Create a Budget

There are two budget formats available within Moneydance -
The 'Newer' format and the 'Older Mixed Interval' format.

The Newer format will be used when you create a budget with consistent intervals - weekly, monthly annually etc.

If you'd like to include different time intervals within the budget, the ‘Mixed Interval’ budget format should be used.

Create a Budget -

Navigate to Tools —> Budget Manager.


Select 'New' to create a new budget. Then enter the budget name and select the ‘period’.

Selecting either Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or Annually will create budget using this time period, and the 'Newer' budget format.

Selecting Mixed Interval will create an older style budget, which can have categories with different time intervals.

Once you have created your budget, you have to close the Budget Manager window. Then select your newly created budget from the left sidebar to access and edit it.