Linux and HiDPI (High Resolution) Screens

The steps below should only be used when running Moneydance 2022 or an older version. We've made changes in Moneydance 2023 (build 5057) so the steps below are no longer necessary.

When running Linux on a computer with a high-resolution display, some distributions will let you adjust the "scaling" of the interface to provide clearer graphics at a larger size.

If you use scaling on your Linux desktop but the contents of the Moneydance window appear very small then you may need to adjust Moneydance's scaling.

This can be done by editing the Moneydance.vmoptions file which is installed in the same folder as the Moneydance executable, which is /opt/Moneydance by default.

To change the scaling, open Moneydance.vmoptions with a text editor and add the following two lines to the bottom of the file:


After adding those lines, save the file and restart Moneydance. Please note that as of this writing, non-integer scales (for example, 1.2) are not supported.

This workaround was informed by Mark Sarnov, a Moneydance user and contributor to the support forum.

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