implementation that needs tweaking in order to get every site working.


    Sean Reilly
    Developer, The Infinite Kind

  16. 16 Posted by TonyRI on 02 Feb, 2019 03:44 AM

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    Thanks for the clarifications!

    I remain a very happy Moneydance user :)

  17. 17 Posted by rsmerrin on 02 Feb, 2019 07:09 PM

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    TD Bank Canada and MBNA Canada
        Chrome latest version
        Firefox latest version
        Edge (2 most recent versions)
        Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
        Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 11
        Safari (Mac) (2 most recent major versions)

    Bank of Montreal browser information

    Among the several features that we have introduced to assist you in protecting your personal and financial information, our web site supports Internet Explorer browsers, version 6.0 or higher, Firefox browsers, version 2.0 or higher, that use 128-bit encryption.
    For Apple Macintosh computers, our site is optimized for Safari web browser version 2.0.4 and Firefox version 2.0 for Mac running on OS X version 10.4.8 or higher.

    Encryption is a means of scrambling information for transmission, in this case, between your PC and the Bank's computing systems. Information that is encrypted at one end is decrypted (decoded) upon receipt at the other end.

    128-bit encryption is the strongest, most secure form of encryption that is generally available in Internet browsers on the market in North America today. BMO Financial Group and BMO InvestorLine require that our clients use 128-bit encryption when conducting financial transactions over the Internet. We also recommend the use of 128-bit encryption for all non-financial transactions over the Internet, e.g., the use of BMO InvestorLine's Online Application.

    If you are a BMO InvestorLine client and wish to access your account through our web site, please ensure that you have a browser with 128-bit encryption. If your browser doesn't operate at this level of encryption, you will likely see an "Insufficient Encryption" message when you try to sign into your account.

    Bank of Nova Scotia Desktop web browsers

        Microsoft Internet Explorer. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
        Microsoft Edge Download the latest version of Edge.
        Firefox Download the latest version of Firefox.
        Safari Download the latest version of Safari.
        Chrome Download the latest version of Chrome.

    Meridian Credit Union

    Security starts with your web browser

    You can protect yourself online by using an up-to-date browser with the most recent security updates. To ensure the security of Meridian Online Banking, we support the following browsers that use 128-bit encryption. Select one of the links below if you need to update your browser to the latest versions of:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Mozilla Firefox

    Apple Safari

    Google Chrome

    Microsoft Edge

        Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
        Our website is responsive and accessible on mobile or tablet.
        You should have JavaScript enabled on your browser to use Meridian web properties. We use JavaScript to make our websites easier to use.
        The Meridian Mobile Pay app is supported on the Android platform.

    What browsers can I use to access the Capital One Investing℠ website?

        Microsoft Internet Explorer – versions 9, 10, and 11.
        Mozilla Firefox – most recent version.
        Google Chrome – most recent version.
        Apple Safari – versions 7 and above.

        To ensure the security of CIBC Online Banking, CIBC supports the following browsers that use 128-bit encryption. Select one of the links below if you need to update your browser to the latest versions of:

        Microsoft Internet Explorer
        Mozilla Firefox
        Apple Safari
        Google Chrome

    Now for your information your web bot failed to work at all the these financial companies
    1. MBNA which is owned by TD bank would not let me sign in.
    2. Meridian credit Union bounced me out as soon as I completed the security challenge question and clicked continue.
    3. Capital one I was able to sign in but they stopped the download of the file when I clicked on the popup to download into Money dance
    4 Royal Bank Canada success no problems.
    5 The companies not mentioned as to your web bot working or not working are CIBC, TD Bank, BMO and Bank of Nova Scotia are companies I am not a client of.
     these companies

  18. 18 Posted by scook on 06 Feb, 2019 10:31 PM

    scook's Avatar

    FYI developers:
    Using Windows 10 Edge browser.

    PNC Bank sign on screens comes up OK. Logging in returns:

    "PNC Online Banking
     RETURN CODE: 18.ad1fc917.1549374324.1abebbcc"

    One Vision Federal Credit Union works great.

  19. 19 Posted by David Woodruff on 10 Feb, 2019 09:11 PM

    David Woodruff's Avatar

    On the American Express website, I was able to log in, but the homepage disappeared after a couple of moments and was replaced with a Page Not Found message.



    From: rsmerrin <[email blocked]>
    Reply-To: <[email blocked]>

  20. 20 Posted by TonyRI on 11 Feb, 2019 01:21 PM

    TonyRI's Avatar

    Just as a point of discussion. I know that American Express offers direct connect. I thought that the purpose of the built-in browser was to accommodate the sites that you have to manually download data. So, rather than having to open your regular browser and going through the steps to download your data, you can click on the "download" button in the account register to facilitate the browser connection via Moneydance.

  21. 21 Posted by dwg on 11 Feb, 2019 08:36 PM

    dwg's Avatar


    Yes the browser is there to facilitate downloading data from banks that do not offer DC, does not mean you could not use it with banks that do.

  22. 22 Posted by TonyRI on 12 Feb, 2019 02:06 PM

    TonyRI's Avatar

    Thanks dwg :)

  23. 23 Posted by rsmerrin on 12 Feb, 2019 06:34 PM

    rsmerrin's Avatar

    I can only so far use the browser with RBC in Canada as far as being better or easier than opening my regular browser so far this is no difference and do not expect their to be one. Knowing the Web Kit is the one used for Safari. Nothing really changes. All the steps to retrieve financial transactions are the same.

    Until the built in browser has history and bookmarks Fir fox is far more efficient for me as I only have to click on a book mark to get to the sign in page.

    Yes I know this web browser is in development.

    Are you intending to develop an automated download similar to what quicken has? If you had this feature only then does it become a difference maker for me, if the Canadian banks would allow this to happen from your program.

  24. Support Staff 24 Posted by Sean Reilly on 12 Feb, 2019 10:23 PM

    Sean Reilly's Avatar

    Yes, the idea behind the internal browser is that we'll be able to automate the downloading process. It is similar to what Quicken does, except we'll be doing it on your own computer - not uploading your login information to a third party server.

    I doubt we'll go as far as having history and bookmarks, although I think you can consider each account's URL setting as a sort of bookmark.

    One of the key promises of the internal browser and the way we do automation is that bank's won't even need to allow it. If a human can browse the bank's site and view their data, then Moneydance will be able to import it.


    Sean Reilly
    Developer, The Infinite Kind

  25. 25 Posted by Robert Merrin on 13 Feb, 2019 07:54 PM

    Robert Merrin's Avatar

                             Hello Sean

                              I have been in contact with Meridian Credit
    Union. I have been talking to them about Money dance and the Internal
    Browser that you have added to your Money dance using the Safari Web Kit
    and that you are in the process of building a automated QIF file
    retrieval system that only uses the personal computer and not uploading
    information to a third party server.

                             Meridian Credit Union would like to hear from
    you as they are interested helping you so that your internal browser can
    access their web site. I have been informed that Meridian Credit Union
    finds Money dance very intriguing and have been browsing your help section.

                            Sean could you kindly contact Ken Winters at
    Meridian Credit Union. In the Subject line please put in the subject
    line                                     Attn: Ken Winters / Money dance
    Development Team and send to this email address
    [email blocked] .

                            I have been told that the Meridian credit Union
    is waiting to hear from you so they can assist you in resolving any
    issues your Internal browser has accessing their web site.

                           Sean I have done all I can here and more than
    most would do. Sean, now it is up to you


    Robert Merrin

  26. 26 Posted by Geoff Burnett on 14 Feb, 2019 09:31 AM

    Geoff Burnett's Avatar

    I've been trying this feature with a couple of banks with differing results:

    Nationwide Building Socoety - worked as expected.
    Bank of Scotland - two screen login process - having entred the details on the second screen, I'm kicked back to the fist login screen again. URL:

    John Lewis Partnership Credit Card - two screen login process again - this time browser freezes after keying secondary data. URL:

  27. 27 Posted by rsmerrin on 16 Feb, 2019 03:50 AM

    rsmerrin's Avatar

    I thought about this and it may work for some banks but not all. My Credit union has an initial sign in with username and Password followed by a security question that changes randomly
    HSBC has the usual user name and password followed by security question or it can be set up to want a randomly generated 6 digit number generated by a fob used by the person signing in..
    Rogers Bank has the usual user name and password and can also send a security code to your email address, which must be entered manually..

    When banks have client generated security numbers or they generate a security code and send it to the client for manual input. Now that some banks are requiring manually input security codes how can the Moneydance internal browser provide automated access?

  28. 28 Posted by dwg on 16 Feb, 2019 04:15 AM

    dwg's Avatar

    I would envisage the automation process would have to have the ability to prompt for the code to be entered. Not much else it could do with such a system.

  29. 29 Posted by rsmerrin on 16 Feb, 2019 09:01 PM

    rsmerrin's Avatar

    dwg what I see happening is that companies are getting more security conscious and making it more difficult to access their sites.

  30. 30 Posted by silvergreek on 19 Feb, 2019 04:32 PM

    silvergreek's Avatar

    I have been trying to connect to my fidelity acct. I used 3 different browsers. The fidelity screen keeps refreshing :, screen, blank screens, fidelity screes,. i cannot navigate to another screen. I really WANT to leave quicken 2016,

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