These menus are available at the top of the Moneydance window, or along the top of your screen on a Mac.

Using a Mac system, you will find some of the items available within the Moneydance menu.

The File Menu


  • New Create a blank data file.

  • New Transaction Allows you to enter a new transaction into your register. Only available when an account register is open.

  • Open Open a different Moneydance data file. Selecting ‘Open Other’ allows you to navigate to a specific Moneydance file not already listed.

  • Import Import QFX, OFX, OFC, QFC, or QIF files.

  • Export Export data in a specified format, QIF, Tab Delimited or Raw JSON.

  • Export Backup Manually saves a backup of your file to a specified location, as a '.moneydancearchive' file.

  • Restore from Backup Open a '.moneydancearchive' file, created using 'Export Backup'.

  • Passwords This will enable password protection for the startup of Moneydance. You can select ‘Store Online Passwords in File’ to store your Direct Connect login details.

  • Syncing setup syncing between Moneydance and your mobile device, or multiple computers.

  • Print Checks From within individual accounts only - print checks from the current account.

  • Print Transactions From within individual accounts only - print transactions from the current account as they are shown in the register.

  • Preferences You may wish to refer to the section Preferences section. On a Mac this item is located under the Moneydance menu.

The Edit Menu


  • From this menu you can Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All.

  • Find Sends cursor to the Search/Find box.

  • Advanced Search Brings up a dialog box with advanced search options.

The View Menu


  • Show Budget Status Shows the Budget Status graph in the status bar.

  • Show Net Worth Graph Shows the New Worth graph in the status bar.

  • Hide Status Graph Show no graph in the status bar.

  • Hide/Show Side Bar Hides or Shows the Side Bar.

  • Summary Page Shortcut to the Summary page.

The Account Menu

Items under the Account menu operate on the account that is currently open in the main window.


  • New Account Create a new Account

  • Edit Account Edit the settings for the currently displayed account.

  • Delete Account Deletes the account and all transactions it contains.

  • Reconcile Opens the reconcile interface.

The Online Menu

Items under the menu operate on the account that is currently open in the main window


  • Download all Accounts Downloads transactions for all accounts enabled with Direct Connect access.

  • Open Account Website Automatically opens your browser to a page you've pre-set.

  • Set up Online Banking Set up online banking for the currently shown account.

  • Set up Online Bill Pay Set up online bill payment services for the currently shown account.

  • Online Bill Payment Open the online bill payment window.

  • Send Online Payment Send online payment.

  • Download Transactions Downloads transactions from current account only.

  • Confirm Selected New Transactions Confirms the selected recently downloaded or imported transaction for the current account.

  • Forget Online Passwords Forgets passwords (in encrypted data files) for Direct Connect enabled accounts. To remember your account passwords, your file must be encrypted.

The Tools Menu


  • Accounts Add, edit, or delete accounts, and print a chart of accounts.

  • Categories Add, edit, or delete categories, and print category list.

  • Currencies Display currencies associated with the current file.; add, modify, or delete currencies; set base currency for data file.

  • Securities Add, edit, or delete securities. You may wish to refer to the Investments section.

  • Reminders Displays the calendar and reminder list tool.

  • Budget Manager Displays the budget management tool.

  • Address Book Add, edit, and delete address book entries.

  • Graphs and Reports Displays up the graphs and reports window.

  • Translate Currencies Displays the currency converter tool.

  • Calculator Displays a simple calculator.

  • Loan Calculator Brings up the loan/mortgage calculator.

  • VAT/GST Settings Specify which categories are to be used with VAT/GST, the rate for each category, and to which expense category you'd like the VAT/GST assigned.

  • VAT/GST Transactions Displays a list of all the transactions for a specified account that have VAT/GST applied to them.

Extensions Menu


  • Manage Extensions Displays the extensions available for download, with a brief description of each. Extensions can be installed and updated from this window.

Once an extension is installed, it will become available within the Extensions menu, underneath the 'Manage Extensions' option.

The Window Menu

Shows a list of the currently open windows at the bottom of the menu


  • Minimize To minimize the current window.

  • Welcome to Moneydance Displays the 'Welcome to Moneydance' window.

  • Python Scripting... Allows you to access the Python script editor.

The Help Menu


  • Online Support Brings you to our online support forum and knowledge base. Check out our documentation, be part of our community, or ask our friendly support agents a private question.

  • Register Moneydance If visible, the version of Moneydance you're running is not registered. You can enter the license key to register the software. Not visible if purchased from the Mac App Store

  • Console Window Displays detailed error and debugging information.

  • About Moneydance Provides information about what version of Moneydance/Java you're running, your license key, and translation credits. On a Mac this item is located under the Moneydance menu.

  • Show Archive Folder Opens the folder where Moneydance stores archived files by default.

  • Show Documents Folder Opens the folder where Moneydance stores data files by default.