Moving Files

If you have created a data file in Moneydance but would like to store your data in a custom location within your system, outside the Moneydance library, you can follow the steps below.

If you obtained Moneydance from the Mac Apple Store, unfortunately, you cannot move your data file due to limitations imposed by Apple regarding the "sandboxing" of Apps.


You must NOT store your .moneydance data file in any shared folder (like Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud etc.). If your data file is stored in (or being accessed/backed up by) any shared folder service, this can lead to problems like data corruption and data loss.

You can follow the steps in this section of the knowledge base to safely share your data file with another computer or a mobile device.

Or you can follow the steps here to create manual backups or enable automatic backups. These .moneydancearchive backup files can be stored in a shared folder.

Locate Your Data File -

  • Open Moneydance and select Help > Show Documents Folder.
    This will open a new file browsing window displaying the default location of your data files.


  • You'll see your data files here, displayed as YourFileName.moneydance files.

On a Mac, the data files will appear with the Moneydance icon displayed.

On a Windows system, the files will appear as a regular 'folder' so you won't see the Moneydance icon as you might expect.


Move Your Data File -

Once you've located the file, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you close the Moneydance program, and ensure it's closed fully before making any changes.

Keep the file browsing window open so you can view your files.

Once Moneydance is closed, you can move the .moneydance data file to the new, custom location.

You should only retain one copy of the data file on your system.
Therefore, it's important you move the file to the new location (rather than copy the file).
If you copy the file, you'll have two separate copies of your data set, which is likely to cause confusion.

Access the Moved Data File -

  • Open Moneydance and you'll likely see the "Welcome to Moneydance".
    Select "Open Other" at the bottom right of the window.
    A file browser will open, and you should navigate to the data file at the new location.

  • If you open Moneydance and see the main program, choose File > Open > Open Other.
    A file browser will open, and you should navigate to the data file at the new location.

Once the file has been opened, Moneydance will remember the new location.
Then your data file will open automatically going forward.

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