Moving Files

If you have created a data file in Moneydance but would like to store your data outside the Moneydance library, you can follow the steps below -

If you obtained Moneydance from the Mac Apple Store, unfortunately you cannot move your data file due to limitations imposed by Apple regarding the 'sandboxing' of Apps.

If you are syncing your data with a mobile device, or another system - you should NOT move your data file to a shared folder location, like Dropbox. The file should remain on your local system if your data is being synced or shared.


  • From Moneydance, navigate to Help → Show Documents Folder. This will open a new file browsing window displaying the default location of your files.

  • Once you've located the file, it's important that you close Moneydance - but keep the file browsing window open.

  • You will see a file/folder in your file browser named yourfilename.moneydance

On a Mac system, the file will appear with the Moneydance icon displayed.

On a Windows system, the file will appear as a regular 'folder' so you won't see the Moneydance icon.


  • Move this file/folder to its new location. You only want one copy of this folder on your system, so it is important to move the file to the new location. If you copy the file, you'll have two seperate copies of your data set.

  • Open Moneydance and in the "Welcome to Moneydance" window, click the 'Open Other' option.

  • A file browser will open, allowing you to navigate to your file at the new location.

Once the file has been opened, Moneydance will remember the new location of your file and open it automatically next time you launch the program.