Tax Related Reporting

For tax reporting, you can use the "Income and Expenses" report.
Or use the "Income and Expenses, Detailed" report.

  • The "Income and Expenses" report displays a summary of your income and expenses.
  • The "Income and Expenses, Detailed" report is the same, except that it also lists the individual transactions that make up the totals.

If you have assigned some of your income and expense categories as Tax Related, you can use these tax categories as criteria for generating reports.

To do this, create the report as normal.
When viewing the report settings, enable the “Only Tax Related” setting.

This will allow you to produce reports showing all tax-related items for any time period.

When “Only Tax Related” is enabled, you'll see a change to the bottom of the settings window -
All categories in your data file will be shown.
Any tax-related categories will display a tick on the left of the category name to signify they'll be included in the report.


If you use tags to reference and track your tax transactions -

Enable the "Filter by Tag" field within the report settings.
Then use the drop-down menu to specify one or multiple tags you'd like to include in the report.

In addition to the Income and Expenses reports, you can use the "Transactions" report or the "Transactions Filter" report to report using specific tags.