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Amending printing settings -

Within File --> Preferences (or Moneydance --> Preferences on Mac or Linux) you can amend the Printing and Check Printing settings.

The Check Printing preferences tab allows you to customise the check type and format. This setting is data file specific, so if you have two different types of checks you will need to re-set these options each time you change check type. If you want to print addresses or memo fields on checks, you must check theses boxes.


The Printing preferences tab lets you set the type and size of font to be used when printing reports, checks, or transactions from account registers.


Printing Checks -

It is possible to print Moneydance transactions on virtually any style of pre-printed checks, including standard checks, checks with stubs, and voucher checks.

To print checks with Moneydance you will first need to obtain pre-printed check stock. Moneydance will print the date, amount, payee, memo, and optionally the address of a payee on your checks. Moneydance cannot print the account and routing number on a completely blank check, due to special ink requirements.

Next you will need to set the appropriate check printing preferences in Moneydance, as detailed at the start of the article.

To use the check-printing feature, you will need to mark some of your transactions as to-be-printed. This can be done by setting the check number field for the transactions to be printed as {Print}.


In order to print the address of a payee on the paper check you will first need to make sure that an address book entry has been associated with the transaction to print. You will also need to select the Show Address option for the style of check you are printing in the check printing preferences. If an address book entry has been associated with a transaction, the @ symbol will appear next to the payee name in the transaction editor, or in the description field in the account register.

You can read more about the Address Book in this article.

When you select the File → Print Checks function, Moneydance will locate any transactions with {Print} in the check number field, print them onto paper checks, and put the number of the paper check into the check number field. You will have the opportunity to select the first check number to use, which checks to print, and other options. After printing checks Moneydance verify if all checks have printed correctly, and reprint any that were not.

Having problems printing?

If you're using a Mac OS X system and are experiencing printing issues, please navigate to your Mac's System Preferences and ensure that 'Share this printer on the network' or 'Share with all' is enabled.

You can also always contact the support team via the forum for assistance -