Archive - How do I add/remove accounts from the side bar?

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

By default, all your accounts will appear on the Summary Page and in the Side Bar.

You can remove groups of accounts from the Summary Page by clicking Moneydance → Preferences → Summary Page.


Depending on the version of MD you are running, there are two ways to remove an item from the sidebar. You can highlight it, then click the '–' button at the bottom of the sidebar to remove. Or right click the relevant item, and select 'Remove from Sidebar' from the menu that appears.

To add an item, click the '+' button (at the bottom of the sidebar) to see the 'Add Items' window, where you can select the relevant item, and select 'Add'. When you close the window, these items will then appear in the sidebar. Please note, Accounts and Categories which are marked as “Inactive” are not offered in this list.