Archive - Opening a backup file in Moneydance 2015

This is an archived document. Please refer to the more recent knowledge base articles on this page

Moneydance 2015 automatically makes backups of your data set on a daily basis, as well as offering the ability to manually export a backup to a location of your choosing. The backup is a compressed file, and for data fidelity reasons does not contain data related to syncing with mobile devices (such as iPhones/iPads/etc). This file ends with the extension "moneydancearchive".

To open this compressed backup file:

  1. Move the backup file to the location where you would like it to be uncompressed. If there is already a data set with the same name in that folder, rename the old data set.

  2. In Moneydance, choose the "File->Restore From Backup" menu option.

  3. Select your backup file in the file selection dialog. Click OK.

  4. Your data set should automatically open.