Installing Extensions

You'll find an overview of how extensions work in Moneydance in this article.

Moneydance can add extensions using the built-in extension manager.
To access this, select Extensions > Manage Extensions.


The "Available" tab displays all available extensions.

To install a new extension, simply select "Install" on the right of the extension name.
Then confirm you want to install the extension.

The "Installed" tab displays all extensions you've installed.

To remove an extension, select "Remove" on the right of the extension name.

The "Updates" tab displays any installed extensions that require an update.

You can select "Update" on the right of the extension name.
Or select "Update All" at the bottom right of the window.

Once installed you can access any downloaded extensions from the Extensions menu.
Any installed extensions will be listed here (below "Manage Extensions").


Manually Install Extensions -

You must install extensions with this method if you purchased from the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store.

You can install any extensions from the Extensions page on our website.
Click on "Download" for the appropriate extension. This will download a .mxt file.

Then open Moneydance and drag the downloaded .mxt file onto the Moneydance program window.
You'll then see the "Add Extension" window, and you should select "Install Extension".

The extension will then be available via the Extensions menu.

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