Installing Moneydance on ChromeOS

It is now possible to install Moneydance on a ChromeBook (a system running ChromeOS)!

To do this, you will first need to go into your computer settings, and enable the installation of Linux programs.

After the installation is complete, go to our main download page at Choose the download link for the Linux DEB file. After the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file, and Moneydance will install. You can then delete the installation file.

A short video on this process can be found at:

Using Moneydance on ChromeOS

After successfully installing Moneydance with the above instructions, you should be able to run Moneydance in the same way as you run other programs on your ChromeOS. Note that programs run in Linux mode often have a higher power usage than ones designed for ChromeOS, so you may want to close Moneydance when you are not actively using it.

Some users have reported confusion around things like manual downloads from banks. After downloading transactions in a file, it can be difficult to access that file in Moneydance. The reason is that the Linux and ChromeOS parts of your computer are generally kept separate, including where files are stored (almost as if you have two separate computers on the same device). To access these downloads in Moneydance, go to the folder where you saved the download. Depending on your system, you can either drag the file into the “Linux files” folder, and/or right-click on the file and choose to Share with Linux. Returning to Moneydance, you should then be able to go to File -> Import and navigate to the shared file.

Note that you may have to go through a similar process in reverse if you want to move your data file from the Linux container through the ChromeOS, like if you want to move your data file to a new computer.