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Right-clicking a transaction brings up the Transaction Editing Menu with many useful options and tools. (If you are using a single-button mouse, holding Control while clicking will also bring up this menu.)

Memorize Creates a transaction reminder

Duplicate Transaction Opens the New Transaction dialog box and fills in the current information which can be edited.

Show Other Side Opens the register of the other account/category involved in this transaction.

Mark as Uncleared Removes green check mark.

Mark as Reconciling Inserts diamond mark.

Mark as Cleared Inserts green check mark.

Batch Change Allows you to make changes either to a single transaction, or to multiple selected transactions at one time.

Delete Deletes transaction.

Single Line Mode Sets the register to display only the Description line entries.

Two Line Mode Sets the register to display both Description and Memo line entries.

Sort by

Date Chronological by Date column.

Date Entered When you entered the transaction into the register.

Description Alphabetical by description field.

Amount Sorts by Payment and Deposits fields.

Cleared Status Groups transactions by status under the “C” field.

Account Groups transactions by account/category under the Category field.

Date/Status Groups transactions by date and status.

Date/Amount Groups transactions by date and amount.

Date/Check# Groups transactions by date and check number.

Check# Arranges transactions by check number.

Status/Check# Groups transactions by status and check number.

Ascending Sorts the register from earliest to most recent date.

Show Transaction Details Displays all information associated with the transaction in the format it will be saved to the data file. Generally only used for technical support issues.

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