Archive - How do I have a reminder automatically entered into my register?

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

When creating a Transaction Reminder, select “Auto-Commit” to allow Moneydance to automatically apply the reminder to your register a set number of days before the transaction is scheduled. Auto-commit will apply a transaction to your register, but does not initiate a bill payment. Auto-Commit is most useful for payments that are automatically initiated by your bank, or for transferring money between internal sub-accounts used for tracking savings. Selecting “0” in the “Days Before Scheduled” field will apply the transaction to your account on the day it is scheduled. If the Auto-Commit box is not checked when you create your Transaction Reminder, the transaction will not be applied to your register until you select “Record”.


Please note that it is not currently possible to set up auto-payments or initiate online bill-pay through the Reminder interface. While “Record” and “Auto-Commit” will enter transactions into your register, you must still make payments manually.