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05 Oct, 2018 05:05 PM

my bank has upgraded (WECU) and i have had to change my password to access my accounts on the web.
at the same time, i can no longer access my transactions through direct connect.
WECU says that direct connect is functional at the bank, Moneydance does not let me change my password for each account.
so i never can connect.
why does Moneydance not have a way to manually enter the password.
I have already communicated with Henry and Ian there, but still no resolve.
they blame the bank, but to me it seems obvious that the password is a major issue.

  1. 1 Posted by sth on 05 Oct, 2018 10:13 PM

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    The easiest obvious thing is to delete the Online banking info and then set it up. When MD asks, tell it is is a new connection which will force the download of new info about the connection

  2. 2 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 10:31 PM

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    how, exactly, do i go about doing that.
     what happens to the years of accumulated information i have in my accounts at this point?
    is there a procedure i can follow to do that, or do i do this blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back?

  3. 3 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 10:31 PM

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    where, in Moneydace do i delete the online banking info?

  4. 4 Posted by dwg on 05 Oct, 2018 11:02 PM

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    You left out tying up your feet, we don't want those toes to lose control :)

    You are not touching your data when you delete the online banking info you are only removing the information on how you automatically connect to the institution.

    This is copied from another post.

    1. Select your bank account in Moneydance

    2. Select the Online->Setup Online Banking button/menu

    3. Click the "Disable" button. If you don't see a disable button, just close the setup window.

    4. Repeat the previous steps for any additional accounts at the same institution.
    5. Select the Online->Setup Online Banking button/menu (again)

    6. Click the "New Connection" button and select your bank and hit OK
    7. Continue with the setup process, entering your username/password


    Make sure you pick new connection, even though your bank is still one of the connection choices after you disable it. Choosing your bank from the list of available banks will force Moneydance to download the updated information, which should then allow you to connect.

  5. 5 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:28 PM

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    there is NO
    disable button anywhere in that menu.
    does that mean that there is no online account for that account?
    i have tried the “new connection” bit before, and still no way to enter a pw.
     moneydance just takes over as if it knows what to do and just does it.

  6. 6 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:39 PM

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    Moneydance now has most of the information needed to connect to your financial institution for this account. Click the 'Finish' button below to complete the process.

  7. 7 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:39 PM

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    i am thinking that because the online setup is there already, is what i don’t get the “disable”dialogue box

  8. 8 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:40 PM

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    when i choose the set up online banking i go immediately to the window with the below and when i choose new connection

    if i put in my ID it doesn’t work, if i put in my pw it doesn’t work.and when i hit finish, nothing happens, when i try to do a download, it does not see the account as even trying to download as if it doesn’t exist . big problem

    Moneydance now has most of the information needed to connect to your financial institution for this account. Click the 'Finish' button below to complete the process.

  9. 9 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:40 PM

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    and when any of those dialogue boxes are open, there is absolutely nothing that you can do from the Moneydance menu or Moneydance window

  10. 10 Posted by dwg on 05 Oct, 2018 11:44 PM

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    It is possible that whatever Henry and Ian had you do removed the connection information hence the lack of a button.

    At this stage two possibilities come to mind.

    1. If you do not take your time steps can be missed, simply because Moneydance needs to wait for information to come back from the bank's server and it is extremely easy to click pass it, we see that a lot when it comes to mapping the account to the Moneydance register. Having just seen your latest post it doesn't look like it is this.

    2. There may be residual information about your bank in the data file thus confusing the software and not allowing it to do a setup from scratch. I have seen a script that can clean this information out, alas I do not have a pointer for it.

  11. 11 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:46 PM

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    this must be what it is.
    is this information in the library file for Moneydance?

  12. 12 Posted by rbiciunas on 05 Oct, 2018 11:58 PM

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    my bank WECU, is paying this: does that mean that the problem is at my bank?
     still doesn’t explain the lack f the disable button.

    I did get confirmation that Direct Connect is supported, however, it does take the new connection about 5 business days to get set up between WECU and Intuit. It will be ready on October 9th.
    Please send me a message if you are not able to get it working on the 9th.
    Thank you for your patience,

  13. 13 Posted by rbiciunas on 06 Oct, 2018 12:00 AM

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    It is the process of switching/setting up Direct Connect to WECU’s new system. The process cannot start until the old system is offline which is why the 5 days of it being down.
    The new connection will be ready on the 9th. It has nothing to do with your set up, it is just the process Intuit has in these types of conversions.

  14. 14 Posted by rbiciunas on 09 Oct, 2018 06:18 PM

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    well, here it is on the ninth of October.
    still unable to delete my online accounts which no longer work.
    this is both a Moneydance and a bank problem.
    Moneydance because it presumes that whatever i set up for an account in the past is what is needed and offers no possibility of changing or deleting it. one of the above suggestions appear only to work with an account that is actually operational.

  15. 15 Posted by rbiciunas on 09 Oct, 2018 08:42 PM

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    i still cannot make an online account for my accounts for one bank.
    the process is still automatic as far as Moneydance is concerned and accomplishes nothing.
     Please help me.
    i need to be able to delete the online account that was in existence on Moneydance for years but no longer works because of the password change?
    if i was able to set up online accounts anew, maybe i would have a chance to connect.
    i feel so frustrated.

  16. 16 Posted by dwg on 09 Oct, 2018 10:32 PM

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    The script for removing a service can be found in the following thread:

    It should not be necessary to install the old Python extension when using Moneydance 2017

  17. 17 Posted by rbiciunas on 09 Oct, 2018 10:42 PM

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    ok. thanks. this looks like we are getting somewhere.
    which part do i paste into python script? are the things in parentheses supposed to be names of things? please help me here.
    when i put root =moneydance.getCurrentAccountBook() are the ones below that all added? one of them?
    another dumb question, if i may: why does one have to use programming language to do such a simple thing?
    from javax.swing import *

    root = moneydance.getCurrentAccountBook()
    onlineInfo = root.getOnlineInfo()
    storage = root.getLocalStorage()
    serviceList = onlineInfo.getAllServices()
    services = []

    for s in serviceList:

    selectedValue = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(None, "Select a service to delete", "Select a Service to Delete", JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE, None, services, services[0])

      service = serviceList[services.index(selectedValue)]
      prefix = service.getAuthenticationCachePrefix()
      print "Connection information successfully removed."

  18. 18 Posted by rbiciunas on 09 Oct, 2018 11:19 PM

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    now i get this after running the script:
    Error running script: Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/Users/migo/Downloads/", line 16, in <module>
        prefix = service.getAuthenticationCachePrefix()
    AttributeError: 'com.infinitekind.moneydance.model.OnlineService' object has no attribute 'getAuthenticationCachePrefix'

  19. 19 Posted by dwg on 10 Oct, 2018 03:33 AM

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    If I recall correctly there was a problem running the script in some earlier builds of Moneydance 2017 and necessitating installing the old python extension and using that but more recent build are supposed to correct that issue, but it appears you are running the latest stable release so I'm at a loss for what the issue might be, perhaps another user or support can assist you further

  20. 20 Posted by Ian O on 10 Oct, 2018 12:40 PM

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    Hi All,

    Sorry to hear of the issue you have had connecting with WECU. I have added a new connection to our list of supported banks. This should be available for selection now. The connection is called 'WECU Direct Connect'. Can you try reconnecting with your bank via this new connection and let me know how you get on?

    Ian O
    Infinite Kind Support

  21. 21 Posted by rbiciunas on 11 Oct, 2018 05:27 PM

    rbiciunas's Avatar

    this basically solved my problem. it was the bank's issue to begin with, as they had nott yet set up direct connect, even though i was told that it was done.
    thanks for all of your help. i appreciate your support.

  22. 22 Posted by Ian O on 12 Oct, 2018 08:04 AM

    Ian O's Avatar

    No problem Jerimy, glad to hear everything is working! I'll close this discussion for now, but don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have further questions or need any assistance.

    Ian O
    Infinite Kind Support

  23. Ian O closed this discussion on 12 Oct, 2018 08:04 AM.

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