Recognise Downloaded Data

When you download transactions, they are initially "Unconfirmed".

You should go through the confirmation process to handle the recently downloaded data.

Any accounts containing unconfirmed transactions will display a solid blue dot next to the account name in the side bar.

Select the account in the side bar to view the transactions.
Any unconfirmed transactions will display the solid blue dot, on the right of the Description field within the transaction.

Downloaded and imported transactions are placed according to the current sort order of your account's register and so may be dispersed throughout the main window.

You can easily identify these transactions by using the Unconfirmed filter.
Or by looking for the blue dot in the Description field.

Once a transaction has been confirmed, you'll see the solid blue dot change to a blue circle.

The screenshot below displays an unconfirmed transaction -


The screenshot below displays a transaction once confirmed -