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15 Apr, 2024 01:48 PM

Not working 4/15/2024 ?

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  1. 31 Posted by jgfolsom on 19 Apr, 2024 12:17 AM

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    I can get most of my quotes from FT, but this doesn't seem to include historic data (my previous update was 4/6/24). If I change to "FT HD", all quotes are zeroes...

    Any advice for me?

    Thanks, BTW, for this extension. It's been very helpful.

  2. 32 Posted by dwg on 19 Apr, 2024 02:47 AM

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    FT HD does not do historic share prices only funds

  3. 33 Posted by derekkent23 on 19 Apr, 2024 07:41 AM

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    I am not support staff, just a user.
    Hi jgfolsom

    Dwg is correct about FT HD
    However you state “I can get most of my quotes from FT”
    If any NEW PRICE are red there is still work to be done.
    If this is the case post a screen shot of the of the Quote Loader window after you click GET PRICES.

    Have Fun, Stay Safe

  4. 34 Posted by Markus on 22 Apr, 2024 10:39 PM

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    It has not been working for the past three weeks!
    Especially when BTC was halving :P

    Anyways dissapointed. Although reading multiple resolutions from google request to change to FT or FT HD does not work as I invest across globally. E.g. 1583.KL ticker represent Malaysian Stocks and when change from Yahoo to FT somehow it end up taking Phillipines stock???

    So please fixed ASAP reason from switching from Lousy Banktivity to MoneyDance which I did a lot of manual reconciliation against my investment!

  5. 35 Posted by dtd on 22 Apr, 2024 11:02 PM

    dtd's Avatar

    @Markus - you seem to think Moneydance or Quote Loader is at fault here.

    The fact is that Yahoo changed their website structure, so blame Yahoo.

    Work is being done as quickly as possible to alleviate what Yahoo has done.

  6. 36 Posted by Mark Twain on 22 Apr, 2024 11:43 PM

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    I am asking it to be resolved as soon as possible!

  7. 37 Posted by sth on 23 Apr, 2024 02:32 AM

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    Y'all do realize that Quote Loader is a third party extension? This means it is not part of MD and not paid for. You are asking for someone to spend a significant amount of time. Actually the tone here is "demanding".

    I think it would be great if you showed appreciation to Mike and Derrek for the work they have done for you so far. For free. There have been some who have expressed appreciation and that is great.

    Further, all y'all need to realize that any restrictions on the data supplied by FT and Yahoo are reflected in Quote Loader. Nobody here has a magic wand to create a free, accurate and convenient machine readable downloader for quotes.

    So chill y'all and let the developers of this extension work on their own schedule and have time for friends, family, and hobbies. They will get to it in a reasonable amount of time. Or feel free to make your own extension.

    (NOT IK Support, Not QL developer, Long time MD user, scientist, software writer)

  8. 38 Posted by Mark Twain on 23 Apr, 2024 02:48 AM

    Mark Twain's Avatar

    Hello is this support where the ticket number is created to address the
    issue mentioned on the software I bought?

    I click help for support from infinitekind or it end up to some shady spam?

  9. 39 Posted by sth on 23 Apr, 2024 02:57 AM

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    @Sam Clemens, This is a legitimate support forum with some support staff (not me) and a lot of experience users who are very willing to help share knowledge and workarounds for issues. That being said, it is public and I would not open post my account numbers and passwords.

    Ticket numbers can only be created by actual support staff when there is a verified need. Support staff have "orange" bars for their name instead of the grey ones.

    (NOT IK Support)

  10. 40 Posted by rogersdan on 23 Apr, 2024 11:31 AM

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    I understand Mr. Twains frustration and am a little tired of hearing Quote Loader is a third party extension offered gratis by the developer.  Please note that Investment Tracking on on the Infinite Kind home page that markets Moneydance, is listed as an easy to use feature.  No where does it say that the Investment information may or may not be available depending on the abilities of a third party developer.  I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Bray et al for their efforts but MD needs to take responsibility for delivering investment information as stated in their marketing.
        On Monday, April 22, 2024, 10:48:18 PM EDT, Mark Twain <[email blocked]> wrote:

  11. 41 Posted by rogersdan on 23 Apr, 2024 11:36 AM

    rogersdan's Avatar

    Dear STH, On the MD home page Investment tracking is highlighted as one of the features.  I don't care how MD provides this feature, but it is a little disingenuous to claim that "... it is not part of MD and not paid for."  As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I paid for when I subscribed.  
        On Monday, April 22, 2024, 10:33:02 PM EDT, sth <[email blocked]> wrote:

  12. 42 Posted by dwg on 23 Apr, 2024 11:54 AM

    dwg's Avatar

    If you do not wish to use a third party tool i.e. Quote Loader, to load quotes then the alternative is to use the extension maintained by the Moneydance staff themselves. This is the Quotes and Exchange Rates Extension.

    The choice is yours.

  13. 43 Posted by rogersdan on 23 Apr, 2024 12:04 PM

    rogersdan's Avatar

    DWG,  I switched to Quote Loader (manual) because the Quotes and Exchange Rates Extension didn't work and I contacted TIK but couldn't resolve the problem.  Still doesn't work - not a single security I own updates when I use the your in-house feature.  Happy to return to it if I can get it to work. 

        On Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 07:54:38 AM EDT, dwg <[email blocked]> wrote:

  14. 44 Posted by rogersdan on 23 Apr, 2024 12:10 PM

    rogersdan's Avatar

    Follow up - when I run a test of "Quotes ....Rates" I get error for every security - see enclosed.

        On Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 07:54:38 AM EDT, dwg <[email blocked]> wrote:

  15. 45 Posted by dwg on 23 Apr, 2024 12:50 PM

    dwg's Avatar

    Both extensions have the same problem with Yahoo quotes. They fundamentally get the data in the same way, so any change Yahoo makes will break both.

    Moneydance staff will have to provide updates on the status of getting a revised Q & ER extension., I have no information on that Extension.

    I expect we will have a revised Quote Loader in the near future, testing is going well.

    The third party sites like Yahoo and FT are outside of Moneydance's control and can be changed at any time by their owners. I always suggest that people have a fall back method to get quote and exchange rates and load them into Moneydance, for example if could be a Yahoo portfolio, downloads from your broker etc.

    There are extensions that will load prices/quotes from CSV files.

  16. 46 Posted by rogersdan on 23 Apr, 2024 12:59 PM

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    I get it, but the Q&R extension from MD has never worked (NEVER)
    for me, which Is why I switched to Quote Loader in the first place.

  17. 47 Posted by DrgnMastr on 23 Apr, 2024 01:02 PM

    DrgnMastr's Avatar

    Might I suggest we tone this down a whole lot.

    Invest tracking was provided from the onset, but the sources for the information were out of IK hands. Whenever a source (such as Yahoo or FT) changes its 'output' or 'API', anything using it will likely get broken, as we have seen.

    Once a source breaks, it takes TIME, patience, and coding changes and testing to anything using the source. Yahoo finance certainly doesn't provide clear documentation to their changes let alone warning. Prior to the start time of this discussion thread, everything was actually working. Yahoo finance changed its format and back end, so it broke anything relying on Yahoo.

    To make matters worse, the timing coincided with a MK upgrade. *sigh*

    My deepest thanks to Mike Bray and his associates for the development of Quote Loader, which is a massive improvement over the IK provided Q & ER extension. I don't know Mike, but I do know he does this on his own spare time at no charge to us, so PLEASE be patient with him, and not rude to him. I, for one, would be more than happy to pay for this extension, as for me, it is invaluable.

  18. 48 Posted by DrgnMastr on 23 Apr, 2024 01:05 PM

    DrgnMastr's Avatar


    The Q&R extension from MD did work but got broken along the way. QL was available by then and had many invaluable extras, which is why I switched. Haven't regretted it for a second.

  19. 49 Posted by DrgnMastr on 23 Apr, 2024 01:09 PM

    DrgnMastr's Avatar


    You state "There are extensions that will load prices/quotes from CSV files." Which extensions? I have about 20 funds that are not available on either Yahoo or FT, that I enter manually Saturday mornings. I have them in a MorningStar portfolio, as Morningstar seems to get the pricing somewhere. I can export from there, but have never found an extension in MD that I could make work with it.

  20. 50 Posted by rogersdan on 23 Apr, 2024 01:16 PM

    rogersdan's Avatar

    DrgnMastr, I first started using MD in 2015, couldn't get reliable quotes so I switched to Banktivity - and over time had similar problems so I switched back. While you say that the MD "Q & ER" got broke along the way, I am saying that it never worked for me and I have emails back to 2015 as evidence of my attempts to get it working. I appreciate Mike Bray's efforts but ultimately MD has to take ownership of this problem.

  21. 51 Posted by -Kevin N. on 23 Apr, 2024 01:39 PM

    -Kevin N.'s Avatar

    Hi DrgnMstr,

    Re: Importing your Morningstar csv quotes file.
    Look to Mike Bray's Security Price Load or Security History Load extensions.

    -Kevin N. (not a member of Moneydance Support)

  22. 52 Posted by derekkent23 on 23 Apr, 2024 01:49 PM

    derekkent23's Avatar

    I am not support staff, just a user
    Hi DrgnMastr

    Mike Bray has two third party extensions he created.

    Securitypriceload.mxt and securityhistoryload.mxt

    Both can be used to import properly formatted CSV files into Moneydance. Take a look at Mikes github site and the Wiki there:


    They are not to be found under Extensions - Manage Extensions

    I use them from time to time.

    Have Fun, Stay Safe.

  23. 53 Posted by sth on 23 Apr, 2024 11:37 PM

    sth's Avatar

    Just a comment on QL. It works well and I have switched all my quotes from Yahoo to FT (or FT-HD) as appropriate. However some of the FT quotes have a date in the future (at least US-East coast future). I got prices using QL @ 7:30 EST (0:30 London time) and all are today 4/23 a few have not updated and are listed as 4/22. ONE however is listed as tomorrow price 4/24. This Berkshire Hathaway B.

    As you can see from the screen shot, I changed from BRK-B for Yahoo to BRK.B for FT. Other than that, it should be the same as any of my other stocks (not mutual funds which are FT-HD)

  24. 54 Posted by Mike Bray (Quot... on 24 Apr, 2024 10:54 AM

    Mike Bray (Quote Loader Author)'s Avatar

    Thanks sth, interesting the date on ft.com is Apr 24, 2024. Should I default to today if the date is in the future?

  25. 55 Posted by sth on 24 Apr, 2024 01:22 PM

    sth's Avatar

    I guess. It should default to the date of the market close? But FT may not be listing that. It seems to only be some stocks, which is weird. It may just be an FT screwup and not much to do, but I keep having to edit the date, so it is annoying.

    I would at least keep it from being later than the local time/date?

  26. 56 Posted by Mike Bray (Quot... on 25 Apr, 2024 10:49 AM

    Mike Bray (Quote Loader Author)'s Avatar

    Can you view the web page when this happens to see if it is the page or
    my code. If you are using FT then the date is the line of small text
    under the price

  27. 57 Posted by sth on 26 Apr, 2024 01:59 AM

    sth's Avatar

    @Mike B. I don't see a date on FT? I am looking at BRK.B (but I am also seeing it on other securities sort of randomly. Today it happened on almost all stocks (at 9:45 PM EST). And a few ETFs as well (GLW, SCHD, ING:NYCON and T)

    If i look at FT for BRK.B I see the following on the page. I don't see a date below the price (in small font otherwise. I am using the Safari browser, Mac OS Sonoma.

  28. 58 Posted by sth on 26 Apr, 2024 02:03 AM

    sth's Avatar

    @Mike B, thanks for maintaining QL and I realize that having Yahoo break everything was not on your todo list for this month!

  29. 59 Posted by derekkent23 on 26 Apr, 2024 08:17 AM

    derekkent23's Avatar

    Now you see it, now you don’t. Or rather now you do.

  30. 60 Posted by Mike Bray (Quot... on 26 Apr, 2024 09:26 AM

    Mike Bray (Quote Loader Author)'s Avatar

    Interesting, is it possible that you are using different servers.
    Global suppliers can have sets of servers around the world and use your
    IP address to route your request to the closest servers.

    On 26/04/2024 09:17, derekkent23 wrote:

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