Elan Credit Card Completely broken (AGAIN)

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30 Sep, 2023 03:27 PM

The problems between Elan and Plaid continue to frustrate, but now it is broken to the point that I cannot even log in to my account. This has been going on for over a week now. Formerly, I could log in, but had to do it each time that I used Moneydance+ and I also had to answer a security question every time that I logged in. I tried deleting Elan and trying to reestablish, but I cannot log in.

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  1. 31 Posted by tiptonbob on 17 Jan, 2024 08:25 PM

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    Mine's working. Don't let them break it.

  2. 32 Posted by Roger Rice on 17 Jan, 2024 10:10 PM

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    I'm getting "no compatible accounts." And today's my birthday, I thought...just maybe.....

  3. 33 Posted by dtd on 18 Jan, 2024 03:26 AM

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    @Roger - when you get "no compatible accounts" - it's often worth going to the website and making sure they didn't disable "3rd party access" for any/all accounts. It happens more than I'd like to think about it.

  4. 34 Posted by Ambassador Dave on 23 Jan, 2024 02:52 AM

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    Update: I tried it a third time after the "Connectivity down" and voila, it worked. Entered my credentials in Plaid, got the 2FA text from Elan, put that in Plaid, refreshed in Moneydance, and verified I can download transactions again. Yay.

    Original comment:
    Tried setting it back up today, just getting "Connectivity down" for Elan from Plaid.

    @tiptonbob, hope yours is still working!

  5. 35 Posted by avp2 on 23 Jan, 2024 03:39 PM

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    I had same on previous try, but just now back to “no compatible accounts”.

  6. 36 Posted by tiptonbob on 26 Jan, 2024 08:49 PM

    tiptonbob's Avatar

    @Ambassador Dave

    Still working, I'm a happy camper.

  7. 37 Posted by Roger Rice on 26 Jan, 2024 10:43 PM

    Roger Rice's Avatar

    Still have "no compatible accounts" issue.

    Tried to find 'enable 3rd party access' as @dtd recommended but there is no option like that on the card's web site.

  8. 38 Posted by jcole01108 on 06 Feb, 2024 02:24 PM

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    Yes, I have the same issue: "no compatible accounts" and no switch exists that I can find to turn on 3rd party payments. So, I must download the file manually into the program. Not that time consuming, but still a pain.

  9. 39 Posted by Roger Rice on 16 Feb, 2024 12:59 PM

    Roger Rice's Avatar

    Is anyone still working on this? Or, has it been closed as "good enough" by Plaid and IK?

  10. 40 Posted by Roger Rice on 13 Mar, 2024 10:00 PM

    Roger Rice's Avatar

    I've been using MD for about 13 years or so.
    My experience with MD support has been as follows:
    I discover an issue with the software. Other than one time where it was a memory us problem that resulted in the config file and ability to update memory use, it is always a problem with downloading transactions.
    I come to the support forums and pose a well thought out, polite question about the broken funcationality.
    Others chime in with a similar complaint.
    MD then totally ignores the issue for months and months at a time. It was over a year with one of the issues before anyone ever bothered to reply.
    I come back once a month, once every two months and indicate that it is still a problem and am again completely ignored.
    Finally, after waiting with jobian patience, I blow up, and say some unkind or over the top comments about the support I'm receiving.
    Eventually, a nice MD support person acknowledges the problem. Once, the Kid himself screen shared with me for an hour.
    So, I'm still being nice. I'm still being calm.

    Can someone help with this problem?

  11. Support Staff 41 Posted by Maddy on 14 Mar, 2024 10:52 AM

    Maddy's Avatar

    Sorry for the lack of updates.

    Firstly, please stay reassured that we have created a support ticket as soon as the issue started (last October). Unfortunately these type of issues may require some time to be fully resolved.
    In their latest reply Plaid Support confirmed that there is an issue occurring during the submission of user credentials impacting ELAN CardMember Service - Credit Card Account Access. This is causing connections to encounter INVALID_CREDENTIALS despite the user entering valid credentials.

    This internal escalation has been triaged which means that their engineers are focusing on resolving this issue. I will update you here once we are able to provide an ETA or once a fix has been deployed.

    Our apologies for the continued delays and inconvenience this issue is still causing you.

    Maddy, Infinite Kind Support

  12. 42 Posted by avp2 on 14 Mar, 2024 04:22 PM

    avp2's Avatar

    This all started when Elan went to MFA. PLAID has phone type MFA, but does not support voice lines - only SMS. Since not everyone has SMS, this is problem 1 and belongs solely to PLAID. The bank (Mechanics BankI have which uses ELAN services for their cards shows the card transaction details on their website by somehow doing the MFA behind the scenes, so PLAID could too. In addition, ELAN may still support direct OFX connection as they did when I had one of their cards from US Bank. If they do, why not get that going and bypass PLAID. Finally, what i get from PLAID when trying to login is not “invalid credentials”. See attached screen shot. I get a message that credentials are good, but no compatible account is found.

  13. 43 Posted by tiptonbob on 18 Mar, 2024 07:44 PM

    tiptonbob's Avatar

    @ Maddie

    Failed to tag you on this. I don't know whether an edit will inform you or not, but maybe you could see what they broke around the 15th to the 18th of March.

    Well, crap. After several months of this provider working flawlessly for me, as of this morning, I cannot connect or download. Receiving this error message: "There was an error communicating with your financial institution. The details of this error are below.

    The error code reported by the server was: 0"

    I hope that in the attempts to fix it for everyone they didn't break it again for the rest of us.

  14. 44 Posted by dtd on 18 Mar, 2024 11:35 PM

    dtd's Avatar

    0 means you didn't connect at all. Maybe their server is down?

  15. 45 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 19 Mar, 2024 12:11 AM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar

    Same issue for 3 days

  16. 46 Posted by dtd on 19 Mar, 2024 12:12 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    well, that's not good, of course.

  17. 47 Posted by Ambassador Dave on 19 Mar, 2024 01:59 AM

    Ambassador Dave's Avatar

    Happening to me too.

    If I go to "Set Up Moneydance+" Elan CardMember Service shows "Connected". Yet if I try to Download the specific account Moneydance offers to "Open www.myaccountaccess.com in browser" or "Set Up Online Banking" as if it was never setup. Other accounts are downloading fine, in bulk and individually.

  18. 48 Posted by dtd on 19 Mar, 2024 03:11 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    Hmmm - I had that recently (two days ago) with Commerce Bank as they forced me to move to 2FA... when I went to MD a day later, MD+ said I had to reconnect to Commerce Bank, I did so, going through 2FA and so on.

    Then nothing worked, and I saw the "open commerceblahblah.com" or Setup online banking - in my case I went to setup online banking, hit reconnect or relink or something like that, and it walked me through a reconnect and started working again.

    Have no idea about Elan of course, but that was my similar experience very recently.

  19. 49 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 19 Mar, 2024 03:31 PM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar

    Spoke with Elan and they are pointing me to Moneydance, posted on Moneydance, and the point to Plaid, try to contact Plaid, and they say talk to Moneydance. How to keep an idiot busy :) Seems paying for a service that does not work is becoming the norm these days. I wish someone would own this problem.

  20. 50 Posted by dtd on 19 Mar, 2024 11:42 PM

    dtd's Avatar

    Hmmm... someone please explain Elan Financial Services to me more completely as I don't have anything "by Elan". My impression is that EFS has Elan cards, but also has cards with other credit unions and also Fidelity....

    Do you pick Elan specifically in MD+ or do you pick the brand card (like the credit union, etc) when trying to connect via MD+? If you do have a brand card, does it possibly work with OFX?

    Just trying to get more info than just trying to google it - of course no one addresses this part of the topic.

  21. 51 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 20 Mar, 2024 12:57 AM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar

    Elan sells card services to other companies, for example Fidelity is not a Bank, but a Brokerage, so apparently they can not legally have their own card, but do offer a Fidelity branded card through Elan. (Plausible deniability). Elan is the lowest bidder I'm assuming, because their site is some stone age level stuff. Of course none of this is made transparent to you when you are marketed a Fidelity Card. Elan does not offer direct connect like Fidelity so one must use a third party data aggregation service (Plaid), of course one can't talk to Plaid, you have to go through the Software that integrates Plaid, Moneydance.

    In a nut shell a Fidelity branded card, serviced by Elan, aggregated by plaid, for presentation in Moneydance. What could possibly go wrong? The only ones in the dark are us poor suckers that thought we were dealing directly with Fidelity.

  22. 52 Posted by dtd on 20 Mar, 2024 01:05 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    And Fidelity brokerage still offers OFX. (who knows how much longer)

    And Fidelity doesn't work with Plaid AT ALL, since Fidelity insists on clients using Akoya (owned by Fidelity) as an aggregator.

    There are definitely many fights going on in the financial industry. The only thing certain is no one cares about the client/customer at all. Nor does anyone inform their clients.

  23. 53 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 20 Mar, 2024 10:16 AM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar

    I run Quicken along side Moneydance, (after a long USAA problem) because I have little confidence in either program to reliably present all of my connections consistently. Elan was also broken in Quicken for 1 day, but repaired by Quicken and now works. Consistently Plaid delivers my transactions 3-4 days after Quicken does, if at all. Not just from Elan, but from all connections. USAA, Fidelity, Chase, Elan Financial, NetBenefits. Of course aggregators Akoya, and Empower (I think Yodlee) seem to be consistantly working with small 1 day outages here and there. It seems we are to remain isolated from our data, and using financial software on our own machines.

  24. 54 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 21 Mar, 2024 01:03 AM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar


    Thank you for contacting Cardmember Service via our website about your Fidelity RewardsÂ:registered: Visa SignatureÂ:registered: account ending in 6110.

    We understand you would like your account linked to a third party. Unfortunately, for security purposes we are unable to link your account to a third-party vendor. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this matter may have created for you.

    You may download your transaction data to the following programs:

    • Microsoft Excel
    • Quicken
    • QuickBooks

    To complete this process, please click the Download Transactions link in the Account Summary section. If you are unable to view the link, please maximize your browser window. On the next page, choose the software you are using and the dates to download. Click Download. Up to the last 18 months of transaction data can be downloaded.

    If you are experiencing problems with your download, please call our Technical Support department at 877-334-0460 (we accept relay calls). This department is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If possible, please be logged in to your computer when you call so that our representative can better assist you.

    If you have further questions or concerns about your account, please contact us again.


    Courtney B.
    Cardmember Service Advisor

  25. 55 Posted by dtd on 21 Mar, 2024 01:39 AM

    dtd's Avatar

    "Security concerns" means use Akoya or someone willing to go through Akoya.

    Let me see if I can dig up a reddit message I thought was informative...

    well, not really, but there is a ton of discussion of Akoya and the fact Fidelity won't support the open OAuth standard.

  26. 56 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 21 Mar, 2024 10:27 AM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar

    It's infuriating to have something working for years, and they it just stops with no warning, and complete denial that it ever did by the providers. Don't believe your lying eyes.

  27. 57 Posted by Scott on 22 Mar, 2024 02:03 PM

    Scott's Avatar

    I called Elan Financial today about this same issue with my Fidelity Rewards Visa and they told me they quit supporting Plaid, and their only download platform supported now is Quicken. I told them to put a hold on my cards and I will come back and close my account after all the transactions have cleared and I redeem my reward points. Shame on Fidelity and Elan Financial for shutting down open banking, and supporting the monopoly of Quicken.

  28. 58 Posted by robert.l.spauld... on 22 Mar, 2024 05:58 PM

    robert.l.spaulding's Avatar

    Good call, I closed mine yesterday. Their bi-polar support policy is ridiculous.

  29. 59 Posted by tiptonbob on 22 Mar, 2024 09:08 PM

    tiptonbob's Avatar

    Doesn't Quicken use OFX? Can we connect from Moneydance without Plaid?

  30. 60 Posted by dtd on 22 Mar, 2024 09:23 PM

    dtd's Avatar

    You can connect to Fidelity Brokerage (investments) via OFX within Moneydance.

    The Fidelity Credit Card isn't really Fidelity, it's Elan. And Elan doesn't use OFX as best I can tell. Whether Elan uses Akoya or not, I don't know. But obviously Elan and Quicken have struck some sort of relationship deal.

    Quicken does have more than OFX, they also have a proprietary system that basically gives them access to anyone's data (but of course they promise not to use it), and they also cut deals to get access to other systems as well.

    So, yes Fidelity itself still supports OFX (again, who knows how much longer), but things like "their" credit card goes through a different process (Elan).

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