Sort and Filter the Register

The account register displays all transactions in the account and is used to enter, edit, and delete transactions. It is visually similar to a paper checkbook register.

To open an account register click on an account name in the Side Bar or Summary, or select the account name from the drop-down box in the top left of the Moneydance program window.

Transaction Filters -

The filter button at the top of the account register allows you to restrict the transactions displayed in your register.


Click the filter button and you will see the filtering options below -

All Transactions
Display every transaction in the account.

Display downloaded transactions which have not yet been confirmed.

Display only transactions which you have not yet reconciled and/or marked as cleared.

30 days, This Month, or This Year
Select one of these time frames to see a sub-set of transactions.

Edit Custom Filter
This will open a new window where you can specify either the 'Last X Days' or 'Since Date'. Highlight the option you'd like, specify the days or date range and select OK.

If you're using Moneydance 2022 or an older version, the filter options will appear slightly differently. You'll see each filter option listed across the top of the account register as seen below -


Transaction Sorting -

You can change the order of transactions in the register by clicking on any column heading.
Click twice to reverse the sort order.

In the image below, transactions are ordered by date ascending


You can also sort transactions using the context menu.

You can right-click (or press Ctrl and Click) in the register, then select Sort By. You'll see the options in the screenshot below available for sorting -


Split Register -

The Split Register button (to the right of the "New Transaction" button) toggles between showing Confirmed and Unconfirmed transactions in a single pane, or showing Confirmed transactions in a top panel and Unconfirmed at the bottom.


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