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You can find more information about Moneydance 2017 bill payment features below -

Using Online Bill Payment -

Once you have set up Online Bill Payment, as outlined in this article, navigate to Online → Online Bill Payment, again, to begin creating an electronic payment.

First you will need to create a Payee entry for the recipient of your funds. Select the Payee tab to begin. Next, click the Create Payee button to begin creating a new payee.

Enter the desired information for the payee. It's important to use the 2 letter abbreviation in the State field (if the payee is located in the United States).

To create an online bill payment, click the New Payment button. Select the payee you'd like to process a payment to, then click Next.

Fill the the appropriate amount, due date, account number with the payee, Category, and memo field (if desired).

Finally, click Finish to send the payment request to your bank's server. The payment request will be sent to your financial institution, and a corresponding new transaction will be created in the Moneydance account register.

Please note that it may take a number of days for the payment to be processed and sent to the Payee, and some banks require that you set the “Due Date” of your online bill payment request a specific number of days in the future.

You can set your Moneydance Preferences to automatically detect and Observe Online Payment Date Ranges within File --> Preferences.

Initiating an Online Bill Payment from a Reminder -

Moneydance makes using Online Bill Payment even easier. Just click “Send Online Payment” when confirming a transaction reminder and you’ll be sent to the bill payment interface.

You can read more about transaction reminders in this article.