Archive - Do I need to close the year in Moneydance?

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If you are used to older versions of different personal finance software, you may be familiar with the concept of "closing the year." With Moneydance, there is no requirement for the year to be closed. You should continue entering in your transactions into the register without treating the changeover to a new year as an event where you have to do anything out of the ordinary. This will allow you to continue to be able to view your older transactions with ease.

If your account register feels too cluttered with all of the transactions from previous years, you can choose to filter out any transactions not in the current year. Look to the top of your register and click on the "This Year" button.


Your other transactions haven't gone anywhere; they're just hidden from the current view. Remember that if you want to view your transactions from a previous year, you will need to click the "All" button at the top of the register.

If you would like to review your transactions for the past year, you can do this by editing the date range for the various reports in Moneydance. For example, in the Income and Expenses, Detailed report, click on the "Edit" button towards the top of the report. In the next window, you will be able to select the date range for the report:


You can manually specify a specific date range, of use the drop down options in the "Date" field to quickly select common date ranges. For example, to see your income and expenses for last year, choose that option in the "Date" field:


If you don't want to see any older transactions, you can choose "This Year", "Year to Date", or any other options that seem appropriate.

If you have been reconciling your accounts on a regular basis, you probably have discovered that Moneydance will warn you before making a change to a cleared transaction. Once you have reconciled your accounts through the end of the year, Moneydance will warn you if you attempt to make any changes to a transaction from that previous year.