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30 May, 2022 07:53 AM

Hello Stu,

Suggestions for Custom Balances:

Since each row is identified by a row number, perhaps better to also display the row number against each item.

Ideally, would be nice to click on one of those items - and to get into its transaction window. However, I realise there may be multiple accounts added and this is not possible/practical - except for a report.

In the configuration, re. bottom window with list of accounts - and selected accounts highlighted.

With an extensive list of accounts - and multiple accounts selected, it is not easy to identify which accounts were selected and to be sure of the list. I think a split window option ( either left and right - or top and bottom ) would perhaps provide more clarity to the user.

In the case of a "left and right window" option, it would be similar to the accounts adding area in the GRAPHS & REPORTS feature of moneydance. But this would include the same search/filter field as well - to make it easier to find and add them.

Additionally, in configuration, would be good if double-clicking an account/category would open the transactions window for that account/category. This will indirectly address point #2 I suppose.

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  1. 31 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 10 Nov, 2022 12:59 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    Latest uploaded just now

  2. 32 Posted by RJron on 11 Nov, 2022 01:48 AM

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  3. 33 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 11 Nov, 2022 07:50 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    Latest and (hopefully) final version uploaded.

  4. 34 Posted by RJron on 12 Nov, 2022 04:20 AM

    RJron's Avatar

    Thanks. Installed and working fine. I can see some changes in the options.

    Tried to look for a .py file for 'custom balances' - had to dig a bit but
    finally found it..

  5. 35 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 17 Nov, 2022 08:51 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    All extensions have now been signed... Grab from my site:



  6. 36 Posted by RJron on 17 Nov, 2022 08:57 AM

    RJron's Avatar

    great. Will get that shortly. The red thing was an eyesore but I preferred to have it there and remind me of it..

  7. 37 Posted by dtd on 17 Nov, 2022 05:31 PM

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    Stuart - are they available from MD itself (Update Extension) yet?

  8. 38 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 17 Nov, 2022 05:41 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    … I’m guessing you know the answer to that…..

  9. 39 Posted by RJron on 19 Nov, 2022 02:31 PM

    RJron's Avatar

    Hi Stu,

    Just got to the site.

    Which one ( for the mega search )?

  10. 40 Posted by RJron on 19 Nov, 2022 02:40 PM

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    list_future_reminders_1018.mxt also does not install - due to the_1018 number ? the signed link from your https://yogi1967.github.io/MoneydancePythonScripts/ site lists the 1017 verson only. This is usually the site I try and download from. The other one is a bit confusing to figure out.

    A bit confusing. Would help to have a seperate page/section with 'click-to-download' links for:
    * Latest versions - unsigned
    * Lastest versions - signed

  11. 41 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 19 Nov, 2022 03:58 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar
  12. 42 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 19 Nov, 2022 04:08 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    You have to rename and remove the _1018

    Normally this is never needed as normally IK upload to the extensions menu. But this hasn’t been done so I have put here as a temporary thing. Thus all you ever need is either the preview (unsigned) or latest signed from MD Menu

  13. 43 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Nov, 2022 06:27 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    … to be clear(er)… on my site…

    • The first section is latest PREVIEW versions that are unsigned.

    • the second section are the official latest versions, signed, that are hosted on IK servers. This is the same as using the MD extensions / manage extensions, install option.

    • lastly is the section for signed extensions hosted on my own site. This may or may not have newer versions than the IK site. It will always have at least the same versions. Points to note:

    1. Account Categories Mega Search Window and Security Performance Graph have their own listings / links explicitly because IK have not added these into their list of official extensions / menu system

    2. The link that says directory of all current and prior signed builds contains all previous, current official, and newer signed builds. Any that are here that are newer than the MD menu are newer builds awaiting release into the MD menu system (but they are signed by IK).

    3. The mxt files in this directory listing with simple names (e.g. toolbox.mxt) are the latest signed build. The ones with _nnnn.mxt on the end allow you to select a build version, but must be renamed to the simple name without _nnnn before installing.

    Hope this helps?

  14. 44 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 23 Nov, 2022 12:24 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    FYI - all new extensions are live on IK servers now... If you use Extensions, Manage Extensions menu and then Uninstall and reinstall you will get the latest (despite the description saying it's the old version)....

  15. RJron closed this discussion on 19 Dec, 2022 03:49 PM.

  16. Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox) re-opened this discussion on 20 Dec, 2022 01:15 PM

  17. 45 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Dec, 2022 01:15 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    NEW PREVIEW - Custom Balances:
    New options:
    - Blink auto hidden rows that are displayed - Hide decimals

  18. 46 Posted by RJron on 20 Dec, 2022 02:39 PM

    RJron's Avatar

    Hello Stu,
    Appreciate the notice on the added features and/or updates. This is exactly
    what is needed. Please incorporate into other updates also.

    Meanwhile, please could you provide a little more clarity on what this
    does. I am away from my desk and will perhaps try it out in a few days time.

  19. 47 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Dec, 2022 03:09 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar
    1. If you auto hide a row (using when <> 0 for example), then when that row shows, and if you set the blink option, then the value will blink

    2. You can hide decimals. Eg £1.99 becomes £1

  20. 48 Posted by RJron on 20 Dec, 2022 03:29 PM

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    Nice! Infact - superb! ...

    Infact, I have custom balances that are hidden when they EQUAL zero.
    However, once hidden - it is not easy to find the item - as there is no
    'listing of all items' anywhere. I finally figured the SELECT row ( in
    settings ) show up in red with a "~". Might be a good idea to tag the row
    name in there ?

    So here comes a few issues that dogs me often - I guess one or more can be
    useful application here ?:

    - I have bank accounts that go below the minimum amount mandated by the
    bank. I guess this will work extremely well for this one - by adding all
    accounts to the list - and they start appearing ( and blinking - wow !) the
    minute it drops below the minimum.

    - I also have bank accounts ( family - children etc ) that becomes
    inactive/frozen if the account is not active for the last 6 months ( the
    a/c needs a debit atleast once in XX months ). Not sure if this is common
    in other parts of the world. But are you able to add such a criteria as
    well ?

    Ideally, that will allow me to create ONE custom balance for each bank
    account that will show-up and blink if (a) minimum goes below (b) no debits
    for the past xx months. This can also permit you to code to add more even
    more conditions ( if someone can think of something very useful).

    Possible ? :D

  21. 49 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 21 Dec, 2022 06:02 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    @RJron... Glad you find it useful... - "I have bank accounts that go below the minimum amount mandated by the bank. I guess this will work extremely well for this one - by adding all
    accounts to the list" - I will think about this one... I assume you mean to change the autohide rows from 0, <=0, >=0 to x, <=x, >=x where you can set x to a non zero number?

    • "I also have bank accounts ( family - children etc ) that becomes inactive/frozen if the account is not active for the last 6 months ( the
      a/c needs a debit at least once in XX months )". - This one is a no.. Too unique, too specific, too intensive, not really what this extension is about, and little use case for anyone else (I suspect)..
  22. 50 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 29 Dec, 2022 06:24 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    Latest build PREVIEW of custom balances (1018) here:

    -Blinking moved from Menu to per row.

    -Added underline dots to match home screen option (menu option)

    -Added hide decimals menu option

    -Allow auto-hide row to have custom when X value

    -Slick new feature whereby if Hide Decimals selected, AND autohide row selected, AND a whole number for X specified, the calculated balance will be truncated and allows (for example) x=0 to mean -0.99 thru +0.99…

  23. 51 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 17 Jan, 2023 06:47 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    New build 1019 signed and live. Lots more formatting options, plus average options too.

  24. 52 Posted by RJron on 18 Jan, 2023 07:09 AM

    RJron's Avatar

    New build 1019 - upgraded directly off moneydance.
    Will definitely be using this extensively.

    What/where are the newer 'more formatting options' ?
    Will be using this to identify accounts that fall below minimum balances

    The "blinking" works - but you really have to stick your eye out to notice it is blinking. It is otherwise not noticeable. Perhaps this is due to the font used. Reckon better to make the font of the value - bold and also increase the frequency of the blink - may be change to a different colour even... cos right now - the blink does not really catch the eye.

    There are instances when the entire CUSTOM BALANCES section just dissappears temporarily. Still trying to figure out what is happening.. but happened twice already. This is what I tried:
    - Moneydance dashboard with custom balances being displayed ( Window-1). Have added one account with the blink and hide option.
    - Opened the same (blink with hide) account page in another/new window ( Window-2)
    - Moved mouse to original window-1 ( without changing focus ) and scrolled down - and custom balances dissappeared. Have to change window-1 to another page/account and return to dashboard for the custom balances to reappear.
    - Even after screen refreshes - custom balances freezes / does not open ( occurred once only ).
    - Custom balances also dissappear when a debit happens in another account ( I made a debit into an account listed in custom balances with the hide and blink option to understand changes on hide and blink).
    - Sort of hard to replicate at times - as still trying various things out.

    Did not understand the field "Avg/by". Please explain.

    One concern I'm having is the number of custom balances - they are adding up on the dashboard. But thats only because its a great tool to have !

  25. 53 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 18 Jan, 2023 07:19 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar
    • avg/by. Takes the calculated balance and divides by x. Thus, for example, if you calculated a balances on category fuel between two dates that was last 12 months and /by 12 then you will get avg per month over last 12 months.

    • Options menu. Hide decimal places, and underline dots

    • per row. Row separators, blink, average,

  26. 54 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 18 Jan, 2023 07:20 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    As for the disappearing issue, when this occurs (repeat a few times), pls grab help/console afterwards and upload here. Thanks.

  27. 55 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 18 Jan, 2023 12:03 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    OK, I've never tested your scenario of opening multiple account windows and then going back to the original. I confirm it goes blank. I will have to investigate..

  28. 56 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 19 Jan, 2023 07:37 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    OK - the disappearing Custom Balances view from a Home Screen when user opens a second account windows is a tricky one... It's very complex to debug and seems to be caused by the order/commands in which MD is (wrongly) calling the custom view. For now, I'm putting this in the too difficult pile - sorry. As you say, it's purely temporary because as soon as you click away and refresh the Home Screen, then it will properly rebuild....

  29. 57 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 19 Jan, 2023 10:37 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    Latest PREVIEW of custom_balances live on my site. This version makes blink'd cells BOLD to stand out better.... Let me know how it goes.. Thanks


  30. 58 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 20 Jan, 2023 07:10 PM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    OK - the mystery of why custom balances disappears when you open multiple home page summary screens has been solved....

    There's an inherent design 'quirk' with MD where MD generates new instances of home page widgets for each new version of the home page summary, but for extensions it just adds the existing home page widget to the new home page summary.

    This means that 'external' extension widgets are trying to exist in two places at once. This is impossible with Java/Swing objects so the other versions just disappear...

    The fix would be to somehow make multiple instances of the widget - but then you would have very 'expensive' calculations occurring multiple times for essentially the same view....

    Thus, this will have to go in the too difficult pile in terms of there's no easy / quick fix.. Sorry...

  31. 59 Posted by Stuart Beesley ... on 26 Jan, 2023 11:46 AM

    Stuart Beesley (Mr Toolbox)'s Avatar

    @RJron, all... I spent some time pondering how to fix the inherent API flaw in IK's model for extensions as regards Home Page widgets..... And I have now fixed the 'issue'.... Thus, the widget will work and be visible on all home screens.

    PREVIEW 1020 available at:

    @RJron would be grateful if you could test/play with it.... (If you see any errors in help/console, please shout). Thanks

  32. 60 Posted by RJron on 26 Jan, 2023 02:45 PM

    RJron's Avatar


    Great work !
    Installed and testing now. I immediately notice:

    -- The blinking itself is clear and visible now.
    -- Customs balance is now available on multiple dashboard pages.

    -- Changes to the blinking values take a few seconds to update - changes are not instant ( had to dig what went wrong - by which time changes appeared ). Takes about 08-10 seconds for changes to appear.

    -- Likewise, when you shift from the dashboard to another page and back - loading of custom balances takes about a second extra for it to appear.

    THE NOTES BELOW is just me taking this to another level. I am considering ( will attempt to ) have customs balances in 2 or 3 groups as follows once everything is updated:

    AA. Accounts with max focus. These are ones that I need urgent visibility on. Eg outstanding amounts that I need to chase. Will never opt for them to be collapsible ( but good to have a choice ).

    BB. Hidden accounts that appear when balances go below set values. I would have preferred custom values of each account if that was at all possible - but understand that perhaps needs major changes. Still just saying what I feel makes the software even better. Will not require to collapse these as they will appear only when the condition goes live.

    CC. Other generic accounts that I would like to also have listed. These may not always only be accounts. Currently, apart from a fair list of accounts, I also have two items which are my FY income + FY expense. Users can even go monthl and even use them for focus on other items. Point is - it is good to have ready access to these figures on the dashboard. But because the over all list can get a little long ( and take overa lot of dashboard space ), I would prefer them to be collapsible if an option exists.

    The point I'm trying to drive here - ability to have groups and expand/collapse is critical ( and missing ) ( just like search with type and autocomplete / list ) in so many areas of moneydance. Although this might seem excessive in Custom Balances - I feel the ability to group and expand/collapse is definitely useful. But one has to start using these features to understand its usefullness and to figure out a good balance of its presentation.

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