Summary Page

When you open Moneydance you'll see the Moneydance Summary.
It's displayed in the main panel of the Moneydance window.

You can access the Summary page by selecting "Summary" near the top of the left side bar.

You can add or remove the modules displayed on the Summary page.
You can also arrange the modules however you want by moving them up/down or left/right.
To do this, choose File > Preferences > Summary.
(On a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences > Summary).

The modules available on the Summary page are outlined below.


Accounts Overview and Net Worth -

By default, your accounts and balances will be shown at the top left of the Summary page.

Accounts are grouped by account type.
The total Net Worth for each account type is displayed below.

There is also a separate "Net Worth" module that displays the total Net Worth for all account types.

Expenses Graph -

The expenses graph displays a coloured view of your income/expenses.
The categories with the largest amounts assigned (for the specified period) will be displayed.

You'll see a bar, separated into different coloured sections, representing each of your categories.
Hover over a coloured section to see which category it relates to.
Click on a coloured section to display each of the transactions assigned to the category.

Below the bar, you'll see a list of the categories that are included.
On the right of the category name, the total for the category is displayed.

Click on the category name, and the relevant section of the bar will be highlighted.
Below this, you'll see each of the transactions assigned to the category.

Select the arrows at the top right of this module to amend the settings.
You can choose either Income or Expense.
Also specify the date range - This Month, Last Month, This Year etc.


Reminders and Reminder Calendar -

This module displays a smaller version of the Reminder Calendar.
The main reminder calendar is accessible from the side bar.

The Reminders module displays a list of all upcoming and overdue reminders.
You'll find information about manually applying reminders in this article.

You can amend the upcoming reminder section to display reminders from the next two weeks, this month, or next month.

Budget Bars -

The Budget Bars provide a detailed graphical view of how you're managing your budget.

You can find information about using and customising the budget bars in this article.


Exchange Rates and Stock Prices -

These modules display the current prices for your currencies and securities.

You can select each security/currency name to view a window displaying the price history.

Select the "Stock Prices" heading to view all securities in your data file.
Select the "Exchange Rates" heading to view all currencies in your data file.

Extensions/Version Information -

With this module displayed, you'll see an option to check for updates.
Select "Check for new updates/extensions".

If you're using the latest version, you'll see "Your copy of Moneydance is up-to-date!".

If a newer version is available, you'll be advised of the newer version/build.
You can click the link that's displayed, and you'll be directed to this page. At the top of the page, you can enter your license key to check your upgrade eligibility and see if an upgrade will be free or discounted for you.