When you download Moneydance from our website directly, you'll initially be running the trial version.

The trial version is identical to the licensed version.
The only limitation is the number of manually entered transactions, capped at 100.

When viewing the Summary page, you'll see a blue bar at the top of the screen that displays -
Demo mode: You may manually enter X more transactions as part of your free trial


Once you've purchased Moneydance from our website directly, you'll receive a license key via email.
You need to enter your license key to remove the trial limitations.

  • You can select Help > Register Moneydance to enter the license key.

  • Or select "Enter License" in the blue banner at the top of your Summary page (on the right).

To check if the program is registered, you can navigate to Help > About Moneydance
(If you're using a Mac, choose Moneydance > About Moneydance).
In the window that opens you'll either see "Unregistered" or your license key will be displayed.