Archive - Keyboard Shortcuts in Moneydance

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

Moneydance contains a number of time-saving features designed to make entering information (especially transactions) as quick and efficient as possible. Listed below are the most important shortcuts and the context in which they apply.

Date Fields

+ or = Advance or "spin" the date forward

- or _ "spin" the date backward

t (lower case) Go to the current date

m (lower case) Go to the first day in the month

h (lower case) Go to the last day in the month

y (lower case) Go to the first day in the year

r* (lower case) Go to the last day in the year

Amount and Rate Fields You can enter complex math expressions in any amount or rate field and they will be automatically evaluated when you move to the next field. For example, if you enter the following: 100 X (12 + 4), this will be evaluated as 1600.
In addition, entering a value followed by a currency ID will automatically convert the entered amount from the given currency to the currency of the entry field. For example, if you are entering transactions in your US Bank Account and you want to enter a purchase that you made in Scotland for 200 British Pounds, just enter 200 GBP which will be converted to the equivalent amount of US Dollars, according to the exchange rate in your currency list.

Check Number Fields

*+ or = *"spin" the Check Number up

- or _ "spin" the Check Number down

In addition, pressing the plus key in an empty check number field automatically calculates the next check number based on past transactions in that account.

Transaction Register

Control-N (Command-N on a Mac) while in a transaction register will begin entry of a new transaction.

Control-Backspace (Command-Delete on a Mac) will delete the currently selected transaction, and pressing the enter key while editing a transaction will record the current edits.

Control-L (Command-L on a Mac) while editing a transaction will bring up the split editor.

Control-A (Command-A on a Mac) will select all the transactions in the register.

Right-clicking (or control-clicking on a Mac) the transaction register will display a pop-up menu with available actions including the shortcut keys that invoke those actions.
Moneydance has an auto completion feature for transactions. Transactions can be auto completed simply by typing in the payee field. With each keystroke, past transactions are searched for payees with names that begin with the text already entered. If a matching transaction is found, the rest of the current payee field is filled in with the matched payee value. At this point you can either continue to type, or use the TAB key to continue to the next field.


Ctrl-B opens the reconcile window when you are in the register of an account. This is true for all account type other than loans which we don't current offer the ability to reconcile.