Moneydance+ Overview

What is Moneydance+

Moneydance+ is an (optional) subscription service that allows you to automatically download transactions from your banks, using the Plaid aggregator.

This service uses an automated process to download all of your transactions from tens of thousands of banks and credit card accounts, even if those institutions do not support OFX Direct Connect.

Online Bill Pay is not currently supported using Moneydance + but we are working towards including a similar feature in the future.

At this time, this service allows you to download transactions from banks in the US and Canada banks.
We're working to include EU and UK banks, and we hope this will be available soon.


The use of Moneydance+ requires a reasonably priced subscription.
This includes a 30-day free trial and is cancelable at any time.

There are two subscription options:

  • If you have purchased a license key for Moneydance 2023, you can subscribe to Moneydance+ for $4/monthly or $40/yearly.

  • If you have not yet purchased a license key for Moneydance 2023, you can go "subscription only" for $9.00/monthly or $90.00 yearly. This includes the Moneydance+ service, registration for the Moneydance program itself, and free upgrades of Moneydance as long as your subscription remains active.

All of the Moneydance purchase options are outlined in this article.

Running the Moneydance+ service incurs a fee for us (and since we don't sell ads or customer data) the subscription cost is necessary.
The monthly subscription costs are also subject to change (although we don't expect them to), as they are used to pay for the third-party service.

Using Moneydance+

Moneydance+ can be activated within the program by opening Moneydance 2023 and choosing Online > Set Up Moneydance+. Then follow the steps in this article to subscribe.

A Moneydance+ subscription is associated with your email address and can be used with up to five separate data files.
The same data file synced between computers still counts as only one data file.

If you prefer not to use Moneydance+, the program itself can still be purchased with a one-off payment through our regular purchase process. You can continue using the version you purchased forever, as we never "sunset" older versions of the program.

Privacy and Security

For information on the privacy and security of Moneydance+, we recommend taking a look at our relevant blog post.


Moneydance+ can be cancelled within the program by opening Moneydance and choosing Online > Set Up Moneydance+. Select "Manage Account" at the bottom left of the window. You'll be redirected to a page where you can update your payment details or cancel your subscription.

Alternatively, you can email, and ask a member of our team to cancel the subscription for you.

Because your subscription is used to pay for a third-party service, we are unable to refund the services already rendered from previous months before cancellation.