Archive - Moneydance 2015 preview changelog

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

Below is a very detailed description of all the changes that were made in each the build of the preview releases of Moneydance 2015, which can be downloaded at  The preview releases are not the official stable release, and generally should not be downloaded unless instructed to by the support staff; use of them otherwise is at your own risk.  The current stable release can be found at

Your current build number can be found by going to Help -> Console Window from the Moneydance menu bar, and looking at the number in parentheses on the first line ("Moneydance 2015 (1xxx)").  Most customers will not want this much technical detail.  Please see our blog post for a general summary in plain English about the major changes between minor official releases of Moneydance.  Please contact a member of the support staff if you have any questions.

Build 1369:

  • fix subtotaling of categories in budget report so that items aren't counted doubly.

Build 1368:

  • add flag to connection for ignoring old, unrequested transactions. fixes costco card redownload issue.

Build 1367:

  • add option to budget report to subtotal categories, and set default to off. this makes the report match the behavior of md2014.

Build 1366:

  • fix for error in budget report.
  • when doing a manual backup, default to user-defined backup location (if it exists).
  • add timestamp to manual backup file name.

Build 1365:

  • fix for sorting issues in transaction matching panel.

Build 1364:

  • add higher security cipher suites needed for some banks.

Build 1363:

  • fix issue with quotes and rate extension causing crashes.

Build 1362:

  • fix for reminders window when using dark theme on linux

Build 1361:

  • fix support for importing OFX files with Japanese characters

Build 1360:

  • fix drill-down references to avoid jumping into a category register

Build 1359:

  • packaging update for Mac app store upload

Build 1358 (2015.7):

  • refresh budget table and summary amounts when rolling over or calculating from previous periods
  • add new Entrust CA certificate

Build 1357:

  • additional checks for and handling of orphan accounts or categories

Build 1356:

  • fix how transaction filter report handles searches on reconciliation status with splits.

Build 1355:

  • account for currencies with non-base categories when calculating the summary totals in the balance table

Build 1354:

  • Fixed recent bug that caused the new budget table contents to not update when going forwards or backwards between periods

Build 1353:

  • fix NPE when removing items with a null parent account.

Build 1352:

  • fix ability to edit VAT/GST using settings window.

Build 1351:

  • improve logging of transaction import errors.

Build 1350:

  • add cert needed by MSUFCU.

Build 1349:

  • fix to issue that sometimes caused importing .md files to put accounts under the wrong root account.
  • ignore resource fork files ("._" files) when reading in .txn files.

Build 1348:

  • updated Portuguese and Brazilian/Portuguese translations from Sara Borges

Build 1347:

  • sort similar payees by score before adding to match panel.

Build 1346:

  • added more security certificates

Build 1345:

  • fixed bug where number of shares wasn't updated when creating a stock split until the program was restarted.

Build 1344:

  • add certificate authorities

Build 1343:

  • Meet BB&T connection requirements (TLSv1 only, no negotiation) but use protocol negotiation for all other connections
  • Improved debugging tool for https connections

Build 1342:

  • credit cards accounts can now also accept all banking data.
  • fix budget list sorting in various places.

Build 1341:

  • the new budget table now no longer recalculates the actual and budgeted values for each table cell every time it is redrawn, thus saving many kilowatts worth of CPU and making the interface feel so much snappier.
  • Fixed blank labels on compounding period for securities

Build 1340:

  • fix issue where CREDITLINE accounts could not be imported into internal credit card accounts.

Build 1339:

  • more user-friendly error message when there are problems loading data file.

Build 1338:

  • change reconcile window beginning balance to be a label instead of an input field, so it's obviously uneditable.
  • save size/loc of pre-reconciler window.

Build 1337:

  • when auto-completing split transactions, tags from the splits are now copied to the new transaction

Build 1336:

  • fix for weirdness related to rounding/truncating of budget amounts causing strange behaviour in the budget mini-graphs

Build 1335:

  • tweaks to transaction details sidebar and preference setting
  • add digicert root CA
  • use the (slightly looser) default acceptable versions of SSL/TLS when connecting to banks (required for Los Alamos)

Build 1334:

  • fix calculation of mixed interval budgets based on past history. (note: the budget detail panel still doesn't automatically refresh after editing a mixed interval budget)

Build 1333:

  • remove space for "yes" string in Danish translation which made it ridiculously difficult to delete non-empty accounts or categories
  • also make the code that checks for the confirmation string ignore leading or trailing whitespace

Build 1332:

  • enable type-to-complete in loan account setup for interest and escrow account choosers.
  • update copyright year in a few places

Build 1331:

  • add null check to StringUtils.shortenStringIfLongerThan

Build 1330:

  • Fix the way memos are saved on splits in register. The old description was being copied into the memo incorrectly.

Build 1329:

  • We weren't reading file encodings correctly when importing OFX files. Fixed.

Build 1328:

  • sometimes debugging info wasn't showing in logs when it should have been. fixed.

Build 1327:

  • fix NPE when setting up online banking after upgrading rom pre-2015 versions of Moneydance. regression from build 1302.

Build 1326:

  • Use different Client UIDS when different user accounts connect to the same bank via OFX. This should solve the problem with connections to Chase when multiple user accounts are used in the same data file. In theory.

Build 1325:

  • include Thawte root CA
  • merge localisation update

Build 1324:

  • save location of divider on confirmation panel

Build 1323:

  • transaction reminder editor now displays correctly (fix regression form build 1322).

Build 1322:

  • first pass at option to have confirmation/attachment display in main window instead of as a popup.

Build 1321:

  • fix NPE in online banking setup process.

Build 1320:

  • subtotal categories on budget report.

Build 1319:

  • fix memo display when editing split transactions.

Build 1318:

  • updated Italian translation (thanks to Livio Bertacco!)
  • fix Transaction Filter report not always showing desciption correctly in two-line mode.

Build 1317:

  • Fix tags on splits in Transaction Filter report.

Build 1316:

  • Autobackups were firing twice on Macs in some circumstances. Fixed.

Build 1315:

  • submodule update (strings got off somehow)
  • default backup location is now in archives folder.
  • fixed issue that would sometimes cause autobackups to be saved in mysterious places.
  • minor UI fixes in autobackup preferences pane.

Build 1314:

  • payee selection NPE fix. for real, this time.

Build 1313:

  • payee selection NPE fix.

Build 1312:

  • fix start balance on transactions report.

Build 1311:

  • fix highlight problem with payees in bill pay window.

Build 1310:

  • Fix auto-selection of online payee when sending payments from transaction reminders

Build 1309:

  • Extra autobackups weren't getting deleted as expected. Fixed.
  • Revert printer fix.

Build 1308:

  • Possible printing fix for MacOS inability to select page layout

Build 1307:

  • More font fixes.

Build 1306:

  • Improve support for Hebrew and many Asian language fonts.

Build 1305:

  • Make sure only investment accounts show up in Investment Performance report.

Build 1304:

  • Remove Archive function, as it is broken and unnecessary.

Build 1303:

  • Fix NPE in Security Detail panel.

Build 1302:

  • Force Fifth-Third Bank connection setup process to show download-enabled bank accounts as options for online bill payment (testing)
  • put the payee popup/completion widget into the proper fields when editing the other side of a transaction
  • support increased refreshing of OFX service information

Build 1301:

  • Make sure backup runs when switching data sets.

Build 1300:

  • Add null check to backup location selection dialog on windows.

Build 1299 (2015.6):

  • Fix autobackup regression on Windows.

Build 1298:

  • Fix currency display in budget view. Regression from 1225.

Build 1297:

  • Fix how replace correction actions are handled. Should fix duplicates issue with Schwab and BoA downloads.

Build 1296:

  • Handle situation when autobackup folder setting is somehow blank.

Build 1295:

  • Save auto-backup on file close instead of open.
  • clean up alignment of backup pane options.

Build 1294:

  • Fix bug in transaction report when subtotaling with same line memos.

Build 1293:

  • Some look and feel fixes for non-Mac platforms.

Build 1292:

  • don't allow backups files to be saved within data folder.

Build 1291:

  • more sandbox fixes for backups
  • add last 4 digits of payee number to name in payee selection list, if there is more than one payee with the same name.

Build 1290:

  • Let Windows and Linux users see the backup folder choice option too...

Build 1289:

  • fix bug in creating directory for auto-backups.

Build 1288:

  • add automatic backup feature
  • make data set datestamp more reliable
  • add menu item for restoring backups

Build 1287:

  • fix issue where txn filter report was not searching tags on both sides of a transaction.

Build 1286:

  • fix running total amount in total row on Transactions report.

Build 1285:

  • More sorting fixes for transaction filter report. Also, better comments.

Build 1284:

  • fix date sorting on transactions filter report when subtotaling by account or category.

Build 1283:

  • fixed bug in which editing the 'other side' of a transaction places the original description into the memo of the other (split) side of the transaction.
  • Fixed bug in which undo-ing a change causes a duplicate of the changed transaction to appear in the register until a restart is applied

Build 1282:

  • avoid loading error when opening data files with missing data

Build 1281:

  • Change wording on encryption menu item to focus more on password setting and saving.

Build 1280:

  • change to post-initialisation data set validation, resolving a possible duplicate-base-account issue introduced by earlier preview builds
  • also detect and safely resolve any problems caused by those issues
  • Fix bug that caused dropbox/mobile syncing to not stop when it was disabled

Build 1279:

  • Make transaction details popup moveable.

Build 1278:

  • Update last modified date of data bundle/folder when items in the bundle change.

Build 1277:

  • Refresh attachment panel when switching transactions. Fixes #4980.
  • Save size/loc of Txn Details window.

Build 1276:

  • Fix offset of total row on Txn Filter report with same line memos.
  • Graph/report name selector dropdown on memorize dialog now correctly shows list of graphs or reports.

Build 1275:

  • improve splits and currency/security history re-ordering
  • continue loading data, even if there was an exception in the application of an update
  • no longer print out the entire list of processed txn files in debug mode
  • Reduce unnecessary logging when loading currency history objects

Build 1274:

  • Add same line memos option to Transaction Filter report.

Build 1273:

  • Fix account and category subtotaling in Transaction filter report.

Build 1272:

  • Fix import of group by option on cash flow report from 2014 files.

Build 1271:

  • Add same line memo option to Transactions report.
  • On all related report, make sure same line memo option is unset is show memos is unset.

Build 1270:

  • Add memo/desc same line option to detailed cash flow report.

Build 1269:

  • added memo/desc on one line option to detailed transfer report.

Build 1268:

  • Add option to show memo and description on single line in detailed i&e report.

Build 1267:

  • add Comodo intermediate CA certificate (used by E*Trade)
  • add RateAdjustmentOption setting for reminders (not yet enabled in UI)

Build 1266:

  • when memorizing graphs and reports, text now matches the type.

Build 1265:

  • Fix handling of DivReinvest txns in lot matching window.

Build 1264:

  • Missing checks report now flags duplicate check numbers.

Build 1263:

  • Fix missing checks report (closes #4998).

Build 1262:

  • payment pane should now load default category correctly when you select a payee.

Build 1261:

  • unset JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS in unix launcher to workaround some linux package breaking things

Build 1260:

  • add confirmation dialog when clearing security/currency price history snapshots.
  • rename "clear" button on security history window to "clear all"

Build 1259:

  • new indicator icon that a reminder is scheduled for weekly/monthly/daily/etc periods
  • fixed delay in recalculating cost basis in the portfolio panel when an investment account is updated

Build 1258:

  • prevent deleted budgets from re-appearing

Build 1257:

  • more complete recovery when loading incomplete data files

Build 1256:

  • additional data integrity checks when opening a file

Build 1255:

  • more informative log message if the account hierarchy is screwy
  • add safety check to ensure that we always have a root account when loading
  • add unobtrusive request for rating the mac app store version

Build 1254:

  • remove all references to RC4 (outdated encryption algorithm) from https support
  • updated bundled jre to 1.8.0_51
  • added log message to indicate when the main (trunk) data file is read and processed

Build 1253:

  • Automatically refresh service connections older than 4 days.
  • "Refresh" button now forces a service update, instead of just a profile update.
  • Remove "last update" on fi info page, since it was confusing folks.

Build 1252:

  • now accepts drag-and-drop of moneydance and MoneydanceArchive data files to open
  • updated fonts so that calendar titles and other text appears properly on windows 7

Build 1251:

  • tags field now gets focus properly in batch change window.

Build 1250:

  • fix error caused by recent change to totalling of income/expense interval totals using exchange rates as of the interval dates
  • the category popup in investment registers will now only show the security name instead of investment-account-name:security-name

Build 1249:

  • Modify how lot matching window size/loc is saved.
  • Category field now gets focus when opening batch change->category dialog.

Build 1248:

  • Income and Expenses reports subtotalled by period will now total and convert any inter-currency amounts as of the last date in the period rather than the current date.
  • Added a catch in the Expenses graph for loops in the account or category hierarchies (which shouldn't happen anyway)

Build 1247:

  • save size and location of lot matching window.

Build 1246:

  • fix cost basis reported on portfolio report.

Build 1245:

  • More fixes to ROI calculation on the Investment Performance report.
  • Speed up text display in console window.
  • In investment account registers, the register tab is now correctly highlighted when opening the register by selecting a txn in the security detail view.

Build 1244:

  • when deleting transactions, the warning message now tells you how many txns you are about to delete.

Build 1243:

  • Fix security sorting in the account selector of various reports. Securities are now properly sorted under the parent investment account.

Build 1242:

  • fix layout problem when "too many accounts to show" label is used on the summary screen
  • don't try and use helvetica [neue] for the UI on windows
  • updated German localisation
  • (temporarily) added balance recalculation timer logging to the console
  • slight speedup (and memory reduction) to data file loading

Build 1241:

  • fix warning when deleting cleared txns. also warns if other side of txn is cleared.

Build 1240:

  • Make it possible to delete items from mixed-interval budgets.

Build 1239:

  • Update copyright year in About window.
  • Fix average cost basis calculation on Capital Gains report.

Build 1238:

  • fix import window title
  • fix line breaks in account set descriptions when creating a new file

Build 1237:

  • with much sadness add GoDaddy (boo) intermediate certificate because Kinecta FCU uses them for a critical part of their online banking security

Build 1236:

  • Restored (and improved) transaction highlighting when pressing the alt key while the mouse cursor is over a transaction in a bank register

Build 1235:

  • fix ROI number reported on investment performance report.

Build 1234:

  • Fix bug that was causing reminder transactions to not load address book entries properly.

Build 1233:

  • consolidate menu options. archive files can be imported using the standard import menu option.

Build 1232:

  • syncing UUID is now reset when a moneydancearchive file is imported. rest of settings left alone.

Build 1231:

  • add support for importing moneydancearchive files directly
  • don't export safe/settings file in moneydancearchive files, to avoid potential syncing issues

Build 1229-1230:

  • Fix check selection window to allow checks to be selected for printing. Also, de-uglify font in that window.

Build 1228:

  • fix bug that could cause Moneydance to not open a file if an account is somehow referenced as its own ancestor

Build 1227:

  • fix stack