Manual Downloads

If your bank does not support automatic downloads using Direct Connect, you can still easily import your data into the program.

You can use a web browser to download data from your bank's web site.
You can download transactions into QFX or OFX files. If these formats aren't available download into QIF files (aka Quicken or MS Money files).

To make the download process easier, you can open your bank's download page directly by selecting Online --> Open Account Website.

Manual downloads -

After downloading data, many web browsers will automatically ask which program you want to use to open the downloaded file. If your web browser prompts you in this manner select “Moneydance”.

If your browser does not offer this option, save the file on your computer.
From Moneydance, select File --> Import.
Alternatively, you can open Moneydance and drag the downloaded file into the Moneydance program window.

The “Import file” window will appear. From here the process differs depending on what type of file you are importing - QIF or OFX, QFX and OFC files.

Importing OFX, QFX and OFC files

Your account number will be displayed, and below this you can choose which account you'd like to import the data into.

Moneydance will attempt to match the imported account with your existing accounts and should identify the correct account in subsequent imports.


Importing QIF files

Using Moneydance 2019, when you attempt to import a QIF file you'll see a list of your accounts.

You'll also see 'Imported Bank Account' which will allow you to import the transactions into a new account.

At the bottom of the window, the program will try to determine which date format and decimal character have been used within the file.
The date format may not always be the format you'd expect. If you want to check which date format has been used, open the QIF file with a text program like TextEdit or NotePad to view the file contents.


Account Website Tool -

Select Online → Open Account Website to automatically open your browser to a page you've pre-set.

Designate the page you'd like this function to open (your bank's home-page, a link to your transfer file, etc.) by typing in the URL once as prompted.

To edit the account website, go to Account → Edit Account and enter the new URL in the Website field.