License Key Recovery

When you purchase Moneydance from our website directly, you'll be sent a license key via email.

If you cannot locate your license key, enter your email address into the "Lost Key?" field on this page. This will re-send the license key to your email address directly. This applies to license keys older than Moneydance 2022. For license keys of Moneydance 2022, 2023 and 2024, please contact support directly.

If your email address is not recognised, or you no longer have access to the email address you used to purchase, you can contact the support team. To do this, email, or create a private discussion on the support forum.

Once we've located the purchase using the older email address (or your billing address) we will request your details are updated, and a copy of the license key will be sent to your new email directly.

Mac App Store and Microsoft Store Purchases -

If you purchased Moneydance from a third party like the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store, you aren't sent a license key because the program is registered automatically.

If you purchased from a third party, do not download the version from our website - Apple and Microsoft run their own purchasing and licensing systems separate from ours, so your purchase will not be recognized.

You can download updates for Moneydance via the relevant store page directly rather than from our website.