Extensions Overview

Moneydance contains support for extensions and plugins.
These extensions have the ability to add new features and services that weren't originally built into Moneydance.

All extensions include a digital signature that is verified each time the extension is loaded.
Every extension must be audited and signed by The Infinite Kind before Moneydance will load it.
Extensions with invalid or missing signatures will generate an error and will not be loaded unless you choose to override the error.

You can find the list of currently available extensions here.
You will see a brief summary of each extension's purpose, and the name of the developer.

There are a number of third-party extensions developed for Moneydance which are available online.
Many of these extensions are wonderful tools, but have not been examined by the Moneydance developers for safety or security. Use caution and your own judgment when using these tools.


You can also use the built-in Python script editor to run simple scripts on your data, or build your own extensions. Using Python scripts is detailed further in this article.

If you are a developer and you would like your extension approved and “signed”, or considered for inclusion in Moneydance's extension menu, please contact us.