Find and Replace Extension

The Find and Replace extension allows you to search for transactions, and make amendments to multiple transactions at once.

Open Moneydance and choose Extensions > Manage Extensions.
Download the "Find and Replace" extension.
Once installed, choose Extensions > Find and Replace.

This will open the extension window.

You'll see the "Find" panel on the left, and the "Replace" panel on the right.

Use the fields within the "Find" panel on the left to search for the transactions you want to change.

Set the criteria then select "Find".

This will display any relevant transactions at the bottom of the window.

Choose "Mark All" (at the bottom left) to highlight all transactions.
Or use the checkboxes (2nd column) to highlight the specific transactions you want to change.

Then use the "Replace" panel on the right to amend the transaction fields.

When you're done making changes, select "Replace".
Or choose "Replace All" to change all transactions.

You'll see any changes within the transaction at the bottom of the window, highlighted in grey.

If you're happy with the changes, select "Record" then "Done".