Archive - My household/country/company uses a fiscal year instead of a calendar year. Can I do this in Moneydance?

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Yes! Moneydance permits the creation of a data file specific fiscal year. (In other words, you can have one file to track finances for your company's fiscal year which is Sept 1- August 31, and one to track your personal finances from January 1 -December 31).

To set a fiscal year open the Moneydance preferences menu, available under the Moneydance menu on a Mac and the File menu on the Linux or Windows system. The “General” tab permits your to set a fiscal year. Current fiscal year options include the first day of each month, as well as April 6 and May 6.


If you need a fiscal year which is not available, please email us at Moneydance offers the ability to run graphs and reports based on fiscal years, as well as in the budget tracker.

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