Budget Bars

The Budget Bars provide a detailed graphical view of how you're managing your budget.

The Budget Bars will be automatically displayed on your Summary Page once a budget has been created. You can access the Summary page by selecting it in the left side bar.

Select the time period you would like to monitor by clicking on the double arrows at the top of the Budget Bars.

Hovering over a budget bar will display the percentage of your budget for that category that is already spent.

Hovering over the budgeted amount for that category will show the interval, time period, and budgeted total for that category.

Right click on any bar to move it up, down, or delete it from the graph.


Each bar corresponds to a budgeted Category. The bar itself has several features:

  • Category Name - Located directly above the bar on the left.
  • Budgeted Amount - Located directly above the bar on the right. This number represents the total budgeted amount for the selected time period.
  • Actual Spending Amount - Located on the budget bar at the left. This shows the current spending in this category for the selected time period.
  • Color - The color of the budget bar shows where you stand in relation to your budget based on a customizable color warning system.
  • Bar Length - Current actual spending for the selected time period is represented as the horizontal length of the colored area.
  • Over Budget - Limit In a budget you have overspent, a vertical line will appear in the budget bar to mark 100% of the budgeted amount.

Choose "Settings" at the top right of the module to make changes to the data thats being displayed in the bars. You can specify which budget you'd like to view, the categories to include and make amendments to the colours.


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