Batch Change

When viewing an account, you can right-click (or press Ctrl and click) on a transaction.
This will display the context menu (as shown below).

The context menu provides a number of functions that can be applied to the selected transaction(s).


One of these functions is Batch Change.
This allows you to make changes to a single transaction, or multiple transactions at once.

Batch Change allows you to make changes to the following fields -
Description, Date, Check#, Memo, Tags, Category, and Account.

To make changes to multiple transactions, you should highlight all transactions you want to change.
Then access the context menu and choose "Batch Change.

To highlight multiple transactions at once, you can use any of the methods below -

  • Press the Ctrl key when selecting each additional transaction.

  • Highlight one transaction, then press and hold the Shift key.
    Select another transaction, and all transactions between will be highlighted.

  • To select all visible transactions in the account, highlight one transaction.
    Then press the keys Ctrl and A.

When using Batch Change to change the Account field, the accounts list will show only accounts containing the same currency as the account you're moving transactions from. i.e. you cannot move transactions from a GBP account into a USD account.

Changing the Account field will move the transaction(s) out of the currently assigned account, and into the specified account. This does not create a transfer between the accounts; the transactions will simply be moved to the new account location. This is useful if you have entered transactions into the wrong account.