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rex young

14 Jan, 2021 11:39 PM

I have several categories where I use Ie. hairdresser for myself and a hairdresser for my wife. After selecting the category I want to post the dollar amount to the program has selected the category for my wife. This happens on other occasions where I have multiple categories for both myself an my wife.
regards Rex Young.

  1. 1 Posted by mhoggie on 15 Jan, 2021 12:06 AM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    Are you downloading the transaction or entering manually?

  2. 2 Posted by (pat.y) on 15 Jan, 2021 04:36 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    I enter manually, ie. First Date –then eftpos enter- creditors name enter- find category from list enter- this is when the problems appears . this occurs when I need different categories for an account on a single transaction

    Many thanks Rex Young

  3. 3 Posted by mhoggie on 15 Jan, 2021 02:08 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    If I understand correctly, you want to enter multiple categories for the same transaction. If that is the case, then click the category field and up at the top you will find "Split". That will pop out another window where you can add categories as needed and split up the charges to each

  4. 4 Posted by (pat.y) on 15 Jan, 2021 08:40 PM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    Thank you for your reply. I have no trouble when using the split section . The trouble is when using a single posting that the system will sometimes ignore the highlighted required category and pop up with a category from a previous posting from this creditor.

    Regards Rex young

  5. 5 Posted by mhoggie on 15 Jan, 2021 10:32 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    So if I understand, you manually enter a transaction, enter the date, description, and select the correct category, then the amount. But when you hit enter, the previously selected category changes to something else ?

  6. 6 Posted by (pat.y) on 16 Jan, 2021 04:43 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    Correct. After entering the category and moving the curser to fill the monetary value of the transaction in, it returns to a previous transaction complete with the monetary value of that transaction. So you delete the problem category and return to the category list and highlight the required category. Then delete the incorrect monetary value replacing it with the new value and carry on. It means that some transactions have to be done twice.

    Regards Rex Young

  7. 7 Posted by dwg on 16 Jan, 2021 04:49 AM

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    Try entering the Description/payee last.

  8. 8 Posted by mhoggie on 16 Jan, 2021 05:12 AM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    OK, I think I can recreate your issue. I rarely enter transactions manually, so I haven't noticed this issue. It appears to me the problem only occurs if you tab back through the description a second time. The first time you enter a description MD searches past descriptions and if it finds a match it will populate the past category and amount. If you change the category and amount without returning to the description and then press enter, then everything stays as you selected. But if you tab past the amount back to the description, it will change the category back to the match it found previously, but strangely it will leave your amount as you set. I think that is a bug because once you change the category, MD should not search again for matching transactions even if you tab though everything multiple times. Not sure what OS and version you are using, so you may be having a different issue, but from the way it works on my Win10 64bit build 3034, you could avoid the problem by entering the transaction without returning to the description field. Then it should keep what you set. See if it works that way for you.

  9. 9 Posted by (pat.y) on 16 Jan, 2021 07:22 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    Many thanks, but the problem still remains regardless of the sequence you enter the transaction. The program thinks it knows best and overrides my selection of the required category complete with the amount of a previous entry so have to restart by re highlighting my selection again and deleting the old dollar amount and replacing with new amount Many Thanks For Your Help Rex Young

  10. 10 Posted by mhoggie on 16 Jan, 2021 02:13 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    That is just very strange. Especially that it will overwrite your category and amount the first time, but not the second time when you notice and correct the entries. That probably means something to one of the support staffers.

  11. 11 Posted by (pat.y) on 16 Jan, 2021 07:35 PM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    Could this be a problem with the program ?

    Man thanks for your assistance

  12. 12 Posted by mhoggie on 17 Jan, 2021 05:41 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    Your problem is interesting. That would be a big problem if everyone is affected the same. I see from the posts that there are a lot of folks who post everything manually like you do. But I haven't seen any complaints like yours. I'm wondering if the problem is due to the OS on your PC, or a specific version of MD. Could you share your OS and MD version?

  13. 13 Posted by (pat.y) on 17 Jan, 2021 09:24 PM (pat.y)'s Avatar


    The OS on my PC is windows 10 and I keep up to date with any updates that I am aware of .

    The problem is when I enter from an account to a specific category for the first time it is ok but at a later date when using the same account and want to post to a different category the problem starts . After highlighting the new category and proceeding to post the amount the computer reverts to the previous category that had been posted to the original account, requiring going back to the category list an re highlighting the required category for the second time allowing to proceed as required.

    Regards Rex Young

  14. 14 Posted by mhoggie on 17 Jan, 2021 10:07 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    OK, the first time you use a description, MD can't find anything in history. But the next time you use that description in that same account, it will automatically set the previous category and amount once you tab or click to the next field. But once you change the category and amount, it should not change unless you tab or click on the description field again which causes MD to search past transactions again. So if you hit enter after setting the correct category and amount, it should all stay the same. That seems to be the way it works on my win 10 version 3034.

  15. 15 Posted by (pat.y) on 17 Jan, 2021 10:49 PM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    We are making progress. I start by Selecting the required account, highlight required category, tab to post amount all ok. Select same account and select a different category tab to post amount to and the previous category appears with the amount of the previous transaction appears, .on returning to the category list the original required category is still highlighted. Re tab the required category and continue as required in the normal way. I have had this problem for quite some time but I am starting to become a little frustrated with having to do some transaction twice.

    Have a good day.

  16. 16 Posted by mhoggie on 18 Jan, 2021 02:55 AM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    Ok, let me describe how I enter transactions.
    First, I open the register in the proper account, Checking or Credit card let's say.
    Then , I click on "new transaction".
    I enter the date, check number if needed, then the description (if MD finds a recent transaction with the same description it will auto populate the category and amount field.)
    Then I either accept the matched category or select a different one.
    Then I update the amount and hit enter.

    Now for another transaction in the same account.
    I click on new transaction,
    Then I enter the date, check number, then the description (if it is the same as the previous entered one it will auto populate the category and amount field.)
    Then I either accept the matched category or select a different one.
    Then I update the amount and hit enter.

    Is that the sequence you are using?

  17. 17 Posted by (pat.y) on 18 Jan, 2021 08:22 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    I do exactly the procedure that you have described

    But the problem is when you. do a second transaction on the same account

    You follow the same procedure as the first entry

    When you highlight a different category and proceed to enter the amount the program will revert to the previous category from the same account

    On having to go back the category list and you find the required category is still highlighted

      Again Press enter on this highlighted category

    The category is correct but the amount of the previous entry is still present

    Have to delete that total and replace with the new correct total and then can carry on

  18. 18 Posted by mhoggie on 18 Jan, 2021 03:28 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    OK, this is what puzzles me. The category you just selected from the dropdown is in the category field which you are still active in. But as soon as you click or tab to the amount field, the category field reverts to the previous category? Is that correct?

  19. 19 Posted by (pat.y) on 18 Jan, 2021 07:18 PM (pat.y)'s Avatar


    THAT IS CORRECT. From: mhoggie [mailto:[email blocked]]

  20. 20 Posted by mhoggie on 18 Jan, 2021 09:07 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    I'm thinking you have something wrong with your specific installation. MD uses Java code and it should function the same on any PC with the same OS and Java level. I've not seen anyone else complaining of that specific issue and I know there are many that manually add transactions as you describe. Having the category change like that would be a big deal to most. Maybe someone else will chime in, but I would consider backing up the database , removing/reinstalling MD, and restoring my database.

  21. 21 Posted by dwg on 18 Jan, 2021 09:11 PM

    dwg's Avatar

    I'm fellow user.

    I've tried it and the only time I have managed to get the category to revert was if I re-selected that field to activate the drop down then it reverted to the original value.

  22. 22 Posted by (pat.y) on 18 Jan, 2021 11:10 PM (pat.y)'s Avatar


    Hairdresser Category personal exp. Pat enter amount $70 Save transaction YES All good

    Different date new transaction Hairdresser category Personal exp. Rex highlight the designated category all good then go to enter amount and the program reverts to personal exp. Pat $70 not good

    Have to go back to category list and re highlight personal exp. Rex enter .

    Then have to delete the $70 and replace with the correct amount save transaction YES all good

  23. 23 Posted by mhoggie on 18 Jan, 2021 11:22 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    Is this a checking account, credit card account, or just cash?
    Might make a difference, but shouldn't be doing what you are seeing.

  24. 24 Posted by mhoggie on 18 Jan, 2021 11:41 PM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    also another thought. I did notice when in the dropdown, a category may be highlighted, but not selected unless you click it. But if you are seeing the proper category in the category field when you tab to amount and then it changes. That's not good. Also some unrelated things you can mess with. If you hold the down arrow down when in the description field, it will show possible selections. Also you can use the search field at the top to enter a transaction quickly but typing the description and the amount and MD will try to guess the correct category. Also you can set your preferences to be case sensitive so Hair Dresser would be different than hair dresser.

  25. 25 Posted by (pat.y) on 19 Jan, 2021 02:08 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar


    Your suggestion works. But I have an account that requires me to use several categories when posting to, so it becomes a pain if I need to spell it several ways for the program to function as I require.

    We are making progress . I am begging to think the program has a small problem

    Regards Rex Young

  26. 26 Posted by mhoggie on 19 Jan, 2021 02:27 AM

    mhoggie's Avatar

    just a user,

    I think your right, but for some reason it may be specific to your installation because I don't see any one else complaining. That's why I suggested a remove/install after backing up your database

  27. 27 Posted by (pat.y) on 19 Jan, 2021 03:35 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    Hi again,

    It may be that no one requires it to operate as I require or maybe they are just like me and put up with it until an updated version is available.

    Once again many thanks for you valuable assistance.

    Rex Young

  28. 28 Posted by (pat.y) on 19 Jan, 2021 03:39 AM (pat.y)'s Avatar

    Hi. A bit late but it makes no difference whether it isa credit card or any of the other selections.


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