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Sometimes you may want to create a transaction containing more than one category. For example, you may make a purchase at a grocery store with is partially groceries and partially a reimbursable business expense.

To split a transaction into several categories, create a new transaction or double click a transaction to edit it, then select the Category field to open the Category drop-down menu and click the “Split” button at the top (or press ⌘-L or Ctrl + L on your keyboard).


To record a split, click the New Split button (or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘-N or Ctrl + N) for each split transaction you want to enter, then specify the amount, category, and description/memo for the split. Click the Done button when finished (⌘-W or Ctrl + W).

When entering a transaction, if you enter the full amount into the payment field, before opening the split window, each split entered will calculate the remaining amount.
For example - If you enter £100 into the payment field, then create the split. Amending the first split to £40, and selecting 'New Split' will create the next split with the reminder, £60.


Please note that it's not possible to create split transactions in Investment accounts, except when using the Bank Register area of the account.

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