Archive - Creating reminders (automatic repeating transactions or notes)

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

To create a repeating reminder, select Reminders on the left sidebar column in Moneydance to view the Reminder Calendar (or go to Tools -> Reminders...), then click the + button in the lower right of the Moneydance window and select either New Transaction Reminder or New General Reminder.


A repeating reminder offers a number of different date “tabs”: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annually. If you select New Transaction Reminder when clicking the + button, you'll create a reminder that has specific transaction information (like receiving a paycheck or paying a bill, for example) which you can then manually or automatically enter into the register of one of your accounts on the selected day(s). Transaction reminders also support an "Auto-commit" ability, which will cause Moneydance to automatically commit the transaction to the register. You can set this to be done X number of days in advance as well. Below that, you'll be able to select the account that you want the transaction reminder to be entered into, then you can enter the transaction just as you would if you were in the register of that account.

If you selected New General Reminder when clicking the + button, then you'll see a text note that appears in the Calendar and in the Reminders section on the Home Page, which you can then click on to see the reminder note.

A reminder will occur on all dates you specify in ANY and ALL tabs and can be configured with a Start date and End date (or repeat indefinitely).

To edit a reminder, simply double click the name of the reminder in the list area to the right of the Reminders calendar and the Reminder editor window will open.

A repeating reminder does not initiate an online bill payment.


Daily: Repeat the transaction every X number of days. This can be any number from 1 to 100,000. If you are paid bi-weekly you could set a reminder to repeat every 14 days. If there is a payment which needs to be made every 2 years, you could set it to repeat every 730 days.

Weekly: Repeat the transaction on every First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, or Last Monday, Tuesday, etc of the Month. For example, a transaction could be repeated on the second and fourth Tuesday and Thursday of the Month.

Monthly: Repeat the transaction on specified days of Every, Every Other, Every Third, Every Fourth, or Every Sixth month. For example, a transaction could repeat on the 1st and 15th day of every third month.

Annually: Repeat the transaction on the same day, once each year.

Note: It's not possible to edit a single instance of a reminder, however if you're using a transaction reminder then you can have the reminder auto-commit the transaction in advance, then edit the committed transaction.