Archive - How to represent a house as an investment

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If you want to be able to record the value of your house in Moneydance and be able to update its value as the market changes you can do so by treating it as a security in an investment account. Here is how.

1) Create a new Investment account by selecting Account->New Account. Set the type to investment ans set the initial balance to the purchase prince of the house.

2) As you can see from the home page this creates an investment account with enough cash in it to buy the house. In this example $250,000

3) Click on the investment account from the home page and you will be taken into the account and asked if you would like to add a security. Click "Yes".

4) Click the "New Security" button.

5) Set the name for the house and the purchase price and click "OK".

6) Click "OK" again to make the newly created security available in this investment account.

7) Click on the "Register" button to go to the register for the investment account. Once there click the new transaction button. Set the "date" to the purchase date, Set the "Action' to "Buy", the security for this house will already be selected, set the "shares" 1. The amount will be calculated. Press return to record the transaction.

8) If you go back to the "Portfolio View" you can see that this investment account now holds 1 share in the house security purchased at $250000. The cash balance in the investment account is now $0 since we used it to make the purchase.

9) If you go back to the home page you can also see that you own 1 house worth $250000.

10) If you want to update the market value of the house click on the investment account on the home page and then click on the "Security Detail" view. Click the "History" button for this security.

11) Once in the security history window enter the new price of the house in the "Current Price" field and then click the "New" button.

12) If you go back to the home page you can see that the price has been updated.