Applying Reminders

Auto-Commit -

When creating a Transaction Reminder, you can select "Auto-Commit".

This will automatically enter the transaction in the account register.
It will be applied the set number of days before the transaction is scheduled.

If you specify “0” Days Before Scheduled, the transaction will be applied on the day it is scheduled.


If the Auto-Commit box is not checked, the transaction will not be applied to your register until/unless you manually apply the reminder.

Upcoming and Overdue Reminders -

You'll see a list of any Upcoming and Overdue reminders displayed on the Summary page.

If you previously removed the "Reminders" section from your Summary page, you can re-add this feature within your Summary Page preferences.

When viewing the Reminder Calendar, Overdue reminders will be displayed in a different colour to Upcoming reminders.

The colour you'll see depends on the Theme you're using.
You can amend the Theme within your Appearance preferences

Manually Apply Reminders -

To manually apply a reminder, select the reminder from the Overdue list (on the Summary page).

Alternatively, you can select the reminder from within the Reminders calendar.
Then select "Record Next Occurrence".

This will display the "Reminder Notification" window.
In this window, you can choose from the following options -

  • Skip Transaction
    Skips only this instance of the recurring reminder.
    This instance of the reminder is removed from the "Overdue" list.
    It is not added to the specified account register.

  • Send Online Payment
    Opens the Online Bill Payment interface.
    (This option is only available if you have already set up Online Bill Payment in Moneydance)

  • Defer Reminder
    Performs no action. This leaves the reminder in the overdue or upcoming list.

  • Record Transaction
    Enters the transaction into the specified account register.

  • Acknowledge (Only shown for General Reminders)
    Removes the General Reminder from the "Overdue" list.
    It will no longer be highlighted in the Reminder Calendar.