Budget Status Graph

You can monitor your budget using the Budget Status Graph.

This feature provides a quick overview of your financial status compared to your budget, and will adjust automatically each time you record a change in your budget or enter a new transaction.


The Budget Status Graph is located at the top of the Moneydance program window.

You can display/hide this feature by selecting View > Show Budget Status.

The striped orange section is a "warning" indicating a change within the budget -

  • On the expense side, this section shows you are over your budget for the selected period.
  • On the income side, this section shows you have not received the income expected for the selected budget period.

Clicking anywhere on the Budget Status Graph will bring up a chart displaying budgeted categories.

You will see the category name, budgeted amount, actual amount, and the difference.


You can select the budget name on the left of the graph to amend the details.
This will allow you to select which budget to use.
You can also specify the time period.