Archive - How to sync one data file with multiple iOS devices using different Dropbox accounts

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

These instructions are for syncing one Moneydance data file between multiple iOS devices using different Dropbox accounts. If you are using the same Dropbox account for multiple devices, you should simply repeat the setup instructions you used for setting up one device for all the others.

Some users may want to set up syncing the same Moneydance data with different iOS devices and different Dropbox accounts. For example, perhaps your household uses just one Moneydance data file for all of your finances. However, you may want to have more than one person be able to enter expenses in their mobile device, and everyone may be using different Dropbox accounts. Since the desktop version of Moneydance will only sync to one Dropbox account, you will have to set up your Dropbox accounts to share the mobile syncing data between them.

#1. First, make sure you have successfully set up syncing for the Dropbox account that you will use on your home computer and one of your iOS devices by following our instructions.

#2. Next, log into that Dropbox account at

#3. Right click on the folder called ".moneydancesync" and click "Invite to Folder".


#4. In the next window, enter the Dropbox accounts of those you want to share the data folder with.


#5. The other users should then set up their iOS devices to run Moneydance. They should follow the normal setup instructions starting at step #4.

Note that these instructions will only work if the other users do not have their own desktop version of Moneydance set up to sync. This will only work for iOS users with different Dropbox accounts who do not otherwise sync their iOS device with Moneydance.