The following article provides an overview of the Moneydance program window.

You can access the Summary page and Reminders calendar at the top of the side bar.

Your accounts will be listed below this, ordered by account type.
Select the account name to view the relevant account register within the main window.

Budgets can be accessed below your accounts.

At the bottom of the side bar, you'll see Graphs and Reports.
Select the report or graph you'd like to use.
Then select the 'Edit' button at the top right of the main window.


To remove an item from the sidebar, right-click (Ctrl+click) and select 'Remove from Side Bar'.

To re-add an item, click the + symbol at the bottom left of the side bar.

You can click and drag on the ||| icon at the bottom right of the side bar to expand/reduce the side bar width.

Main window -

This window displays the item selected in the sidebar.
This will display the summary page, reminders calendar, account register, budget, graph, or report.


Status Graph -

This graph displays either the Budget Status or Net Worth Graph.

You can choose which graph you'd like to view (or hide the graph) within the View menu.

When using Budget Status, you can select the budget name on the left to amend the details.
You can specify which budget to use and select the time period.

The Net Worth view can also be amended in the same way.
You can amend the time period to This Month, This Year or All Dates.


Search Box -

You can search for an item using words or numerical amounts.
This field is also accessible from Edit > Find, or by pressing ⌘F.

The search box also contains a quick entry interface which allows you to quickly add a transaction. This is detailed further in this article.