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Can I automatically download transactions from my financial institution?

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Performing a manual import -

If your financial institution does not support Direct Connect access, as detailed in this article, you can download data from your financial institutions website.

After downloading data, many web browsers will automatically ask which program you want to use to open the downloaded file. If your web browser prompts you in this manner select “Moneydance”.
If your browser does not offer this option save the file on your computer, then import the file by opening Moneydance and dragging the downloaded file into the Moneydance program window, or by navigating to File --> Import.

The “Import file” dialogue box will appear. From here the process differs depending on what type of file you are importing - QIF or OFX, OFC, and QFX files.

Importing Open Financial Exchange (OFX) and Open Financial Connectivity (OFC) or QFX files

Moneydance will attempt to match the imported account with your existing accounts and should identify the correct account in subsequent imports. If the correct account is not currently visible, select the account to which you wish to import and click “OK.”


Importing Quicken™ Interchange Format (.QIF)

In the Import To field, check the Existing Account box and select the appropriate account from the list. Set File Source as “From a Downloaded File” and adjust the other options as necessary, then click OK. Do NOT check the “Import Account Info Only” box.


Using the Open Account Website tool -

Clicking Online → Open Account Website will automatically open your browser to a page you've pre-set. Designate the page you'd like this function to open (your bank's home-page, a link to your transfer file, etc.) by typing in the URL once as prompted.

To edit the account website, go to Account → Edit Account and enter the new URL in the Website field. If you have not yet entered a web address for an account, clicking Online → Open Account Website will display the following where you can enter the appropriate web address -