Check Printing Preferences

To access your Check Printing preferences, choose File > Preferences > Check Printing.
(On a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences > Check Printing).

In this window, you can customize the check type and layout used when printing.


You can amend the type of check you're using by selecting the "Check Type" field.
Choose from - Standard, Checks with Stubs, or Voucher Checks.

Select the number of checks you want to print per page.

Below this, specify if you want the memos field of the transaction included on the check.

Also, specify if you want the payee's address included on the check.

Before you can add an address to a check, you must create an address book entry, and assign it to the check transaction. The steps to do this are outlined in this article.

Then use the sliders and fields to further adjust the layout to fit your checks.

You'll see two sliders for each field - for example, Date X and Date Y.
The "X" fields relate to the horizontal positioning of the item.
The "Y" fields relate to the vertical positioning of the item.

Use the sliders, or enter a number into the field on the right.
You'll see any layout changes you make immediately displayed in the check layout preview on the left.

You can select "Print Test Page" at the bottom left of the window to test the layout settings, before you print any checks.

Once you're happy with the settings, you can follow the steps in this article to print your checks.

These settings are data file specific. Therefore, if you have two different types of checks you will need to reset these options each time you change check type.

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